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 Music discussion - other genre
 What other kind of music do you like?
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Average Member

United Kingdom
161 posts
Joined: Oct, 2001
Posted - 2001/10/06 :  07:39:43  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit djbungle's homepage  Reply with quote
Whats wrong with you people there other types of music!!!!!
I also rock music/nu metal/trance/hardhouse and some rap.
And now and again the odd POP TUNE,
you lot dont lie you listen to POP if you like it or not cos its on every radio station tv channel almost.
It's only a matter of time.


It takes 1 tree to make a 1000 matches and 1 match to burn a 1000 tree's

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Senior Member

298 posts
Joined: May, 2001
Posted - 2001/10/06 :  09:10:55  Show profile  Send a private message  Reply with quote
djbungle: yes im sure we all listen to a bit of pop every know and then becoz as you said it is on every radio station everywhere (almost).... but the question said, what other styles do you like =P

as for me its pretty much all hardcore, happy hard, gabba, breakcore, you know the stuff =>

...we were taught to believe, that everyone was created equal in the masterplan...

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feel the fury... hardcore. never. dies

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Average Member

United Kingdom
238 posts
Joined: Oct, 2001
Posted - 2001/10/08 :  18:19:58  Show profile  Send a private message  Reply with quote
apart from my hardcore > also listen 2 classic rock / metal / punk / > a massive fan of guns n roses > always have been right from the late 80's appetite fro destruction is still my best album from all the other gunners albums > and cant wait 2 see the new line up play glasgow secc in december > been waiting alongtime for this > 9 years > axl is still the best > guns n roses 4 life > hopefully this time i can get my 5 skulls flag signed > got my appetite for destruction album signed when slash > slashs snakepit played the barralands last year > good 1 slash!!!!!!! > was amazed he even signed it > seeing that hes not in guns n roses anymore > which is a loss 2 all guns n roses fans >!!!!!!!!
and 2 guns n roses > axl get him back!!!!

and i'm going 2 say this again > never said it in here before , here goes > the n- trance dance/crap version of the guns n roses classic song *paradise city* > sucked >>>>>>>> got still have nightmares about it > why oh why oh why > did it happen > *argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

Edited by - NightSoul on 08 Oct 2001 18:28:02

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,032 posts
Joined: Sep, 2001
Midway_raver has attended 2 events
Posted - 2001/10/10 :  19:15:56  Show profile  Send a private message  Reply with quote
hmm....Happy HArdcore:D Obviously, Old skool hardcore, gabber , industrial techno, aciiiiiiiiiiiid house, hardcore techno, jungle, d n b (depend son da mood) , sum hous etrax, nething electronic if i liek it , i wud av to say i dnt liek free form coz i think its bad 4 haardcore as a genre i dnt liek its ound much either.

Ant B

You will not laugh, You will not cry, You will learn by the numbers!

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