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Average Member

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Joined: Nov, 2005
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  19:02:55  Show profile Send a private message View the linked resource

After months of keeping our mouths shut, we are happy to reveal that the previously-reported upcoming album entitled as TATWCV is the fifth installment in the Crush On Hardcore free-to-download album series. In the last 3 years, Crush On Hardcore received critical acclaim for their different approach of thinking. Previous editions gave the DJs a platform to showcase not only their work, but also from a wide range of both established and up-and-coming artists.

The Album That Was Called V is more creative then the name suggests, it balances musical art and creative strategies above a catch-net filled with a pleasant variety of music styles.

Crush On Hardcore: The Album That Was Called V will be officially available as a free download on March 1st, 2010.

CD1 mixed by Cube::Hard
01. Ponder - Shutdown
02. Hattrixx - I Am A Robot (Cube::Hard Remix)
03. Click - Not Invented Here
04. 75 Numbers - Let The Feeling Grow (Drum & Bass Remix)
05. CLSM - Takes Me Higher (Click Remix)
06. Wizbit - Tales From The Flipside Revisited
07. Alex Sash - Stimulate
08. Deeper Territory - The Answer
09. Entity - When We Find Akanoyo (Breaks Remix)
10. Supernova - Cheesy DJs (Cube::Hard Remix)
11. StrifeII - Soul On Fire
12. Karl Future & Simon Perry - Free
13. Entity, CLSM and Niki Mak - You Are Mine (Hugo D Remix)
14. False Economy - Certain Love
15. Entity - Plan B
16. CLSM & Entity - Rudloe Cold War City (Breaks Remix)
17. Ponder - Monolith
18. Stargazer - Released 2010

CD2 mixed by Shanty
01. Audio X - Incommensurate
02. Click - Alpha Dog
03. AC Slater - New Rave
04. Amalgamation Station & Ephexis - With Full Spiral
05. Dodgee - Phukkt
06. Kevin Energy vs A.B. - ****ing Rocking It
07. Firefly - Centrifuge (Shanty & Invader Remix)
08. Joey Riot & Kevin Energy - The Number Of The Beast
09. Helikaon & Ephexis - Iliad
10. Full Circle DJs - Things Past (Shanty vs Epyx & Cyrez Remix)
11. Oli G & Shanty - Reign Of Terror
12. Eryk Orpheus - Really Nasty
13. Lee UHF - Kickdrum Trip (Shanty Remix)
14. Nightforce - The Second Redemption
15. Freestyle - Party Crashin' (Shanty Remix)
16. Invader & Shanty - Danse Macabre
17. Helikaon, Erik de Grijze & Ephexis - Exploder
18. Robbie Long & Devastate - 50,000 Watts (Shanty Remix)
19. 3star - Forgotten Trip
20. Karl Future vs Indigo & Pearl Blue - A Living Evil
21. Penguin Conspiracy - The Lazarus Phenomenon
22. 3star & Invader - Get This Place (Shanty Remix)
23. Penguin Conspiracy - Mechanical Fables
24. Hyperterminal - Stranger In Paradise (Lost Soul featuring Chwhynny Remix)
25. Darwin - Peak 1.1
26. Penguin Conspiracy - Escape

CD3 mixed by Jnks & Swoosh and RX & Carbon Based
01. Sam One & Substanced - Memoria
02. Cube::Hard - Hold The Beat (Rob O.T.T. Bootleg)
03. Carbon Based, RX & Swoosh - Future vs Past
04. Random Raver - Screwball
05. Altitude - Altitude (Substanced Bootleg)
06. Substanced - Aquarius
07. Devastate - Mood Music (Oli G Remix)
08. Nomic - Aurinkoon
09. Alek Szhala - Sunray
10. Firefarm - Volatile (RX, Big Mistake & Drumhead Remix)
11. Carbon Based, RX & Proteus - Fleshfest (TATWCV Exclusive Mix)
12. Alek Szhala - Voices of Babylon
13. Kevin Energy & RX - Translate Replicate
14. Substanced - Freeform Mercury
15. Oli G - Jasmine (Helikaon vs Ephexis Camelrape Remix)
16. Carbon Based & RX - Titor Quantum Theory
17. RX featuring Jolea - My Serenity (Synthwulf Remix)

Next to the download album, there are advanced plans for a limited edition (30 copies).
This will be, like everything Crush On Hardcore related, free.
We'll keep you up-to-date on this exciting side project.
Take a look at the limited edition artwork..

Last but not least, a few weeks after the official release date of V, we give away the free CD 'Sequel Of The V' with full length tracks. More details regarding this will be posted soon. In the meantime, keep checking; a new website is coming within a few days. You can still download our latest released project to date there, Crush On Hardcore 4 (5xCD).

Help us spread the word, you can do so by downloading the high quality A4 and A3 posters here:

..or just copy paste this post everwhere you can!

Not long to go now..

Alert moderator

Edited by - CrushOnHardcore on 2010/01/28 18:56:35
Mad Max
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,005 posts
Joined: Dec, 2005

281 hardcore releases
Mad Max has attended 26 events
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  19:10:29  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Mad Max's homepage


perhaps the best free shit ever

HardeR Stream

The Free of Form Show Every Thursday 7-9pm gmt

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
5,000 posts
Joined: Apr, 2008
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  19:17:06  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit acidfluxxbass's homepage
my god!
as a fan, I think we are all very lucky. Not many producers would do such a thing for free. As a scene we are blessed with ypur talent and kindness :P


but really, f me that looks awesome!

Aka Archefluxx

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Advanced Member

United States
2,049 posts
Joined: Jan, 2008
Rayovac has donated money to the site
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  19:18:49  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Rayovac's homepage


Especially CD1 and CD2...

I'm definitely going to be burning up bandwidth on this one.

"The individual member of the social community often receives his information via visual, symbolic channels."

This also means "People read."

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United Kingdom
12,536 posts
Joined: Nov, 2003
Triquatra is a site donation subscriber Triquatra has attended 26 events
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  19:41:52  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Triquatra's homepage
fantastic! :D

Triquatra/Bee Trax/Cuttlefish - -

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United Kingdom
6,198 posts
Joined: Mar, 2008
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  19:43:19  Show profile  Visit Wilky's homepage
**** my side ways then again with a banana! I am an happy chappy. Cant wait.

Im hopin to get my hands on an actual cd version plz bob.. Id even pay for one :)


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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
598 posts
Joined: Feb, 2008
JustIncredible has attended 2 events
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  20:32:24  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit JustIncredible's homepage
Can't wait for this.

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Advanced Member

11,982 posts
Joined: Jul, 2004

195 hardcore releases
Samination has attended 17 events
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  20:34:58  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Samination's homepage
doubt i'd like most of the music, but I wouldnt mind buying that Limited edition thingy :P

Samination, Swedish Hardcore DJ
Happy, UK Hardcore, Freeform, Makina and Gabber

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Advanced Member

United States
1,937 posts
Joined: Oct, 2008
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  20:38:40  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit TheOneNOnly's homepage


New YouTube Account

The Past, The Present, The Future (CD One)
The Past, The Present, The Future (CD Two)

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Junior Member

United Kingdom
104 posts
Joined: Mar, 2002
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  20:39:13  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Dj_triquatra's homepage
oldskool DJ Triquatra approves this also ;)

*edits his gay signature lol*

*there we go, much better*

i wanted wine woman and song!......i got a drunk woman singing :(

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Edited by - Dj_triquatra on 2010/01/26 20:40:48
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
5,000 posts
Joined: Apr, 2008
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  20:51:03  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit acidfluxxbass's homepage
yeah I really want a CD version, too. how do we get one? can i pre-shotgun?

I'll look after it dearly :) will probably frame it :P

Aka Archefluxx

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,308 posts
Joined: Jul, 2003
Entity is verified hardcore artist Entity has donated money to the site Entity has attended 3 events
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  21:16:58  Show profile View artist profile  Send a private message  Visit Entity's homepage
Looks fantastic! Nice one guys

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Advanced Member

United States
1,660 posts
Joined: Jan, 2009
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  21:45:48  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit atomsk's homepage
Danng that looks sweet!
I would sooooo buy that!

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
7,493 posts
Joined: May, 2004

341 hardcore releases
Mortis has donated money to the site Mortis has attended 7 events
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  21:47:02  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Mortis's homepage
Excellent stuff.

"Maybe in a day and age in which even our rappers can't get to the end of a verse without having an existential crisis, we should find a place for happy hardcore"

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Advanced Member

2,525 posts
Joined: Jul, 2007
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  23:45:56  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Quicksilver's homepage
Pinch me! I must be dreaming. Mixed by Cube::Hard... and a Finnish freeform mix!!! WAAAAAAH! :D:D:D

a.k.a. Phaaze


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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
2,483 posts
Joined: Jan, 2005
redwingz has attended 3 events
Posted - 2010/01/26 :  23:48:18  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit redwingz's homepage
This looks absolutely top notch....this could be the best in the COH series. CD2 looks absolutely immense! In fact, the whole TL does.


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