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Release item details
 Essential Happy Hardcore

 Label logo   Release item artwork 


 Release item infomation
 Item release format:  CD - compilation
 Ownership:  0.2% - (1/558)
 Want:  0.2% - (1/558)
 Release item tracks
   Logic Records
   Essential Happy Hardcore [LC7502]
   [CD1-1] - [O.M.G.] - Fairytale
   [CD1-2] - [Flyin', DJ, Stompy, DJ] - Come Follow Me
   [CD1-3] - [Metropolis] - Is This Love
   [CD1-4] - [Force, Styles] - Follow Me
   [CD1-5] - [Unknown, Sy] - Scratchin feat Storm, MC
   [CD1-6] - [Brisk, Ham] - On & On (Slipmatt Remix)
   [CD1-7] - [Demo, DJ, Sy] - Sensation
   [CD1-8] - [Slippery Project, The] - Jump Around (Remix)
   [CD1-9] - [Vinylgroover] - Virtual Dreams
   [CD1-10] - [Nakatomi] - Children Of The Night
   [CD1-11] - [Innovate, Dougal] - It's Out There
   [CD1-12] - [Happy Rollers] - Muzik
   [CD1-13] - [Bang!] - Sail Away
   [CD1-14] - [Trixxy, Brisk] - True Desire
   [CD1-15] - [Sy, Unknown] - Distant Love
   [CD1-16] - [Q-Tex] - Power Of Love (Italian Rave Remix)
   [CD1-17] - [Bang!] - Shooting Star
   [CD1-18] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Re-Create Creation
   [CD1-19] - [Hyperaktive] - Funky Ass Beats
   [CD1-20] - [Bananaman, Hixxy] - Together Forever
   [CD2-1] - [Italian Fun Gabbas] - Dreams Of Reality feat Venere
   [CD2-2] - [Happy Ninjas] - Happy Ninjas Theme (Rave Busterz Remix)
   [CD2-3] - [Olly Magic, Kerem, DJ] - Bass Rave-O-Lution
   [CD2-4] - [Kerem, DJ, Basements Kidz] - Pure Nektar
   [CD2-5] - [Scott Ramirez] - Mi Casa Tu Casa (Italian Fun Gabbas Remix)
   [CD2-6] - [Hardcore Junkies] - MF Breakbeat
   [CD2-7] - [Maximum Noise] - Our Fantasy
   [CD2-8] - [Killaface, DJ, Olly Magic] - Hardcore City
   [CD2-9] - [Maximum Noise] - Can't You Understand feat Hye Yong Lee
   [CD2-10] - [Rave B] - Go
   [CD2-11] - [Necromancer] - Leila
   [CD2-12] - [Rave B] - Alien Lullaby (Badadadam) (Live Version)
   [CD2-13] - [Juno Bros] - Bo-City
   [CD2-14] - [Fortrezz] - From Dusk Till Dawn
   [CD2-15] - [Rotterdam Hooligans] - Liberea Tute Ex Inferis
   [CD2-16] - [Surf Kid, Miss Denna] - Hardcore Lady
   [CD2-17] - [Massi, DJ, Party Phenomenon, The] - Fly Away
   [CD2-18] - [Party Phenomenon, The, Massi, DJ] - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
   [CD2-19] - [Body Language] - Motor City Detroit
   [CD2-20] - [Kerem, DJ, John Doe] - Ecstacy Party (Massi, DJ Remix)

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