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 RIP John Peel.

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
DiscoBitch Afraid this isn't a Joke.


John Peel is not enough.

djDMS Saw this earlier.

Sad news.


Arguably one of the best
djsytronik This is unbelieveable!!! That guy was legend the only one to smash Gabba and Hardcore on Radio 1.

He will be missed

R.I.P John You Are Legend!!

DJ Sytronik
Every Wednesday 10pm-11pm
Every Thursday 7pm-8pm

Hardcore In Da Place
Chris B i've got so much respect for this guy and his incredibly open minded view on music. R.I.P

Venga familia!!!
B.C holy shizznit!

terrible news.


"Let's All Get Down!!"
ryg0r RIP john peel. Big ups to the guy. RIP for ever.

mark-ireland RIP you will be sadly missed.

We will not compromise quality for popularity amongst the minority.
djpeggy Much respect.

DJ Peggy
Stony McTony got a call this morning from a mate who told me the news, respect and love to john. he will be sadly missed by all. RIP John

Theres nothing wrong with the boat those big holes help keep our feet cool.
Garry T my m8 told me earlier

Ever since I was a young kid have listened to his radio shows, hell we used to sit in get some green and just listen to his random, broad selection of music and appreciate his desire to give the audience music be it any genre, or popularity
Used to make me laugh how he would get pissed off when he would make a mistake in starting the next tune

12 Nov Fruitclub@Brunel rooms
slavetomysoundwave aw man I can't believe that...

...terrible news to hear...

R.I.P. John Peel

dj-freedom shit..... i dont know what to say..... Its always the decent ones thaty die young..

RIP...... best wishes to his family..

Hardcore is the passion of the chosen....
Mortis Sad loss to the music scene, will be missed.



Make your own kind of music, even if no body else sings along!
fazza one word - legend

all your base are belong to us.
mr_dom_uk R man that totally sux the best die way to young Respect to a LEGEND.

He will be missed big time.

dagapman aw man, sad, pretty young too

'but who will support hard dance'

...thebeatkicks TheN I start RocKiN'
Oli G Its awful news :(

RIP John Peel, The most musicaly open minded DJ Ever!

Distributed by

If The Bass is too loud Your too weak need to take a course in acoustics.
Leelo1 1 ledgend..................over

RIP john peel


be who u wanna b ......
drink wot u wanna drink....
smoke wot ya wanna smoke....

Sall fun!!!!
Simon I know this is indeed VERY sad news.

RIP John.

The only DJ who dared play something other than the "norm".


"So understand,
Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years,
Face up...Make your stand,
And realise your living in the golden years!"
tunnelrush Im sorry to hear all of you peeps are affected by this loss .... RIP Mr. John Peel

<*>WHAT?! Im sorry, I can't hear you cuz my Hardcore's too loud, ur gonna have to shut up!"<*>
bulby_g RIP to the only radio one dj I had any respect for.

whispering Very sad news

Serenity "In theaters April 22, 2005"
Animal Rip loved your show

like a secret religion, always there but hidden
hyperdance maannn. RIP. always be remembered. John Peel WAS not enough.

its funny because its true!!
Originally posted by Baldo:
i've got so much respect for this guy and his incredibly open minded view on music. R.I.P

Venga familia!!!

Totally agreed..... A Legend in his own right... R.I.P John

- - - - - - - - - - - -
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Sean Apollo This was a shock, almost feels like the loss of a loved one. Really struck me hard for some reason becasue of the memories of the hardcore set on radio one. Really a sad day but also a great day to remeber what a amazing man john was.


Sean Apollo
Rave n' Beats USA
Free Fall Recordings
Triquatra i cannot belive it :( this is a very sad day.
he is irriplaceable.

ugh - this sucks

May Explode Without Warning
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JesterDJ oh man. hard smash on countless 1000's. John Peel; safe journey, and massive respect. the hardcore community will sorely miss you.

Brian K good lord...first rodney dangerfield, then christopher reeves, now john peel

"we'll delete the weak"
NeoPhyte101 RIP you'll be missed

Drugs are bad mkay.... mkay...!!!
lucificifus John Peel... man... I heard his hardcore radio special over the internet. I can only imagine the loss of everyone from the UK who could actually listen to his shows every day.

Big up John Peel,
Hardcore Hero

Dub dub dub dub dubadadub dub dub dub...
BassEd No way mate, Huge shock!!


Hardcore: Giving you the best rush you've ever had!
Triquatra im still in disbelif to be honest...
that one came as a real shock.

and second of all NOW who will support hard dance on radio one!!

:( this sucks

May Explode Without Warning
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Frieza Such a tragedy.

hooverlover This is real sad news for me and everyone. RIP John :( :(

Excalibur What NO! I'll miss you man atleast now you can finally have a nice rest. RIP JOHN PEEL RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only there was something I could do... He has totally made a huge impact on the scene and he will be remembered and respected.

People are born evil it's just natural.
cryonicangel this is real shit :(.. he was a big man to me and probably to u 2 ..

R.I.P John Peel (isnt enough anymore) R.I.P

||Cryonic Angel A Hardcore Dj From Heaven||
Underloop I was stunned when I heard this..... I've tried to tune into every show since I first heard it many many moons ago....... he's leaving a huge gap in teh lives of many many people.

God bless you John. So long, and thanks for all the fish. R.I.P.

Matthew aka DJ Underloop
Dave Tee John Peel deserves major respect, RIP

I got the Bonkers mix off his Radio 1 show, never thought i would hear hardcore on radio 1, he deserves respect just for that. He also seemed like a genuinely nice person.

John Peel is not Enough!

Excessive Just heard the news this morning. This is a sad day for British Music. RIP John Peel

If you liked this post why not get up and do a dance in honour of it.
DJ Phoenix
I can't believe he's gone... Had huge respect for John as he played what HE wanted and not what everybody else wanted. He gave oppertunities to many new bands etc and had the most open mind towards Music that i have ever heard... And lets not forget that it was his show that was the stage for the Pioneering Hardcore show that means so much to all of the Hardcore crew... You will be sorely missed John, my thoughts go out to his close friends and family... Rest In Peace mate, and thank you


Sometimes I Feel like I Can Fly,
You Take My Hand And I Electrify...
Your Smile Is Driving Me Insane,
You Are My Sun, My Moon, My Rain...
Proton ========== -- R.I.P -- ==========

PrOToN in 1994
DJ Superman heard this yesterday, very sad news. he's touched so many people and im sure that he'll be greatly missed.

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights
hardcore anorak yes rip john peel a man that gave any music genre a chance no matter wat it was so big respect and rip
steve O RESPECT to the legend. There was a post about sum1 thinkin they wer 2 old for hardcore, well this guy proves that theory wrong, he didnt conform to what most middle aged ppl listen 2 and also got hardcore on national radio.


'I got 99 problems but the 1st division ain't one!!!'
Mr Raver i was in the kitchen when i heard it on Radio 1.....gutted!
Me and some friends went to the lake district not long ago. And on our pissed travells we came across a pub called the Old John Peel Inn, i was with a fellow raver...we were in shock, and for the whole time we were there we had a running joke...john peel just wastnt enough!!!
as soon as i heard i txt my fellow ravers.. 1 didnt believe me, and the other replied saying, he wasnt enough anyway.

What a loss......RIP!!!

Rave On!!!

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