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 Hardcore to end

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
jambo 29 What would people do if the hardcore scene would end in 7 days, i hope it never will its just something that might happen you just never know

DJ Overdose IMO it DID die. But it's back now with new styles and new fans, hardcore will never die! As it says in someones sig, hardcore is a feeling!

Mostly harmless...
Exhile Guess id just stop raving then wouldnt i. Probably find something else. Wont happen though

Peace, love and unity

Dj Frankus
Dave Murray It aint gonna end in 7 days tho, and if it did, id take up *Streaking* in a more perminent basis.

This is a place for crazy people......But im not crazy
Exhile I might start breeding sheep

Peace, love and unity

Dj Frankus
Simon Hardcore won't die anytime soon that's for sure .


Everything is random, your probebly not meant to read this!!!!!!

You Turn & Face The Strange..............You Turn & Face Yourself!!!
K-Hole i would probally go out and get a job or something

what came first the sh!tty drugs or the sh!tty rave music!
whispering Hmm... I think there would be mass hysteria, people screaming, crying and running to stores to get the last records, riots all over the world.
you would need a shotgun to defend your record collection.
it would be the beginning of the end.

DJ Mouse its cosmic under mouse's login, if the hardcore scene was to disappear in 7 days then i'd spend all me life savings on loads of records.

mouse here: i can safely say i'd be the one closing the hardcore scene @ know fear since it's in 7 days :D i'd buy another shitload of vinyl and all so if hardcore was to make a sudden revival then i got all the tunes that would be worth a fortune hehe

"speeed ios a good subvstitute for accueracy"

DJ Mouse
djsuch Having the hardcore end would be an absolute nightmare for me. i would be absolutely devastated. But as vinylgroover and all the other top dj's say- HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!! and i believe them that it wont. To be honest, i think that hardcore has deteriorated over the years into a sort of fast dance and i'm now beginning to really miss all the tunes from the hardcore heaven rave days when the music was fast, furious and fun with all the high squeeky voices and the rapid piano with the sick bassline beat behind it all. If hardcore was to die in seven days, i'd have a party of my life for 7 days and then die along with it. Life wouldn't be life without hardcore. PEACE OUT

DJ_Cosmic i preffer the newer hardcore than old skool, but like i sed on mouse's login i wud buy EVERY single hardcore song so that i cud stil make the air feel the hardcore vibe!

Cosmic-To Be The Best
djDMS Can't say i've ever heard Vinylgroover say "Hardcore will never die".
More likely he said "Hardcore has faded a bit so i'm going to f**k off and do Hard house instead"!!!!

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you
tommo Hmm...I cant see hardcore dieing anytime soon give it perhaps another year or so before it shows signs of fading away.If anyone wants to hear about Dougal and Mc Storm talkin about this get HH cd its on the dvd.

I'm just nucking futs!

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