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 Digital Digest 08 (February 2012)
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Author Thread  

United Kingdom
12,150 posts
Joined: Nov, 2003
Triquatra is a site donation subscriber Triquatra has attended 26 events
Posted - 2013/02/10 :  12:31:06  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Triquatra's homepage View the linked resource
My my! It's a small one this month - all quiet on the hardcore front? Not quite, there have been a few tracks posted on the are some of them

Out Now:

Justice Hardcore *New Label*
Nobody Feat Hyperforce - Always Gonna Be This Way

Hardcore Lives
Electrux - Continuum (170 Mix)
Electrux - Full Circle (Firefly Remix)
Electrux - Higher (Pulse Remix)
Electrux - Illuminate (170 Mix)

CLSM - UK Champion
StrifeII - Your Salvation, Then

The Future Sound Of Hardcore
N-Sane & Scotty D Ft Bridson - Take Me Away

Stamina Records
Douglas - In My Mind
Douglas - Ice Cream

Trackmaster Music
Darts - Outlawed

Bassface Recordings
Defnoyz - Milk'd
Inspector Sands and Hattrixx - Did I Dream

Executive Records
Yorkshire Ripper - Belt Drive
Yorkshire Ripper - Flatline

Lucky Breaks Digital
AB and Skampy - Forever On My Mind
AB and Skampy - Old Skool VIP

In Your Head Records
Flawless Feat Zoe Van West - Hold Me In Your Heart
Gregor Le DahL Feat. Kimera - Dancing On A Sunbeam
React & Gisbo - Make Things Right (Original/Remixes)
Gisbo Feat. Stephanie - Show Me The Way

Current TID Top 10: (February)
01. DZine - Read All About It (Charity Single (Relentless Digital)
02. Uplift - Night Flight (Uplift and Pinnacle Remix) (Raw Elements)
03. Ganar and Cyber - The Power Of Love (Direct Hardcore Digital)
04. Klubfiller - Make It Right (Klubbed Up)
05. Keyes Vs Outforce - Shake It (Rattle) (Go Tell Yo Momma)
06. Stu Infinity - The Journey (Go Tell Yo Momma)
07. Flawless Feat Zoe Van West - Shine For You (Gisbo Mix) (In Your Head Records)
08. Technikore - Wonderwall (Supersonik)
09. Scar and Starkiss - Vicious Creatures (Scarred Digital)
10. Ben X-treme Vs V-star - Brighter Days (Go Tell Yo Momma)

Free Tracks
Fostbeat - We Will Prevail
Core-Station - Tactical Party Launcher
Core-Station - Cosmic Angel

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand of course there are those freebies that may not have made it in for the old bootleggy reasons and those along with any other tracks you think need a mention (but the artist didn't fancy promoting it in these forums) you can do so............................Now! :)

Forthcoming Tracks! - - FB/SC

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Edited by - Triquatra on 2013/02/10 12:33:44
Advanced Member

10,971 posts
Joined: Jul, 2004

195 hardcore releases
Samination has attended 14 events
Posted - 2013/02/10 :  14:03:06  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Samination's homepage
If I make some additions, here's a few tracks I was thinking of buying (out of the ones that came out last month)

Scarred Digital
Scar & Starkiss - Vicious Creatures

Notebook Records
RoughSketch feat. Aikapin - Face (Warning: Japanese singing gabber for those who hate).

Sinthetic Records
Dj Memonik - Tarsonis

Samination, Swedish Hardcore DJ
Happy, UK Hardcore, Freeform, Makina and Gabber

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