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 Music discussion - hardcore
 ** August Releases at the IDR mp3 Shop **
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Author Thread  
New Member

United Kingdom
63 posts
Joined: Feb, 2004
sparkyidr is verified hardcore artist
Posted - 2006/07/31 :  17:16:02  Show profile View artist profile Send a private message  Visit sparkyidr's homepage View the linked resource


Summer is upon us and that means hot weather and hot tunes. Just check out the summer collection from IDR Music…

Indiscriminate Records 010
Cube::Hard – Dark & Light (Setting Sun)
After a brief absence from the store we are proud to re-release this storming tune from one of the hottest properties in hardcore today! Fresh from featuring on the latest Bonkers album this track is set to be one of the stand-out tunes of the year! Throw in a Digital Tekniq and Adam L remix and you have possibly the best reason to spend just shy of 2 quid this summer!

Original Mix clip
Digital Tekniq & Adam L Mix clip

Indiscriminate Records 011
Mentholated Spirits – Waiting for Tonight
How do you follow on from a banging release from the man like Cube::Hard? Easy! You take Cube::Hard himself and just add Sparky, Adam L & Striife into the mix and you have Mentholated Spirits – Waiting For Tonight. This tune featured on This Is Noize 2 and is a eclectic mix of crazy synths, tough beats and classy vocals. This essential release is rounded off nicely by a remix by two of Hardcores most prolific producers - Sparky & Flyin!

Original Mix
Flyin’ & Sparky Mix

Project Xero 005
Milo & Virus – Want My Love
Milo and Virus certainly have been ramping up the bar on their productions recently and this release is just a taster of what these two stateside producers are capable of. One for the breakbeat-heads this track is high energy hardcore from start to finish! Backed with an uplifting Adam L remix Project Xero’s fifth release continues its mission of “putting fun back into hardcore”.

Original Mix
Adam L Mix

Don't forget the Latest F.A.S.T. Music releases are also available from the IDR shop



Alert moderator
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
2,965 posts
Joined: Nov, 2001
Posted - 2006/07/31 :  19:07:15  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit CDJay's homepage
Great stuff, guys :D



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Advanced Member

United States
2,849 posts
Joined: Jun, 2005
Leto has donated money to the site Leto has attended 7 events
Posted - 2006/07/31 :  20:53:39  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Leto's homepage
Wicked, and noted for the news...:)


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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
772 posts
Joined: Oct, 2004
Loz_e has attended 7 events
Posted - 2006/08/01 :  20:18:19  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Loz_e's homepage
wicked guys, good stuff!

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Brian K
Advanced Member

United States
8,663 posts
Joined: Sep, 2001

528 hardcore releases
Brian K has attended 5 events
Posted - 2006/08/02 :  00:27:20  Show profile  Send a private message

"we'll delete the weak"

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