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Average Member

United Kingdom
175 posts
Joined: Jul, 2008
sophie.HTID has attended 3 events
Posted - 2008/07/10 :  16:10:49  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit sophie.HTID's homepage  Reply with quote
Originally posted by fazza:
was in my mates car bout 3 years ago and he was playing hardcore. i was like, ****! WOT IS THIS! never looked back since! hardcore is like a black hole-it sucks everyone who hears it in and u can never escape!

"I feel you, i want you, i know your touch is all i need, im waiting you're shining"

great quote from an amazing song ;)


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Starting Member

United States
2 posts
Joined: Jun, 2008
Posted - 2008/07/30 :  17:24:54  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit eyeheartcassie's homepage  Reply with quote
i got into it when i started dating my boyfriend [who is a dj] and he suggested that i start to learn the different forms of electronic
i always liked electronic music but when i started youtubing the different genres i came across DJ Cotts [who is now my favorite dj] and i fell in love with happy hardcore and hardcore in general

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New Member

United States
21 posts
Joined: Jun, 2006
gilead has attended 2 events
Posted - 2008/11/10 :  00:24:45  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit gilead's homepage  Reply with quote
well lets see for the longest time i was listening to ska and punk and went by the motto say heck no to techno. but then a classmate of mine forced me to listen to a few remixes of ave marie and a few other classics. i kinda liked those so then he warmed me up to some older paul oakenfold and tiesto and i was liken those as well then he gave me happy to be hardcore vol 2 and i really liked that since then i have just kinda listen to anything i come across.

Look if everyone else is jumping off a cliff then there must be a damn good reason, so of course I'm going to jump too.

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New Member

United States
63 posts
Joined: Jan, 2009
Posted - 2009/01/23 :  04:11:57  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit KaMinaRi's homepage  Reply with quote
lol i mainly started out on hardstyle from watching melbourne shuffle vids. i eventually heard some gabber and got some interest in happy hardcore but not as much as hardstyle, during that time. it was when a random dj (dj skeltaboy) added me as a friend on myspace (LOL). his mixes made me interested.


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Starting Member

1 post
Joined: Feb, 2010
Posted - 2010/02/12 :  16:11:42  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit courtneyPaton1995's homepage  Reply with quote
ma uncle paul
kanny thank um enough furit
nivir got to experience the happy hardcore scene, so
bring back the old schoooooooooooooool
oi oi (L)

wanna be just free as a bird i wanna dance, wanna dance with youuuuuu goes out to helter skelter crew

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Advanced Member

United States
1,516 posts
Joined: Jun, 2004
Righteous9 has attended 2 events
Posted - 2010/02/12 :  19:46:30  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Righteous9's homepage  Reply with quote
H2BH! (1 & 3), I was a Raver (Junglist) turned Missionary, and was looking for something inspiring other than Gospel House, so I picked up H2bH 1 w/ the Smiley Faces and been addicted ever since... I left my Church because I wanted to Rave again! =)


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New Member

United States
61 posts
Joined: Oct, 2009
z121231211 has attended 2 events
Posted - 2010/02/21 :  04:08:42  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit z121231211's homepage  Reply with quote
A random youtube comment from around 2 years ago in a random video I was watching said "DJ Cotts is awesome" or something like that. Then I listened to DJ Cotts.

Though way before then my friend showed me Daft Punk's alive album and 1200 Micrograms and then after awhile I found REDALiCE and got his album 'Funny Princess.' I just went further into hardcore from there listening to different genres.

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Advanced Member

13,119 posts
Joined: Jul, 2004

195 hardcore releases
Samination has attended 17 events
Posted - 2011/07/31 :  16:35:52  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Samination's homepage  Reply with quote
I vote Internet, since I got into hardcore through piracy :(

Samination, Swedish Hardcore DJ
Happy, UK Hardcore, Freeform, Makina and Gabber

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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
5,000 posts
Joined: Apr, 2008
Posted - 2011/07/31 :  17:47:37  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit acidfluxxbass's homepage  Reply with quote
Always liked trance, and my taste for the melodic stuff meant that my favourite style got harder and faster. Eventually I found Hardcore through the commercial stuff available on Limewire in 2006. Tracks from the Clubland X-Treme series and Bonkers 13 were ones I remember very well. For instance: Darren Styles - Getting Better, Gammer - Unforgettable Hope (Cube::Hard Remix), D&G - X-Treme.

As I grew a real palette for the genre I become more involved and joined the community. Later on, I endeavored to produce, and have stuck at it for 3 years.

Aka Archefluxx

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Average Member

United States
237 posts
Joined: Apr, 2010
Posted - 2011/07/31 :  18:29:31  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit SpiritWolf's homepage  Reply with quote
Back in the days, I was into beatmania and I remember trying to get a seek peek at the new tracklist for the newest game. So I searched for kors k - Heaven Above on youtube and one of the related videos was the hixxy remix of Heavens Above. I instantly fell in love with that tune. Latter I found out it was part of bonkers 11, and i got a copy of it. I've never looked back. I also was experimenting with FL around that time and that's how I got producing. I guess that's my story lol.

Listen to my shitty rave music here:

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Advanced Member

2,677 posts
Joined: Jun, 2010
Warnman has attended 2 events
Posted - 2011/08/01 :  19:46:40  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Warnman's homepage  Reply with quote
Even as a small child I always prefered nice synthesiser melodies: Synthie-Pop, New Wave, Electro-Pop, House, Dance.
I heard Happy Hardcore for the first time at around 1993/1994, when it strongly influenced the normal Pop-music and was played regulary on radio stations. At around the same time my interest in Trance begun.
1995 - 1997 I had lived in the U. S. A. and was pretty much cut off of the gigantic change in the German music scenes. Only a couple of Germans, who came back from vacation brought new CDs. Back in Germany it was like a total shock to me that this genre (and Eurodance) nearly had died out. But the Trance-boom at those days kind of got my attention to other music quickly and the probably last Happy Hardcore song I listened to was back around 1999/2000. Trance died out in my area around that time as well, so I got into the influence of Dutch Trance by one of my sisters.
I searched for Happy Hardcore again in 2003, but there wasn't any webpage like Youtube back then and since 2005 I lost my interest in Trance, because I disliked its developement. My last Trance-CD I bought 2008.
Being musically homeless, I started to listen to the classics of the 90s and to do researches into this direction and with the help of Youtube, Ravine and Cotts (in this direction) I finally started to get my foot into the door to and the "modern" and especially British interpretation of this genre.

Ravers unite!

"Happy Hardcore: Love it... hate it... it's fun!" (Matt Stokes)

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Edited by - Warnman on 2011/08/01 19:48:42
DJ John Jarvis
New Member

United Kingdom
71 posts
Joined: Nov, 2011
Posted - 2011/12/13 :  13:13:52  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit DJ John Jarvis's homepage  Reply with quote
Styles & Breeze got me into hardcore when I heard You're Shining on one of the Clubland CDs. Although it was a few years later that I heard You're My Angel and that was definitely the tune that got me into hardcore. Even to this day they are two of my favourite tunes. Their stuff since has been good including styles' solo stuff but not even close to those classics. The production of the songs back then was less polished and there wasn't the same Nexus plugin sounds used over and over again and I kind of preferred that feel but I'm probably just being nostalgic.

Check my music out:

Email: [email protected]
Windows Live Messenger: [email protected]

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Breakbeat Jon
Average Member

United Kingdom
223 posts
Joined: Dec, 2011
Breakbeat Jon has attended 4 events
Posted - 2011/12/15 :  20:06:28  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Breakbeat Jon's homepage  Reply with quote
91, heard Charly on the radio. Saved up my paperround money to by Experience, and it blew me away. Unbelievably fast breakbeats (for the time!) sub-bass, cheeky reggae ska licks. Was into all the chart hardcore until my mates older brother copied a Rat-Pack tape for me and also Fantazias First Taste and Twice as Nice albums.
The other tape from period that stood out for me was Donavan Bad Boy Smith and MC Lenni at Obession, heard Living in Darkness and NRGs Need your loving for the first time.


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Advanced Member

1,436 posts
Joined: Aug, 2006
Jay-Owen has attended 7 events
Posted - 2019/08/27 :  01:15:41  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Jay-Owen's homepage  Reply with quote
Was introduced to it by my older brother as a nipper. Properly got into it around the age of 12. Fell in and out of love with it over the course of the following 13 years, though I'd say it's always had a place in my heart as my first musical love. Currently on a nostalgia trip listening to some old classics.

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