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 Future Dance - Club Tour
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Author Thread  

12,487 posts
Joined: Feb, 2001

894 hardcore releases
silver is verified hardcore artist silver is a site donation subscriber silver has attended 108 events
Posted - 2001/12/10 :  09:19:37  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit silver's homepage  Reply with quote
and that white stuff at the back of your head is?

you, me and hardcore forever.

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DJ Pathfinder
Advanced Member

1,676 posts
Joined: Oct, 2001

51 hardcore releases
Posted - 2001/12/10 :  09:26:01  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit DJ Pathfinder's homepage  Reply with quote
could be a light from inside it was a housparty and we were on the balconey.

You can't see me,because i am the future.

You can't see me,because i am the future.

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MC RizlaDizla
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,056 posts
Joined: Sep, 2001
MC RizlaDizla is verified hardcore artist MC RizlaDizla has attended 20 events
Posted - 2001/12/11 :  04:17:57  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit MC RizlaDizla's homepage  Reply with quote
Oh yeah weve all heard the old "the light inside the house party " excuse.


Right Pathfinder I now know who to look out for at Standsted now. Not long to go

"Oh my goodness, Oh my Gosh. Here we go with a badboy rush."
"Oh my goodness gracious me, Badboy Dj, Wikkid Mc."

Oh my goodness, Oh my gosh!!!

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Matty K
New Member

United Kingdom
48 posts
Joined: Aug, 2001
Posted - 2001/12/12 :  13:54:15  Show profile  Send a private message  Reply with quote
Hello there!!!! Christ do I feel abit messy today, but was it worth it - HELL YEAH.

Had a wicked time at FD - cool meeting MC Rizladizla & Jenny (after the last couple of meetings didn't happen) - And boy MC-RD we did chat alot. Can't remember what, but yeah - those (unfinished) sentences which which ended "what was I sayin???"!!!!!! Class - signs of a truely good night.

Found myself dancing near the air-con for the majority of the night. I don't know why thou - it was freezing over there - had to venture into the middle of the crowd to kinda warm-up (which was abit of a strange scenario for all those that have been to the Drome)!!! I think the chillyness of the air-con blowing on me is the reason for my newley chapped lips!!

As MC RD said, the club itself is; nice (I think that is the appropriate word). It was very clean (Me n my misses were watching the security gaurds picking up the empty water bottles - I've never seen this in my raving career).

Keep up the MC'in RD - you can go far!!!!


The Rhythm Station will always be my home

The Rhythm Station will always be my home

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