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 Music discussion - hardcore
 wow what a rush 11 tracklist
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Author Thread  
New Member

United Kingdom
37 posts
Joined: May, 2004
darwin is verified hardcore artist
Posted - 2006/08/20 :  09:25:57  Show profile View artist profile Send a private message View the linked resource

here's the tracklisting
the artwork is done as well!!!

23rd october 06
wow what a rush vol 11

mixed by darwin

1.jennifer bolton - higher ground
2.cube::hard & teknodred feat blue pearl - sit down
3.dubplate - wots my code(total science mix)
4.blox & lovenation - epidemic
5.helix & teknodred - change the style
6.deeper territory - mindscape
7.darwin feat wendy- breathing me
8.optimistic - reunited
9.JBD project - lighting me up inside
10.cube::hard V's darwin - pulse attack
11.AG system - deeper undaground
12.darwin feat justin - sos(save our souls)
13.cube::hard & posion rain - something pure
14.deeper territory - H.M.I.Y.A
15.JBD project - set yourself
16.sunshine production - above the clouds(darwin mix)
17.darwin - retro ravin
18.visionary - 20'000 year

lots of head room

Alert moderator
Senior Member

467 posts
Joined: May, 2006
Posted - 2006/08/20 :  09:35:09  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit luminate's homepage
good to see a variety of tunes from various labels and artists... mite hav a look at this :)

S3RL - Keep on Ravin
- Pretty rave girl
- come on do it


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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
822 posts
Joined: Apr, 2005
katrinar50 has donated money to the site katrinar50 has attended 37 events
Posted - 2006/08/21 :  11:22:03  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit katrinar50's homepage
I have to say it is looking good for a purchase. Whilst I want to be loyal to RFU and CDJay the stuff I am into at the minute by the likes of Darwin/Deeper Territory and Cube:Hard is only being released by the JAL camp :-(

Pull your finger out CDJay ;-)


__________________________________ - please add me I'm lonely :-)

Lovenation vs Poison Rain - Beautiful Day - Tune!!! - That I will not be buying as it is a JAL track! :-(((

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
2,962 posts
Joined: Nov, 2001
Posted - 2006/08/21 :  13:34:10  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit CDJay's homepage

I'll pull my finger out after it heals.



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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
7,205 posts
Joined: Apr, 2004

430 hardcore releases
bulby_g has attended 55 events
Posted - 2006/08/21 :  16:27:18  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit bulby_g's homepage
Looking good :) Am looking foward to it.


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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
3,605 posts
Joined: Feb, 2003

19 hardcore releases
jenks has attended 1 event
Posted - 2006/08/22 :  22:01:46  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit jenks's homepage

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Average Member

United Kingdom
240 posts
Joined: Mar, 2006
Posted - 2006/08/24 :  15:03:23  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Marshy88's homepage
Is this album a freeform album?

Ecstacy is so estatic, Ecstacy is so estatic a synthetic will turn your life fantastic

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Starting Member

United Kingdom
1 post
Joined: Aug, 2006
Posted - 2006/08/25 :  13:09:20  Show profile  Send a private message
where music download?? because i want put music(happy hardcore n hardcore heaven) in my mp3

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Edited by - Perry on 2006/08/25 13:13:26
Starting Member

United Kingdom
4 posts
Joined: Oct, 2001
Posted - 2006/08/26 :  10:24:47  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Hixxy22's homepage
wow 10 wAS ****ING AMAZING!! Best Hardcore album ive bought in years cant wait to hear number 11

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
3,895 posts
Joined: Mar, 2002

91 hardcore releases
Underloop has donated money to the site Underloop has attended 5 events
Posted - 2006/08/26 :  11:12:43  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Underloop's homepage
Originally posted by Perry:
where music download?? because i want put music(happy hardcore n hardcore heaven) in my mp3

You'll have to buy the CDs and then rip them to mp3 if you want to transfer them to your mp3 player

"We don't stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing."
- George Bernard Shaw

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