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T O P I C     R E V I E W
95_was_the_time wow. never thought i'd have to rumour that one out!
Chris B Hahahahaha what a bellend, some raves are fulla fannies so you should avois them like the plague, put it this way i feel far too old to be sharin a room with kids listenin to megacheese robbin hats so i dont.

But loadsa this sites folk are far more hardcore than yourself, whatever style of stuff we're into.

Hardcore breaks is swkd i love the stuff but to me you'll never beat the fast as f*ck dutch bouncy techno.

In your world your more underground than me, fair play, cos i go to the biggest commercial dance festivals goin.

But i'll love my 60,000 people gettin wrecked up on dutch allsorts to trance followed by a couple weeks rest until a real HARDcore rave with dutch old stuff, terror, speedcore etc.

I'll most probably dance beside you even shake your hand at raindance or a hardcore breaks bash, but it makes me laugh how you think you can tell people with a lot more ravin years than myself what the score is.

Hardcore breaks = swkd, but real oldschool or bouncy tech/gabber = better.

For all the fannies that wanna start thats all imo, good stuff in all subgenres yakayakayaka etc.

Hahaha nah **** it my opinion is the law, i was born in 95 wooooaaaahhhhhh
Chris B And anyway your obsession with "chavs" hahahahaha

Why you so bothered do you think if you go to a rave people will start on you? Not takin the piss but very very rarely happens even to the geekiest of the geeks.

I've pretty much finished with ravin (too much too young and old before my time ) and more to the point cant be arsed with the gettin wrecked anymore.

But still i raved for yars all over uk, glesga, north east, manc/scouseland, midlands and london/essex. F*ckin loved it and for every pain in the arse i've met i've made atleast a couple of true friends.

Raves are always gonna be a place to get f*cked out your nut so you get your scummers, but if they start you go right ahead with them. Can go either way sometimes you'll need to show who's boss but most times they'll see your not an easy target and try someone else.

Dunno why im even talkin to you cos you never listen to me but am charged and bored so enjoy my essay, please argue back could do with a deep discussion about somethin trivial like the ravescene hahaha, keeps the mind goin
Chris B One last thing long live gabber rooms fulla the rowdy lads, glesga, scouse, birko or wherever your from.

No shit bar problems between individuals (before the rave) and loadsa people stompin about to bangin hardcore.

BRING BACK BOUNCY TECHNO, always there but never enough
kathryn 95 was the time!
you are so boring and repetitive go f**k off and do 1 please!
Originally posted by 95_was_the_time:
I love the cock!!!

Since when has that been a rumour? We took that as fact long ago.
SickPigRecords hummmmmmmmmmmm.....
Originally posted by Xenochrome:
Originally posted by 95_was_the_time:
I love the cock!!!

Since when has that been a rumour? We took that as fact long ago.

He's nothing better to do dont take him on!
Hes not a cock but a knob!
SickPigRecords Morning
Originally posted by 95_was_the_time:
I love the cock!!!

Yeah I totally agree with that one
silver Consider yourself lucky, at least you have a scene for someone to kill :)
Originally posted by SickPigRecords:

best comment all year that
Originally posted by Cotts:
Originally posted by 95_was_the_time:
I love the cock!!!

Yeah I totally agree with that one

i think that u should have thought before you type "Yeah I totally agree with that one"
unless of course u do.......... like it that is
Audio X Did you make that all by yourself? I'm impressed. You even spelled "The" with the "h" and the "e" interchanged. That's very original! How long did it take you to think of that, because that's very original! Nobody's done that before. I completely didn't see it coming. You're a sharp one. :)
kathryn [quote]Originally posted by Chris B:
Hahahahaha what a bellend, some raves are fulla fannies

95 was the time being one of them!
Taiko We interrupt this amazingly dull program to bring you this important news flash:

95 is a ****.

That is all.
Phobz Where'd you get that pic from, your chavved up wardrobe? haha
What's up with them anyway they don't do **** all wrong at raves so give it a break and go do what you do best, suck some cock... bleh
Project-Industrial chavs are the ones who buy most of the hardcore tunes, least in the uk.. adn you call that killing the scene? they are ***** it up big time thats tru.. but on the other hand they keepin it alive... commin to the raves\, buyoin the music.. personnal i dun have anything gainst chavs
Project-Industrial once there wos a tread bout chavs... ALSO STARTED BY 95 was the time

you want me and jenks to start bitchin at ya again?
Phobz Yea bugbear I think he get's picked on by chav's, why else would he have such a biast view on them. If chav's didn't go to raves there wouldn't be half capacity full probably. It would be shit and the promotors (slammin etc) would have to stop events due to not making enough money to pay for the venue etc.

Get your head from up ur arse, get a grip and jog on.
Mental_Adam :)

save teh hardcore scene.

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