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Label Profile
 New Essential Platinum

Label releases (by date)
 New Essential Platinum
 Get into Love [NEP1] 
 [A] - [Antisocial] - Get into Love
 [B] - [Antisocial] - Whistle
 Got To Go [NEP2] 
 [A] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Got To Go
 [B] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Feels Good
 My Way [NEP3] 
 [A] - [Antisocial] - My Way
 [B] - [Antisocial] - 24:7
 Elevation [NEP4] 
 [A] - [DNA, DJ, Swift, Freefall] - Elevation
 [B] - [DNA, DJ, Swift, Freefall] - Party Groove
 Is This Love? [NEP5] 
 [A] - [Metropolis] - Is This Love?
 [B] - [Metropolis] - Liquid Nights
 Wings of Love [NEP6] 
 [A] - [Dream, Ell, DJ] - Wings of Love (Dougal's Version)
 [B] - [Ell, DJ, Dream] - Wings of Love
 Living The Dream [NEP7] 
 [A] - [Evolve] - Living The Dream
 [B] - [Evolve] - Sugar 'N' Spice
 Follow Me [NEP8] 
 [A] - [Stompy, DJ] - Follow Me
 [B] - [Stompy, DJ] - I Believe (DJ Stompy Remix)
 Galaxy [NEP9] 
 [A] - [Daydream] - Galaxy
 [B] - [Daydream] - Own kind of music
 Heart Is Jumping [NEP10] 
 [A] - [Midas, Illogik, DNA, DJ] - Heart Is Jumping (Remix)
 [B] - [Midas, Illogik, DNA, DJ] - Going All The Way
 The Quickening [NEP11] 
 [A] - [Bananaman, Blitz] - The Quickening
 [B] - [Bananaman, Blitz] - Pure Bliss
 Heart Is Jumping [NEP12] 
 [A] - [Midas, E-logic, DNA, DJ] - Heart Is Jumping (DNA Remix)
 [B] - [Midas, E-logic, DNA, DJ] - Going All The Way
 Complete Perfection [NEP14] 
 [A] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Complete Perfection
 [B] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Never Forget Me
 Fairytale [NEP15] 
 [A] - [O.M.G.] - Fairytale
 [B1] - [O.M.G.] - The One
 [B2] - [O.M.G.] - Fairytale II
 Tranquility [NEP16] 
 [A] - [Dougal, DNA, DJ] - Tranquility
 [B] - [Dougal, DNA, DJ] - Steam Train (Vinylgroover & DNA, DJ remix)
 The One [NEP17] 
 [A] - [O.M.G.] - The One
 [B] - [O.M.G.] - Different Outlooks
 What a Ride [NEP18] 
 [A] - [DNA, DJ, Datcha] - What a Ride
 [B] - [Datcha, DNA, DJ] - Dubstar
 Better Days [NEP19] 
 [A] - [Devil Licious] - Better Days
 [B] - [Devil Licious] - By My Side
 Sweet Thing [NEP20] 
 [A] - [Projek, The] - Sweet Thing
 [B] - [Projek, The] - Starlight
 Life is Like a Dance [NEP22] 
 [A] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Life is Like a Dance (Dougal & Mickey Skeedale remix)
 [B] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Life Is Like A Dance (Storm, DJ remix)
 You Make Me Free [NEP24] 
 [A] - [Innovate] - You Make Me Free
 [B] - [Innovate] - Talking About Love
 Dont You Realize [NEP26] 
 [A] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Dont You Realize
 [B] - [Mickey Skeedale, Dougal] - Words of Wisdom
 Innovate Anthem [NEP28] 
 [A] - [Innovate] - Innovate Anthem
 [B] - [Innovate] - Stop me
 Fireworks [NEP30] 
 [A] - [Force, Styles] - Fireworks (Storm, DJ remix)
 [B] - [Dougal] - Sky High (Storm, DJ remix)
 The Sitar [NEP32] 
 [A] - [Dougal, Tkm] - The Sitar
 [B] - [Tkm, Dougal] - The Chant
 TKM [NEP34] 
 [A] - [Tkm] - TKM
 Invincible [NEP36] 
 [A] - [Innovate, Dougal] - Invincible
 [B] - [Innovate, Dougal] - Shelter From A Dream
Label Name:  New Essential Platinum
Date added:   2001/10/23
Last updated:   2001/06/04

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