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T O P I C     R E V I E W
bucking_fonkers if anyone can help plz write bk to this....

on the start of hixxys mix on bonkers 10 theres a guy talking about when happy hardcore died and all that.......what happened? icve only got into happy hardcore the last year or so and im interested to kno wot its about

Underloop A few years back the music press (mentioning no names in particular *cough*mixmag*cough*) turned on the music they had helped to build up, and started to slag it off, basically extracting the urine out of everything to do with the scene.

Now that hardcore is starting to increase in popularity once more, people are worried that a similar thing is going to happen again, ie the scene gets built up and then knocked right back down again in a similar manner to before. Track 1 of Bonkers X (Hixxy - Thou Shalt Not Forget) is in response to this situation.

Matthew aka DJ Underloop
"Turn that shit up!!!!!"
Slynx Those bast@rds

Just Accept It, I'm a raver not a crazy drug addict!
pacman i find this quite ironic that hixxy was the one who's recently done interviews etc for mixmag.... why did he do that if he's then going to have a dig at them on his highest-selling cd series???

drugs is not the answer... drugs? is the question... yes is the answer
Lixx I disagree that the track was meant to be a dig. Hixxy has nothing to gain in that. It's more of a warning IMO. Hardcore is booming, we have a strong, integrated and varied scene with lots of great producers and djs. People should open their eyes and appreciate what's going on, because with the right people in charge it'll just get better. Hardcore is on it's way up but to keep it that way the ravers need to be true to the music, not the crappy elitist bullsh*t mags.

James D which edition of mixmag is the hixxy interviews in?

have you got some of this hardcore power?
let the bass beat louder....

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