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Label Profile

Label releases (by date)
 Betta Run [GBT1] 
 [A] - [G.B.T.] - Betta Run
 [B] - [G.B.T.] - Sky Ride
 Burn Mutha Fucka [GBT2] 
 [A] - [G.B.T.] - Burn Mutha Fucka
 [B] - [G.B.T.] - Movement
 Don't Try To Hide [GBT3] 
 [A] - [Bang the future] - Don't Try To Hide
 [B] - [Bang the future] - Atomic Lullaby
 Sing It [GBT4] 
 [A] - [Fury, D-Zyne] - Sing It
 [B] - [D-Zyne, Fury] - Psycho Sledge Hammer Revisited
 Dreamworld [GBT5] 
 [A] - [Fade, X-cess, G-netic] - Dreamworld
 [B] - [X-cess, Fade, G-netic] - Party Animal
 Betterday [GBT6] 
 [A] - [Billy 'D' Bunter, D-Zyne, Rob Vanden] - Betterday (Billy 'D' Bunter & D-Zyne mix)
 [B] - [Billy 'D' Bunter, Rob Vanden, D-Zyne] - Betterday (Rob Vanden Mix)
 Earthquake [GBT7] 
 [A] - [Phobia, DJ] - Earthquake
 [B] - [Phobia, DJ] - Let It Flow
 Knowledge Is The Key [GBT8] 
 [A] - [Billy 'D' Bunter, D-Zyne, Devotion, Synergy] - Knowledge Is The Key
 [B] - [Synergy, D-Zyne, Billy 'D' Bunter, Devotion] - Wildside
 On My Own Tip [GBT9] 
 [A] - [Tripswitch] - On My Own Tip
 [B] - [Tripswitch] - Dizstruxion
 Lock For The Truth [GBT10] 
 [A] - [Future Collective] - Lock For The Truth
 [B] - [Future Collective] - I Can't Stop Feeling
 Droppin' Bombs [GBT11] 
 [A] - [Fury] - Droppin' Bombs
 [B] - [X-cess] - Blow Your Mind
 Body Slam [GBT12] 
 [A] - [Bang the future] - Body Slam
 [B] - [Bang the future] - Deal With The Pain
 Call Of The Last Tribe [GBT13] 
 [A] - [Trance Masters] - Call Of The Last Tribe
 [B] - [Trance Masters] - Acid Sunshine
 Burn Mutha Fucka [GBT14] 
 [A] - [Ramos, Supreme, UFO] - Burn Mutha Fucka (Remix)
 [B] - [Ramos, Supreme, UFO] - Terminator
 Just Havin A Laugh [GBT15] 
 [A] - [Hyde, Mr., Knight, MC] - Just Havin A Laugh
 Resin-8 [GBT16] 
 [A] - [UFO, Stu-J] - Resin-8
 [B] - [UFO, Stu-J] - Word Up!
 In My Mind [GBT17] 
 [A] - [Tailbone] - In My Mind
 [B] - [Tailbone] - Welcome To My Mind
 Stargate [GBT18] 
 [A] - [Bang the future, Dave Clarke] - Stargate
 Ease Your Mind [GBT19] 
 [A] - [Billy 'D' Bunter, Sunset Regime] - Ease Your Mind
 [B] - [Sunset Regime, Billy 'D' Bunter] - Progression
 A Tardis To Brooklyn [GBT20] 
 [A] - [Bang the future] - A Tardis To Brooklyn
 [B] - [Bang the future] - Retro
 Beginning Of A New Era [GBT21] 
 [A] - [Tailbone] - Beginning Of A New Era(Billy Bunter & D Zyne Mix)
 Connect Your Step [GBT22] 
 [A] - [Billy 'D' Bunter, Sy] - Connect Your Step
 [B] - [Billy 'D' Bunter, Sy] - Cybertron
 Voodoo [GBT23] 
 [A] - [Sy, Unknown] - Voodoo
 [B] - [Unknown, Sy] - Moments In Time '97
 Gates Of Oblivion [GBT24] 
 [A] - [Rob Vanden] - Gates Of Oblivion
 [B] - [Rob Vanden] - Beyond The Gates
 Der Sturm [GBT25] 
 [A] - [Nic, Miss, Swoon, DJ] - Der Sturm
 [B] - [Nic, Miss, Swoon, DJ] - Voices
 Tic Tac [GBT26] 
 [A] - [Tripswitch] - Tic Tac
 [B] - [Tripswitch] - Ram Raider
 Betterday '97 [GBT27] 
 [A] - [G.B.T.] - Betterday '97
 [B] - [Future Collective] - Look For The Truth (Remix)
 Friction [GBT28] 
 [A] - [Hyde, Mr., Smiffy] - Friction
 [B] - [Hyde, Mr., Smiffy] - Oxidiser
 Rolling Thunder [GBT29] 
 [A] - [Vinyl Junkie, Elation] - Rolling Thunder
 [B] - [Elation, Vinyl Junkie] - Breakthru
Label Name:  G.B.T.
Date added:   2001/10/23
Last updated:   2003/09/22

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