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 How did you get into HappyHardcore?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
silver How did you get into HappyHardcore?
strychnine grrr someone beat me to the first vote ... although if it's silver then i s'pose he's got an unfair advantage :P

Yeah it was a cd called Central Nervous System II, mixed by DJ Vagas, with tracks like Six Days, Luv U More, and Take Me Away. I lost it years ago, but my now-ex-gf bought me a copy for my last b-day YAY!!!!

- strychnine (the artist formerly known as speccedninja)
"I know you're out there. I can hear your mouse moving."
Originally posted by strychnine:
grrr someone beat me to the first vote ... although if it's silver then i s'pose he's got an unfair advantage :P

Yeah it was a cd called Central Nervous System II, mixed by DJ Vagas, with tracks like Six Days, Luv U More, and Take Me Away. I lost it years ago, but my now-ex-gf bought me a copy for my last b-day YAY!!!!

- strychnine (the artist formerly known as speccedninja)
"I know you're out there. I can hear your mouse moving."

I remember that CD, pretty damn good too. Unfortunately I don't own it....hmmm I think i'll go err umm "borrow" it off a friend for a while.

"Well it just goes on and on and you don't stop, party people winding up and keep on going til you drop YEAH!"
Erbl twas my bro, he went into his room, playing hardcore at full volume with his mates. i loved it as soon as i heard it, recorded some tapes and went to school listening to it, and nothing but it. he started listening to more old skool, which at the time i couldnt stomach, i started to like it after a bit, then was dnb, same story as old skool just a little later on.
i listend to hardcore for ages, he got a pair of decks, which i mucked around on, and when he went to uni i got a pair myself, a fiew months after i went to my first rave, flashback, was so impressed so quickly went to slammin vinyl and so the true raver in me was born.

i stick to the hardcore, as it is hardcore which is my faveorite music, i dabble in old skool and dnb very ocasionally, my brother mixes old skool, so when we get together for a mix we play different things which is great.

i recon my bro and me think alike, we had the idea for a night at around the same time, he has one up and running, but i didnt feel ready to do one myself, this has changed, and now i am working very hard on putting on a night in Birmingham, then all will be left is getting my finger into producing, all this at a age of 18, well your never too young

Emanation It was in my s**t clubbin days, i went to a really cheesy commercial dance club in B'ham wen i was 16. We went bak to a mate ov a mates house n this lad lent me a United Dance - Force n Styles tape.
I had a house party the following week n blasted it out the, made sure the whole street cud hear it aswell.......didn't wana b selfish!
It was about a month lata wen i really got in2 it. I was goin to hardhouse clubs and i had an after party at mine, i dug out the tape n played it (agin) atfull pelt wiv the patio door open n spent an hour dancin outside in the rain to "love of my life". It had special meanin cus it was mine and my tehn g/f's fave tune..............owh, the good old days. Just glad we're still best mates!

"Where's all the noise, all the girlz, all the boyz"
atomicb napster ... *goes red* howver I've baught all the mp3's I won either on vinly or cd as soon as I found out where the hell to get it from!

fazza was in my mates car bout 3 years ago and he was playing hardcore. i was like, ****! WOT IS THIS! never looked back since! hardcore is like a black hole-it sucks everyone who hears it in and u can never escape!

"I feel you, i want you, i know your touch is all i need, im waiting you're shining"
Xenochrome Around '96...a friend who worked at a local record store gave me a flyer for a party he was spinning at...I was well into techno but had never really heard any HHC...I showed up and he was playing a lot of Rotterdam stuff...and when he dropped "Rainbow In The Sky"...that was it ...I was hooked!!!!

DJ STYLUS A m8 gave me bonkers2!!

You Know Life, is all about expression.
You only live once, and your not coming back.
So express yourself!
dj dru got hold of a Dreamscape cd in 95-96. prob'ly called 'radio dreamscape' cannot remember and slipmatts set with sense of summers 'techno round the world' got me hooked.

weba_d i was always into techno, i went to a mates house down in sydney and he played a few cd's, he was saying, this is the shit they play at raves down here.. i was in love.. now up here i have a crew of friends who love it now cos i showed them, when ever i get the house to myself, the hardcore is bangin all night!!

"what goes up must come keep popin!

ronin after being into hardcore almost from the start, about three or four years ago I foolishly decided to sell my beloved decks to buy a car I needed for work and lost touch with the whole hardcore scene

i got back into hardcore earlier this year, i looked on the net to find out what was happening and found a sh#t load of amazin tunage........ forked out for some new decks and here i am!

since i've still to convert my mates, i have a lot to thank sites like this for
keep up the good work silver its well appreciated mate

"get down off the f#©king speakers right now, down off the speakers"
XxXbUnnYgAlXxX I was always into like poppy dance shit hehe then I met a group of people who listened to only HH I loved it straight away, the cd that they played the most was slammin vinyl this was about 2 and a half years ago and i've loved it so much ever since. I just got ahold of that very album about 2 days ago and i cried so much when i listened to it!-happy crying not sad crying-coz it brought back so many memories. it really is my favirote music in the whole world and i cant imagine life without it. I've introduced anyone i can to it and i'll never stop loving it.
HARDCORE TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yOu'rE nOt aLoNE...
evans hey its funny i got in to hardcore cuz i needed money

friend saw a tape pack hardcore heaven a mid summer nights dream
for £8.50
so i bought it to sell on as a profit but i put the vinylgroover tape and sl2 on a ragga tip mix and i aint looked back

this babys got a temper
you'll never tame her!!
toxic i grew up listening to heavy metal and grunge, but then one day, cant exactly remember when, i heard mates listening to hardcore, enjoyed it, then went to a party and the rest is history ... never turning back !!

Crack another one !!!
strychnine hey toxic isn't it funny that the guys who you heard playing hardcore that first time wouldn't piss on a HHC record now if it were on fire?

I know you're out there. I can hear your mouse moving.
miss-mitzi i went to this er slightly illegal party an the dj started spinnin all these choons that i had never heard ov i thought they were totally spot on now i was the 1 who use2 just sit about gettin totally leathered but i just got up an started dancin my ass off an the rest is history ... still luv it as much as the first time i heard it!!!!!!!

If computer games effected us as kids, we would all be runnin around in dark rooms munchin magic pills and listenin to repetative music!
Chrysostomou Dreamscape changed my college years for the serious better..
It was always so dull and boring and then this magic took ahold and changed my life

Back at college 4 years on.. and the magic still flowing through the veins and guides me through the most boring years of your life.....


miss-mitzi that is soooo tru it does kinda change everythin doesnt it!!!!!

If computer games effected us as kids, we would all be runnin around in dark rooms munchin magic pills and listenin to repetative music!
Agent_Double_EE Met a friend and they asked me to go to a party with them so I went thinking it was a house party and instead it was a rave and I lost my friend at the begining of the night danced all night and found her in time to catch the bus home. I then became a party kid for life, that was 9years ago.

virtigo I got bored of listening to the shity pop music around in the early 90's and decided to search for somethin else to listen to. I had a scour threw sum of the radio stations up here in the north west and came accros sumthin that I instantly loved. When a bloke on the radio started talking he said it was hardcore. And the rest is said an done! Here I am nearly 10 years on still listening to hardcore. I love it and I always will!

DJ Virtigo
terry6680 The first song i ever heard was years ago, probably about 8 years ago, Die in your arms tonight,someone i didnt know was playing it out of their garage so since then iv always loved it! ..... but there was no option for that!

hey toxic isn't it funny that the guys who you heard playing hardcore that first time wouldn't piss on a HHC record now if it were on fire?

i know, i totally agree wif u there, well what can u do

Crack another one !!!
DJ Mouse went on a trip to france,a m8 behind me on the coach had bonkers 1. "hey mousie have a listen to this" didn't give the tape back for weeks! lol

"Don't frown when someone annoys you, it uses 42 muscles. Bitch-slap the fu©ker, it only uses 4"

DJ Mouse
mr bishi got me hands on a ultra sonic tape of me cousin n started dancin me tits off n its never stopped

McSkyefox up until i went to my first party in 1994, i listened mostly to hip-hop and rock... some blues and funk.... then i started listening to house and trance, wich *was* the scene in texas during that time. i stopped going to partys in 1996 until 2000, wich stifled my music tastes and i got lost. in 2000 i went to a party and it had me hooked again and i discovered jungle and hardcore... my girlfriend at the time listened to disco house and happy hardcore, i listened to alot of happy hardcore (thanks to the anabolic frolic releases for happy II B Hardcore.... i eventually started MCing Jungle and Hip-hop in the local scene... it wasnt until i heard about MCs in Canada and California doing HHC that i truly fell in love with it.... i am now working with and awesome production crew, (4beatz4hire) headed by DJ Cloudkicker and dedicated to HHC mostlytrying to start a scene in Texas, i am currenly the only HHC MC in Texas.... except a few jungle MCs that get on the mic with me.

i now stricly do HHC and hip-hop, some jungle, not much

Audio Evolution

Alleigh we used to go to a hard house club and the dj always played one hardcore track as the last tune, usually shooting star!! then we started to listen to cds and my other half started to buy vinyl. and now we are dedicated hardcore ravers!!

I am the horns crew and the whistle posse all in one!!!!
Haeobogoblin One of my m8s from skool brought his bonkers 2(i think...cud av ben 3 tho) with him on a skiing trip to France (or Italy), heard it, said "WTF is this!!!" and been lovin' it ever since!!!

if u notice from the results it really does show how much publisity hardcore gets!!!

"Just because I have a head shaped like an amusing pile of mashed potato, doesn't mean I'm not sophisticated"
Shaker Got into happy hardcore by borrowing a DJ Vibes - Club Kinetic tape 1996 off my couson and what a tape that is!! still got it now and it has to be one of the best happy hardcore tapes I own!!

Woxxy Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Stars
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Your Smile
Dune - Rainbow To The Stars
Dune - Hand in Hand
These were the four tracks that fascinated me...
Heard them on VIVA (german music-channel)
Lost touch after I moved to Sweden and foolishly started to listen to RNB
after 2 years i found some happycore on the net and i downloaded more and more
and now i'm stuck! hopefully for ever =D

Woxxy - The one and only
moo_moo hmm i would have been years ago now a few friends invited me to a rave thought yeah ok... we got there "big day out" @ segaworld in sydney's darling harbour and what rocked was they were on the guest list muahaha yay so anyways i was straight as an arrow sitting on a podium in the main and i just looked around the room and watched everyone loving and worshipping the dj .. i could feel the music and the posium moving to the beat .. it was incrediable and got me hooked .. from that point onwards i went to every rave i could and danced my behind off in every hardcore room and tent.. still an avid lover but funny how with age you grow to like other genres of electronica ( oh cringe @ the word) ..

thats all

~ if your going to whine, moan or lecture save it for someone who cares ~
one_scatterd_lil_monk_e i got into hhc through my sister i was allways into punk then one day i heard some really banging tunes blasting out of her room and walked in and listened to tracks like shooting star & eyeopener and ive been hooked ever since that was like 3-4years ago now :) thanx sis. i just wish i was around in its absolute prime but u never know its on its way back in so i mightn have missed it yet... :)

*i wish i had a kool qoute*

Ropa went to a party. i heard activ8 by altern8 and charly by the prodigy, since then i was hooked.

Makina is the FUTURE
Lustrous I say a friend introduced me, but all he did was tell me what the music a total starnger in a car was playing. at first listen

junglist_angel The first happy core CD I owned... I bought it by pure hazard.
It was the happy hardcore series that ID&T produced back in the early nineties. All dutch hardcore artsits that were also much into gabber.
But now that I've learned much more about it. It has to be said... UK, you are the best

KoKo PeBleS Ahhhww those good old days...I heard Happy Hardcore at a party and ever since I fell in love with me its like God's muzik

-=So stay here 4ever....we'll B together & never let U go...just need me whenever...I'm here 4-u I have 2 let U know=-
toxicmusic I nicked one of my brothers tapes to tape some clubbish tune of the radio, ended up just listening to the tape...I thought it was ace!
I bought 2 packs of blank tapes and copied all my brothers collection!!

'Life is NOTHIN without Music' - M.A.D
dj_stey_iz_ere i nicked 1 of my sisters she still doesnt know

is any1 else on the same level
i_love_scooter i used to be a soft you know what.....listening to dance music and friend was into hardcore and gabba and he kept telling me i was soft....and i kept telling him that it was crap not music.....
then i went to a rave and into the hardcore room...that night changed my life... the atmosphere and the massive bass and eveything just blew me away...i danced till i couldnt lift my hands anymore.......

nothin beats hardcore....nothin!!!

cotteincandy [font=Impact]I was into punk and garage bands then i hit some hard times and made new friends who were into techno. It was the first i had heard of this electronic music. They were into trance so that's all i really knew. Occasionally they would mention this happy hardore music, but not in a good way. So at a party we entered the happy hardcore "tent" and i immediately fell in love. Trance didn't have that bouncy crazy feeling that i craved. I never knew that music even existed! I ended spending most of my night just dancing away to this amazing sound and thumping beats. Now I'm totally addicted.

B.C heard toytown and back in the uk at an under 18s disco back in 96.

"Let's All Get Down!!"
hyperdance went n bought a bonkers3 CD 4 the craik, not noin wot it was, listened, n i was hooked!!

its funny because its true!!
Dje2 moved to Quebec in the height of their HHC days
it was like french immersion classes
but hardcre immersion

i admit i was young
and stupid
but i loved it

Cyberpunk Well it all started by listening to the regular dance and house music on the radio, then eventually I was interested in other Electronic genres (like hardcore).

laze It was back in 1994 1st year when my m8 lent me a tape by sy when i got home and played it i was amazed at what i was listing to and i have never looked back happy hardcore was my first love :-)


UnitedRaver iv been convertin skaterz, rockers n goths into the happy hardcore era ALWAYS n have found em all to love it. I luv the rave n have tried for time to get the disc that got me into it Happyhardcore Fever 2 a black cd wiv sum tracks like dance wiv me(everybody needs a little time away) can ne1 pleeeeeze tell me where i could track it down thankx

Time for hardcore always has and always will be NOW
kathryn I started listening to Happy Hardcore around early 90's. Started listening to Stu Allan on his Key 103 days. I used to tape all his tunes that he mixed and people used to write into him for shouts and requests and basically thats how it started for me. Am 28 and still listen to it now. Every mornin i play these bangin tunes cos they keep gettin better and my number 1 DJ is of course Scot Brown.

-JFK- wanted 2 find a gr8 radio station then I came a cross and it was just like heaven... and now I just listen 2 it 10hours a day or something like that!

You ain't leadin' but two things now, pal. Jack and shit. And Jack left town.
Army of Darkness
DJDURSTAN A mate of mine at school lent me a tape of Druid @ helter Skelter in about '95 along with the scooter album 'And the beat goes on'. At the time I was a massive Heavy metal fan (that hasn't changed however) and i had just started to get into the prodigy and Ultraviolence so it was a natural progression.
The first album i bought however was United Dance anthems 92-97 those 2 slipmatt mixes are still some of my fav's.

Hardcore will never die!!!!
ChurcH Had a friend turn me on it 1 year ago been listin ever since cant say ive poasted since then lol

Sir Feli i got into it when i heard my dad playing it in his car!! on his 6x9s

KandiJungleGrrl I had been a junglist from the beginning...then my friend (sandbox) and I went to WEMF 03...and he FORCED me to listen to HHC and gabber all the way from detroit to tweed, ontario... (that's a long drive)...anyway, it started to kind of stick somewhat....
well, when i got home after the weekend, i downloaded tranzit's "forks are evil" after a friend suggested it...from the first track, i ended up loving HHC... then i started to get into more forms of hardcore...from there it spread and now i listen to just about everything!

When you don't know what else to do, just DANCE!!
All you have to do is close your eyes and let the music tell your body what to do!
Jéff A begon with trance. Fount DI en tryed Hardcore and now it's the best music effer.

Are you afraid in the dark?
_BoNe_ My mate who was the first 'mosher' in my highschool when i was 11 brought bonkers 1 round to show me coz he sed it was piss funny...

He's still into his mosh crap and now im hard 2 d core! cheers bud!

brown around feb 2000 i just tiped andthis sit came up... the rest is historty...i got into hardcore around 1994/95 mygranny bought me scooters our happy hardcore i was only 8 or 9 years old that got me into hardcore...madness your granny buying me hardcore the only reason she got it cuz she went to ashop and asked the staff what is young people into these days and the sales assistant give her scooter,crazy when u think about keepin er hardcore since 94

SHIT HAPPENS!!! but hey everything happens for a reason!
Alocer 'Was last summer, I spent all my time listening to metal music, then some night I was feeling like I wanted to listen to something speedy and energic, then I randomly picked up the "Hardcore 'Til I Die" album at the music store near my house, then automatically like it, bought it, and from then on I can't stop listening to it (even though I still listen to metal music too :P)

Jon O-T my m8 got me into hardcore around when bonkers 13 came out, and im sooo glad he did, (cheers rum).

My hardcore collection has kept growing ever since!

Originally posted by silver:
How did you get into HappyHardcore?

yippppeeee i luuurrrve happy hardcore, my bf got me into it, and when i went to a rave up happy hardcore style i totally loved it , bouncey bounce bouncey BIG up to the bouncing tigger fans weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx purrrrrr xxxxxx
mrs_hicks_xxx my mate! wen i was younger, he got one of the bonkers for xmas, n one fri nite before xmas he found where his mum (santa!!!1) had hidden it took one cd it out n replaced it wiv another one jus so i could hav a listen! turned out to worth the hassle.......yea he got caught puttin it back! lol! xxx

xxx_,.~'*'~.,_Mrs Hicks_,.~'*'~.,_xxx
Charisma85 I was on a tour during the summer and I met a girl who was living in the So Cal area. I heard "Shooting Star" on a mix tape and sold my soul.

Cotts I went up to sydney for few days and was walking around the big HMV store there, it was about 3 years ago. I was originally into techno (this is embarrasing, darude lol) hard nrg etc.. and i saw a copy of happy hardcore - scott brown (i think i knew happy hardcore becuase of scooter) bought the cd (one of the best i have ever bought), became obsessed with scott brown - na na na and elysium and neckbreaker. And here i am now :).

Im so glad i picked up that cd

Originally posted by Cotts:
this is embarrasing, darude lol

Darude is excellent in hes genre, liked hes last album a lot :) Really nice guy too...

butterfly ma older brova got me into it. when i were 11-12. glad he did now hehe :-)

Mattikake Everybody told me not to do it.

That was all the reason I needed.

Old old old-skool
The Black Halo My older brother's a hhc obsessive, and he goes to raves once or twice a week. We were just playing on the ps2 and he said the game had crappy music, so he played the DJ Sy tape from the last Slammin' Vinyl Event.

Knightmare was into gabber first (still am) but I saw a happycore cd (happy rave 6) lying in a discount store and bought it cuz I remembered the commercials from back in the days. First I thought they gave me the wrong cd cuz my view of hardcore was that there had to be something hard in it and at first sight that was missing... but it grew on me steadily. It'll never top my love for the harder styles of hardcore but I'm glad started buying those happycore cd's.

raving_mad Can't vote on any of those options - used to be into rap when I was at school, but in the common rooms all that got played was happy hardcore, at the time I didn't see anything special about it and never really listened, but a couple of years after I left school I bought Bonkers Rezurrection. I loved Sy's best of bonkers 1 & 2 mix and now hardcore is pretty much all I've listened to for the last 3 years!

LeT's Go BaCk To ThE lAnD oF fAnTaSy
fyfey Got into HHC as soon as it started really. Was always listening to ma big sis's technotronic and the like. then she bought me suburban delay "energy rush" the day it was released and that was me hooked on piano toons. nuff said

d fyfe
Lynny It was about 2002, when I was chatting with my friend, and he recommended me (if I remember well) Have you ever been mellow from the Party Animals. From that point I'm addicted to happy hardcore!

****Vibena: Closer to your dreams****
^^^^ i dont like that tune very much.

anyway i got into hardcore when a m8 brang a cd in 2 my local youth club and put on land of fantasy and shooting star, i have listen 2 it since then.

sell me ur soul and ill bring u power, sell me ur soul and darkness will roll. (its white magic, bad magic)
arkangel19772000 i got into it at around 1994 when i found a pirate radio station playing some dark and twisted trax.
bck then i was 2 young 2 be fully fledged head banger but i new the score bck then and love it now
Roberticus Always been into EDM, as long as I can remember
I voted for Internet
Reason: I once came to the idea of actually installing Winamp, after that I browsed after some radio stations to listen to. I found lots of DIGITALLY IMPORTED stations, and found Hardcore there, and when I listened to it; it came 'The Hard Way' mix by *don't remember*, and since then I've been hooked to hardcore music .
Lately I've been drawn to the more "dark" side of Hardcore..
yaddam205 Well i think the very VERY first time i heard eletronica was Effile 65 or ATC, but I dont that really trully counts, What got me into is was my friend showing me this website called with streams, and I found the hardcore station and of coruse the first time i heard it i didnt like it cause i was a trance head, but then i heard some hixxy and scott brown a few times, and that is how i found hardcore
MDMAisOK I took a pill for the first time at a party, heard happy hardcore real loud, need i say more? ended up raving around the house with huge knives in my hand in some persons kitchen.
djhixxy1 My friend used to play it in his car all of the time so I got into it.
Dj Esi my m8 who is a dj played me UFO hardcore and ever since i have been into it al i whent out and bought every single bonkers albums bonkers X is the best tied with bonkers 14 but will soon be probably be 15 as well lol aero is my greatest m8 cheers aero for getting me into all of my music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
Phantom Eagle When you ask me about the old hardcore, my story is a bit kind of special, I think because when I heard the first hardcore traxx in my life I was just around 8 years old. So, how can an eight-year-old boy get to HappyHardcore traxx?? He grabs the sampler-cds from his parents - and that's what I did - I sat there at the cdplayer with the headphone and was hearing this happyhardcore stuff, e.g. "International Hits '95" for hours and hours. Then, a few years later we moved into another town where I still live today, and however I did not hear any happyhardcore stuff anymore - that's the story of my way to old hardcore.

Concerning the new hardcore I came originally to it by, a big German TechnoCommunity where D.I. Radio supports for nearly each style of the electro music an own radio channel. So I began to hear the HappyHardcore channel, btw. this was how I came to, too. All these things happened this year.

Phantom Eagle
Dj DontStop i used 2 listen to metal and punk (Anti-Flag, Coal Chamber Ect.)

then i started hanging out with a guy (now my best friend) who had 2 10 ich crappy ass subs, and every lunch we'd goto the mcdonalds and he'd crank up some Dj Mystik, and i would be soo embarassed i'd slide my seat back and shit. corny ass lyrics about moonlight shadows and shit. so i went out to search out some good songs (dont get me wrong now, i like dj mystik, its just not the kinda shit u blast at max vol when ur rolling around the school parking lot),

and then i found Scott Bornw...
_AnGeL_ I blame my boyfriend, i was never into Happy Hardcore till i meet him since then thats the only type of music that plays in my house. Im lovin most of Dj Hixxys stuff especially on Bonkers.
Righteous9 I never really hung out with the popular crowd, although, my school was small (like 250 kids) so everybody knows you. I started skating in 95' and I went to my first rave in 96' called Dimension in Madison, WI, started meeting mostly ravers/cocaine addicts in 97' when I graduated High School. They listened to just about everything. Then I got in trouble with the law and ended up just listening to Underground Hip-hop and what ever electronica I could get from Sam Goody. I was embarrassed to even skate in Chicago because I had no friends... I met H2bH in 2002 and that got me where I am today which is trying to spin hardcore in clubs and stuff. I'm not that heavy in Chicago but I always show the DJs love! It seems like once you've been to a rave it sticks with you. I don't know, I just hated pop! I would listen to the jungle and techno shows on WNUR and donate to non-commercial radio like that. But for me, Hardcore is my favorite, because it's fun... I have no deep reason, just I like the feeling... I wish I would have been raving back in the day but the cops bothered me! I almost kill myself trying to be real to Hardcore! Nobody really spins it except for in SF or NY... I plan to take a trip to the UK eventually and really find out what it means to me.... Yeah, I gotta get out more often but no endz...
ben_innit i only just got into hardcore well recently = my first rave was raindance, like 2 weeks ago :) loved it, on some music scenes theres a lot of poserish people, and stuff like that, but when youre dancing everyone is just loving the music and i well like the vibes everyone gives off

a few new, but well safe mates got me into it, listening to tunes like dougal and gammers mix of the 6th gate, and let the music by eruption; well loving it, and cant wait to go freeformation and mayb supernova in a couple weeks time.'s radio is a well good service, listening to it atm, thanks a bundle :)
FriedRice My friend introduced me to Trance & Hardcore at the same time....
shooting star & in my dreams...blew my mind
Then i found this site one day at uni
Never looked back :)
cheekyb i got in 2 hardcore thro my dad n my cosins ther now into hardhouse/techno

I got into the rave scene after my first illegal warehouse party in Essex in '89. (Anyone remember the days of driving to some services to get new directions....)
Been in love with the music ever since.
Started listening to Happy Hardcore around '93/'94. Was loving DJ Hixxy's sets at first but I like my tunes to be that little bit harder, that's when I got into the Hard Dance scene mainly following The Tidy Boys (they're productions are awesome). Still went raving as much as possible but found most of the music had started using cheesy chipmunk vocals and I was going off it big time. Over the past five years I started to drop other types of music and started to listen exclusively to hardcore mainly because its the only music that uplifts me. So you could say I've been around since the beginning.
dj jaki i heard it off the internet and the first happy hardcore dj i knew was dj rankin and then i found out about this fake dj cammy so i just liked happy hardcore since and now i fort i mite try to be a real happy hardcore DJ!!!!!!!!!!
iluvhrdcor well i actually hate your normal pop music and i grew up with a bunch of people that loved that shit and i knew there was something different out there or that i was different to them, and when i found the music and played hardcore everyday they all thought i was strange but i can't help but love hardcore. everyone wonders why i am not a DJ yet because i play it and i live it and i love it.
NATO My brother was a house dj around minnesota. I literally followed his foot steps and became a dj around minnesota(now the midwest). I told him I wanted to spin either speed garage or drum n bass and he advised against both at the time. He showed me a couple cds, Vinylgroover Anthems vol.1, and United Dance vol.2. Kindof went from there...Now I spin happy hardcore/breakbeat hardcore, drum n bass/jungle, and speed garage/house/acid house.
starspirit hehee its wicked to hear all the different storys of how everyone has got into hardcore and how its gotten into there life...and how awesome that is,my story would be about 2 year ago just simply listening to some hardcore tunes from the net and then...i couldnt help myself and now i find its just something that doesnt stop but make me happy,no matter how bad of a mood im in or if ive had a bad day..i always smile when i hear hardcore....and it just takes over...makes me feel happy and good :) always x
Project-Industrial i wos listenin to sum fm radio and i thought hey nice track wot issit it wos neophyte - alles kapot

and i thuoght lets buy sum ofthis then i start mixin it couse i thought that wos funny and so i started 2 be a hardcore dj @ age 12 and got more into it :)
skillz i got into hardcore when bonkers 2 was just out and i have still got the cds and i have not stopped loving hardcore since then. hixxy rules
gilead hate to say it but about a year ago i was saying heck no to techno, and listening mainly to ska and punk. but my buddy introduced me to some classical remixes and eventually to happy 2b hardcore 4 and i was hooked on the stuff ever since.
DylanHicks I first heard Hardcore on DDR and things like that then i checked out the website and all. But i would say the main person who got me into Hardcore would have to be Sean Apollo. Seeing a kid from my high school play big events and have such awsome realese inspired me to start trying( With his help that is)
Mental_Adam must of been john peel, playing that Bonkers mix cd back on radio 1
Yoko I found DI.FM while looking for a trance station back in about 2003-2004ish and then saw happyhardcore and wondered what it was. And now I know.

BTW, this IS the Yoko from the chat room, just never really bothered with the forums till now. (too lazy)
Mindwinder a mate lent me one of the first slammin tapepacks n i listened to it so much it ****ed the tapes up. got some turntables when i was 15, now im starting to make my own tunes. lol still havnt stopped listen to them tapes
Chew I used to listen to metal but would occasionally listen to the odd trance or dance tune such as Scooter - The Logical Song or Darude - Sandstorm and occasionally some Gabber.

Then my little sister bought Clubland Extreme Hardcore 2 and I ripped it to iTunes and after listening to that on the computer and in my mates car 24/7 I couldn't get enough. And i've been listening to it ever since.
raindance-rob i got into happy hardcore & bouncy techno in 94 when still at skool & a few years before i got kicked out of skool. being from Stoke it was natural that the first tape that i ever heard was a Club Kinetic tape :o)

am more into old skool & gabba now tho but listen to all rave musik from 1986-present other then new hardcore which for me died in 99
raindance-rob also to the other guy dj rankin sux ppl like him are killing the scene !
n/a We talking about the site or the music ? lol

Music wise, I grew up listening to all kinds of music, someone gave me a tape of , what is now, old skool, and I loved it. I stuck with it throughout the years, then eventually got into the raving scene. Fell in love with happy hardcore from the start and stuck with it for years n years. I still love it, but I really love gabber too, so its a mixed bag from me.

As for the site, google ftw :D lol
Craigavon raver one of my mates gave me dougals mix bonkers 6 luved it,i then bought bonkers 7 when it came out,and i havn,t looked back,i love and listen 2 all styles of hardcore yeh
FingazMc I got given a HH vibes and livlee tape in 94 and absolutly loved it. Ended up buying all tapepacks off the mate that gave me the original tape and his vibealite + helter skelter bomber jackets actually lol.....
VivaLaDillon mr igloo got me into it

he's a bad ass MF
DJ-Intensity By listening to one CD in a music shop saw Bonkers 13 thought to myself why not have a listen of and it was brilliant from start to finish.
EvilPill Stumbled on this world through YouTube! I watched the 10 Minute Mix entries - loads of different styles but saw the entry from DJ Cotts and got a little bit hooked. Now I listen live every Wed and join in the chat. I'm totally new to this style so all the artist names are a bit like 'who?' but it seems like a lot of the big djs are on this site too which is pretty damn cool. Oh and THIS IS MY FIRST POST!! Yes give me a badge.
Originally posted by Mental_Adam:
must of been john peel, playing that Bonkers mix cd back on radio 1

Very similar 2 how i got in2 hardcore m8, I listened to the john peel is not enough show on radio 1 which hixxy hosted. I heard 'Takin' me higher' by darren styles and instantly fell in love with hardcore
sophie.HTID My best fried sent me lose me forever by dougal and gammer by accident and i felll in love with it
thats why there my fav artist aswell :P
then my ova friend also was into hardcore n trance so i asked him for some gd sttuff n he provided lol
the i started goin gigs and i go ibiza alot and just got into the whole scene
now im in love with it
uproar global energy global gaterin hardcore in the sun they are all amazin :)
Originally posted by fazza:
was in my mates car bout 3 years ago and he was playing hardcore. i was like, ****! WOT IS THIS! never looked back since! hardcore is like a black hole-it sucks everyone who hears it in and u can never escape!

"I feel you, i want you, i know your touch is all i need, im waiting you're shining"

great quote from an amazing song ;)
eyeheartcassie i got into it when i started dating my boyfriend [who is a dj] and he suggested that i start to learn the different forms of electronic
i always liked electronic music but when i started youtubing the different genres i came across DJ Cotts [who is now my favorite dj] and i fell in love with happy hardcore and hardcore in general
gilead well lets see for the longest time i was listening to ska and punk and went by the motto say heck no to techno. but then a classmate of mine forced me to listen to a few remixes of ave marie and a few other classics. i kinda liked those so then he warmed me up to some older paul oakenfold and tiesto and i was liken those as well then he gave me happy to be hardcore vol 2 and i really liked that since then i have just kinda listen to anything i come across.
KaMinaRi lol i mainly started out on hardstyle from watching melbourne shuffle vids. i eventually heard some gabber and got some interest in happy hardcore but not as much as hardstyle, during that time. it was when a random dj (dj skeltaboy) added me as a friend on myspace (LOL). his mixes made me interested.
courtneyPaton1995 ma uncle paul
kanny thank um enough furit
nivir got to experience the happy hardcore scene, so
bring back the old schoooooooooooooool
oi oi (L)

wanna be just free as a bird i wanna dance, wanna dance with youuuuuu goes out to helter skelter crew
Righteous9 H2BH! (1 & 3), I was a Raver (Junglist) turned Missionary, and was looking for something inspiring other than Gospel House, so I picked up H2bH 1 w/ the Smiley Faces and been addicted ever since... I left my Church because I wanted to Rave again! =)
z121231211 A random youtube comment from around 2 years ago in a random video I was watching said "DJ Cotts is awesome" or something like that. Then I listened to DJ Cotts.

Though way before then my friend showed me Daft Punk's alive album and 1200 Micrograms and then after awhile I found REDALiCE and got his album 'Funny Princess.' I just went further into hardcore from there listening to different genres.
Samination I vote Internet, since I got into hardcore through piracy :(
acidfluxxbass Always liked trance, and my taste for the melodic stuff meant that my favourite style got harder and faster. Eventually I found Hardcore through the commercial stuff available on Limewire in 2006. Tracks from the Clubland X-Treme series and Bonkers 13 were ones I remember very well. For instance: Darren Styles - Getting Better, Gammer - Unforgettable Hope (Cube::Hard Remix), D&G - X-Treme.

As I grew a real palette for the genre I become more involved and joined the community. Later on, I endeavored to produce, and have stuck at it for 3 years.
SpiritWolf Back in the days, I was into beatmania and I remember trying to get a seek peek at the new tracklist for the newest game. So I searched for kors k - Heaven Above on youtube and one of the related videos was the hixxy remix of Heavens Above. I instantly fell in love with that tune. Latter I found out it was part of bonkers 11, and i got a copy of it. I've never looked back. I also was experimenting with FL around that time and that's how I got producing. I guess that's my story lol.
Warnman Even as a small child I always prefered nice synthesiser melodies: Synthie-Pop, New Wave, Electro-Pop, House, Dance.
I heard Happy Hardcore for the first time at around 1993/1994, when it strongly influenced the normal Pop-music and was played regulary on radio stations. At around the same time my interest in Trance begun.
1995 - 1997 I had lived in the U. S. A. and was pretty much cut off of the gigantic change in the German music scenes. Only a couple of Germans, who came back from vacation brought new CDs. Back in Germany it was like a total shock to me that this genre (and Eurodance) nearly had died out. But the Trance-boom at those days kind of got my attention to other music quickly and the probably last Happy Hardcore song I listened to was back around 1999/2000. Trance died out in my area around that time as well, so I got into the influence of Dutch Trance by one of my sisters.
I searched for Happy Hardcore again in 2003, but there wasn't any webpage like Youtube back then and since 2005 I lost my interest in Trance, because I disliked its developement. My last Trance-CD I bought 2008.
Being musically homeless, I started to listen to the classics of the 90s and to do researches into this direction and with the help of Youtube, Ravine and Cotts (in this direction) I finally started to get my foot into the door to and the "modern" and especially British interpretation of this genre.
DJ John Jarvis Styles & Breeze got me into hardcore when I heard You're Shining on one of the Clubland CDs. Although it was a few years later that I heard You're My Angel and that was definitely the tune that got me into hardcore. Even to this day they are two of my favourite tunes. Their stuff since has been good including styles' solo stuff but not even close to those classics. The production of the songs back then was less polished and there wasn't the same Nexus plugin sounds used over and over again and I kind of preferred that feel but I'm probably just being nostalgic.
Breakbeat Jon 91, heard Charly on the radio. Saved up my paperround money to by Experience, and it blew me away. Unbelievably fast breakbeats (for the time!) sub-bass, cheeky reggae ska licks. Was into all the chart hardcore until my mates older brother copied a Rat-Pack tape for me and also Fantazias First Taste and Twice as Nice albums.
The other tape from period that stood out for me was Donavan Bad Boy Smith and MC Lenni at Obession, heard Living in Darkness and NRGs Need your loving for the first time.
Jay-Owen Was introduced to it by my older brother as a nipper. Properly got into it around the age of 12. Fell in and out of love with it over the course of the following 13 years, though I'd say it's always had a place in my heart as my first musical love. Currently on a nostalgia trip listening to some old classics.

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