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Release item details
 The Sound Of Happycore (Volume 3)

 Label logo   Release item artwork 


 Release item infomation
 Item Release date:  1998/01/01
 Item release format:  CD - compilation
 Ownership:  0% - (0/557)
 Want:  0% - (0/557)
 Release item tracks
   Rumour Records
   The Sound Of Happycore (Volume 3) [CDRAID540]
   [1.01] - [Tiny Tot] - Discoland (Dreadland remix)
   [1.02] - [Scott Brown] - Heaven's Gate
   [1.03] - [Vinylgroover] - Voices Of Tomorrow
   [1.04] - [Rapido] - Insomniak
   [1.05] - [Digital Manouvers] - Hyperspace
   [1.06] - [Dougal, DNA, DJ] - Tranquility
   [1.07] - [Triple J] - Have It All
   [1.08] - [Bang!] - Shooting Star
   [1.09] - [Demo, DJ, Ham, Justin Time] - Here I Am
   [1.10] - [Sy, Demo, DJ] - Devotion (The Remix)
   [1.11] - [Demo, DJ, Mickey Skeedale] - Million Miles
   [1.12] - [Slam, DJ] - Till We Meet Again
   [2.01] - [Scott Brown] - Heaven's Gate
   [2.02] - [Vinylgroover] - Voices Of Tomorrow
   [2.03] - [Digital Manouvers] - Hyperspace
   [2.04] - [Rapido] - Insomniak
   [2.05] - [Demo, DJ, Ham, Justin Time] - Here I Am
   [2.06] - [Triple J] - Have It All
   [2.07] - [Tiny Tot] - Discoland (Dreadland remix)
   [2.08] - [Dougal, DNA, DJ] - Tranquility
   [2.09] - [Sy, Demo, DJ] - Devotion (The Remix)
   [2.10] - [Demo, DJ, Mickey Skeedale] - Million Miles
   [2.11] - [Slam, DJ] - Till We Meet Again
   [2.12] - [Bang!] - Shooting Star

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