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 Music discussion - hardcore
 you thought it would never happen:P
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Author Thread  
Dj Esi
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
567 posts
Joined: Jul, 2005

26 hardcore releases
Dj Esi has donated money to the site
Posted - 2006/12/08 :  18:45:02  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Dj Esi's homepage  Reply with quote
lol loveing it :D


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Average Member

243 posts
Joined: Jul, 2002
Compulsion is verified hardcore artist Compulsion has attended 4 events
Posted - 2006/12/08 :  19:34:00  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit Compulsion's homepage  Reply with quote
poor ned :(


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New Member

47 posts
Joined: Jan, 2005
Posted - 2006/12/09 :  09:55:27  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Rambot's homepage  Reply with quote
Very nice, I liked it.
The inclusion of the queen and monkey are very funny.

1x women.
- Must love HHC.
- Regular companionship to Raves.

-apply within-

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Starting Member

10 posts
Joined: Jun, 2004
Posted - 2006/12/09 :  17:38:50  Show profile  Send a private message  Reply with quote
Wow, there are a lot of negative vibes kicking around in this thread. I realise I've already given my 2 cents on this topic, but i can't help diving into this again. This makes for my second post in like 2 years!

I don't consider myself an authority on rave, i've only been on the scene for 3-4 years, but i can safely say that i do LOVE hardcore. If people want to make tracks like "cillit bang" its really no problem to me, as a consumer i'm never going to buy the tune and as a dj im never going to play it. To tell the truth i dont think hardcore is commercially viable, i understand that companies are probably going to try and cash in on it but i have faith that scene is obscure enough for it to remain underground.

In Canada at least, hardcore is percieved as just so off the wall that most people don't give it a second thought, and thats the way i like it. After pondering this issue for a bit i changed my mind about what i had said earlier in this post, commercialization of hardcore is really not important, because hardcore (and all the associated subgenres) are generally too ****ed up (by mainstream music conventions) to ever be really taken seriously by anyone other than even the most dedicated of supporters (IE: us on this forum).

But for arguments sake lets say theres a hypothetical doomsday scenario; hardcore is on every channel of FM radio, it gets played at high school dances, you can hear hardcore choonage in the elevator and on car commercials. In short all uniqueness and innovation has been replaced with the same over-produced garbage we see in the mainstream music of today.

What do I do in this situation? Well i would probably get up and go and sit in a dark room with the boys from CLSM, because they'll always be true to the underground.

Doc Oxygen

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Average Member

225 posts
Joined: Apr, 2003
Jimmygoat is verified hardcore artist Jimmygoat has attended 1 event
Posted - 2006/12/13 :  11:59:47  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit Jimmygoat's homepage  Reply with quote
There is no disrespecting Jakazid for Cillit Bang- it was funny and thats what it ws meant to be. This message is about putting money over music ('money over music and the scene is gone' may have given you a clue).

The radio1 thing is a bit deeper than getting mainstream popularity- its about fairness. Radio1 has a thing called a royal charter which basically says 'play stuff that represent the current trends'. One current trend since 99' has been hard dance (which hrdcore is part of). first there was hard house, then hard trance as large genres which has crossfaded over to hardcore- however during this time radio 1 has never had a weekly show to represent any of this despite having around 29 hours of dance music every week for everything else. Its not tht it should be demanded by the ravers themselves, but looking at the bigger picture... when house and trance have their bad years there is the support of radio stations across the nation- so when the music is good again it just takes off (house is a good example in the recent 18 months)- whereas hardcore and hard dance have to struggle for ages to get little or no coverage- commercially this can be answered by stations like kiss who have to sell ads to keep going but not by radio1.

In short-yes hardcore is more commercial now but everything goes in waves, all that needs to happen is some bad selling compilations and the majors wont do them, the vinyl scene is supported by that to some extent and that's when you need things like radio1 there to keep the music out there- just as it is for the other genres.

Back on topic- i paid for my own train fares up to radio1, i took my own time to promote and campain for them to put a show on- none of this was to cash in and if i was t be involved in a gimmik (like cash money) i would make it clear "get your money out your pocket get your wallet out your bag- give me cash cash money i'm a cheap whore slag".

Further to this I feel there is 'good money' (which pushes the scene forward0 and 'bad money' which takes its toll on the scene. Read Hixxy's comments in the next ravin eye. Its not bad to make money out of music but it can be fatal to put the money first (pop music has suffered from this for ages- ticking the right boxes to sell the quantity).

Look how this hedgehog has to swerve as this loonatic avoids oncoming police vehicles.

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New Member

United States
20 posts
Joined: Oct, 2006
Posted - 2006/12/28 :  07:03:03  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Lunisneko's homepage  Reply with quote
First of all, I agree with the attitude within this video completely. It's true that commercialism has really watered down Hardcore music. But it's not just commercialism to blame. Anyone who thinks there is a "scene" is as much the problem, just like the people who decide that liking Hardcore is what they'll do because that's what's cool. But the one single thing that is "killing" Hardcore the most is the "racism" within hardcore. Everyone believes that Hardcore is one type of music with one specific beat, and a very specific set of synthesizers. This restriction and segregation is what is hurting the Hardcore that you and I love so much most. If I asked each and every one of you to define Hardcore I would not likely find even two people who agreed on one specific definition. Some say Neophyte and the likes are what Hardcore is really about. Others say the hard trance style that Hixxy is so fond of is what Hardcore really is. Yet others say that only the Underground Hardcore DJs are deserving of the "Hardcore" style. But is that really what Hardcore is about? Is that really the "scene" that John Peel, may he rest in peace, took a chance promoting so long ago? What makes someone or something more Hardcore than the next? Hardcore is not so much a music but a group of styles. Styles backed by DJs willing to take a chance on music that they felt many people would likely reject. Do you think that when Gabber or Hardtrance were first starting out that the DJs behind those genres felt that they should produce that type of music because that's what people liked? No. They did it because it's what they liked, it's the music that resounded within them somehow. Just because someone likes an artist you don't like, does that make them less "scene" than you? Where do you think Hardcore would be if "true Hardcore loyals" dropped the slag terms, stayed faithful to Hardcore that's done for the music, buy the good CDs to keep the DJs fed, and went on about their business?
This has gotten to be a rather long-winded rant, and for that I apologize. The point is, commercialism will always exist. And the point is, there are other things within this "scene" that people should probably worry about more than commercialism.

- - - Popcorn? Anyone?

Most certainly :)

Well, I admit that I posted this before I finished reading the full thread. Now that I've read it I have to rant once more. I'm tired, so very very tired, of a couple specific things. 1) Girls in Hardcore. Why is it that everything has to fall back to sex for selling? I hate having to look at the cover to Clubland X-treme Hardcore because of the content. What does this half-naked woman have to do with the music within? Nothing. She's just there to get people to buy the CD without knowing what it is. It's a hook. A sharp sharp hook made purely of money(which is why I've ripped my CDs and put them on my MP3 player. No more senseless sexuality.) 2) The idea of a "hardcore scene." It makes me sick to think that the people talking about how much X is "killing the scene" are really as much the culprit because they have to create a "scene" around Hardcore. It's like Emo all over again. 3) I'm so God damned tired of people labelling certain DJs or sets of DJs as less Hardcore then the ones that said people like. I'm tired of people making derogatory comments against gabbers, hard-trancers, darkcore'ers, etc. because they don't like that kind of Hardcore. What makes the Raver Baby crew any less genuine Hardcore than any other? Stop pretending that your definition of Hardcore is the right one just because it's what you like.

"...if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."

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Edited by - Lunisneko on 2006/12/28 07:31:51
Advanced Member

United States
1,935 posts
Joined: Oct, 2006
Posted - 2006/12/28 :  16:58:34  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Pope C XXIII's homepage  Reply with quote
Originally posted by Lunisneko:
1) Girls in Hardcore. Why is it that everything has to fall back to sex for selling? I hate having to look at the cover to Clubland X-treme Hardcore because of the content. What does this half-naked woman have to do with the music within? Nothing. She's just there to get people to buy the CD without knowing what it is. It's a hook. A sharp sharp hook made purely of money(which is why I've ripped my CDs and put them on my MP3 player. No more senseless sexuality.)

As a stupid, horny teenager who socializes with many more stupider, hornier teenagers, I have no problem with half naked chicks on the covers of albums. Really, so long as the music within is allright, I've got no problem with any of the senseless attempts at getting people to buy the albums. Admittedly, the music inside is a little soft and over polished for my tastes (not to mention unoriginal) in most of those albums, but it's not necessarily bad ('cept all the Hixxy tunes). Any attempt to move people into a cool genre of music is fine by me.

And let's face it, the only EDM genre that's ever been pure is the original Goa style. And it's dead.


Hardcore & trance inna oldskool style

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
7,493 posts
Joined: May, 2004

341 hardcore releases
Mortis has donated money to the site Mortis has attended 7 events
Posted - 2006/12/28 :  18:28:47  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Mortis's homepage  Reply with quote
I'm not going to be like everyone else and jump on the "Hardcore High Horse" (mainly for fears that I may fall off, and have you ever stood next to a horse? They're big you know, and made up of mostly muscle. Scarry)

As far as I'm concerned it's a funny video, and well a thought out track. I for one don't care what other people think about the whole "commercialisation = Rankin clones" argument. I like the music, and I will never listen to anything I don't like, full stop. Fact is everything media wise has a commercialisation type sub genre, weither you like it or not. I don't care for the "Chavs in the street listening to Rankin, and not knowing real hardcore if it hit them in the bling bling" argument either.

There will always be people who listen to that kind of music, if you don't like it then you will look else where for a style that suits you, and most of the time the hardcore scene has it. Artists will always find a way to get music out there regardless of some of the greedy small label squashing types.

At the end of the day I still love hardcore music, and I'm sure it will continue to thrive regardless of the "commercialisation".

"Maybe in a day and age in which even our rappers can't get to the end of a verse without having an existential crisis, we should find a place for happy hardcore"

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