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Label Profile

Label releases (by date)
 I Cant Stop Thinking About You [FUS001] 
 [A] - [Midas] - I Cant Stop Thinking About You
 [B] - [Midas] - Rivers Of Belief
 We Need A Blue [FUS002] 
 [A] - [Greenpeace Release] - We Need A Blue
 [B] - [Greenpeace Release] - All Gone Soon
 Flying With The Rhythm [FUS003] 
 [A] - [Sunset Regime] - Flying With The Rhythm (Remix) 
 [B] - [Sunset Regime] - Cybertronic
 Take It From The Groove [FUS004] 
 [A] - [Midas] - Take It From The Groove (Billy Bunter Remix)
 [B] - [Midas] - Never Give Up
 Cheddar 4 [FUS005] 
 [A] - [anonymous] - Cheddar 4
 Imperial March Remix [FUS006] 
 [A] - [Unknown, Sy] - Imperial March Remix
 [B] - [Unknown, Ikon, Sy] - Woo Woo Wanting U
 Dawn Of A New Era [FUS007] 
 [A] - [Stompy, DJ] - Dawn Of A New Era
 [B] - [Stompy, DJ] - Mind, Body & Soul
 Hold Me Now [FUS008] 
 [A] - [Midas, Fade] - Hold Me Now
 [B] - [Midas, Fade] - Fly Forever
 I Believe [FUS009] 
 [A] - [Stompy, DJ] - I Believe
 [B] - [Stompy, DJ] - I Better Let You Know
 Love Inside [FUS010] 
 [A] - [Supreme, UFO] - Love Inside
 Divine Inspiration [FUS011] 
 [A] - [Slam, DJ] - Divine Inspiration
 [B] - [Slam, DJ] - My Life
 Smiling Eyes [FUS012] 
 [A] - [Stompy, DJ] - Smiling Eyes
 [B] - [Stompy, DJ] - All I See Is You And Me
 All You Need (Is An Angel) [FUS013] 
 [A] - [Edy C, DJ] - All You Need (Is An Angel)
 [B] - [Edy C, DJ] - Take It Easy
 Dance Your Life Away [FUS014] 
 [A] - [Stompy, DJ] - Dance Your Life Away
 [B] - [Stompy, DJ] - Magic Moments
 Dreamin [FUS015] 
 [A] - [Slam, DJ] - Dreamin
 [B] - [Slam, DJ] - Visions Of Paradise
 Hardcore Music [FUS016] 
 [A] - [Edy C, DJ] - Hardcore Music
 [B] - [Edy C, DJ] - Digital Fusion
 Obsession [FUS017] 
 [A] - [Edy C, DJ, Sensation] - Obsession
 [B] - [Edy C, DJ, Sensation] - Dreamlover
 All Alone [FUS18] 
 [A] - [Marley, UFO] - All Alone
 [AA] - [Marley, UFO] - Brainstorm
 Always in my dreams [FUS019] 
 [A] - [Supreme, UFO] - Always in my dreams
 [B] - [Supreme, UFO] - Flying scotsman
 Always On My Mind [FUS020] 
 [A] - [Hardcore, DJ] - Always On My Mind
 [B] - [Hardcore, DJ] - I Kiss Your Lips
 True Love [FUS021] 
 [A] - [Fire, Mystic] - True Love (Sy & Unknown Remix)
 [B] - [Mystic, Fire] - Pure Love (Sy & Unknown Remix)
 Meadowland [FUS022] 
 [A] - [Dreamtripper] - Meadowland (DJ Dream Tripper Remix)
 [B] - [Dreamtripper] - Meadowland (DJ Unknown Remix)
Label Name:  Fusion
Date added:   2001/10/23
Last updated:   2001/10/23

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