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Release item details
 Hardcore Nation: Next Generation

 Label logo   Release item artwork 


 Release item infomation
 Item Release date:  2008/06/02
 Item release format:  CD - compilation
 Ownership:  0.2% - (1/558)
 Want:  0.0% - (0/558)
 Release item tracks
   Hardcore Nation: Next Generation [NUK0949C]
   [1.01] - [Kurt, DJ] - World Domination (Exclusive Mix)
   [1.02] - [Kurt, DJ] - Electron
   [1.03] - [Kurt, DJ] - Don't Hold Ya Breath (Lethal, MC vocal mix)
   [1.04] - [Joey Riot] - Holdin' On
   [1.05] - [Joey Riot, Cat Knight] - Only You
   [1.06] - [Joey Riot, Kelly C] - The Power Within
   [1.07] - [Heaven-7, Al Storm] - You're The Feelin' (Exclusive HN Mix)
   [1.08] - [Al Storm] - Clappin' Your Hands
   [1.09] - [Al Storm, Ali] - Swept Away
   [1.10] - [Impact, Orbit1, Lisa Abbott] - I Still Believe
   [1.11] - [Alistair Storm] - World Of Darkness
   [1.12] - [Al Storm] - Drive Me Crazy
   [1.13] - [Ruboy, DJ, Tampo, K-rlos] - La NiƱa Mechanica
   [1.14] - [Organ Donors] - Blackout (Deejaybee & Diverse remix)
   [1.15] - [Al Twisted, JFX, DJ, Vicky Fee] - Turn It Up
   [1.16] - [Al Twisted, JFX, DJ] - Underground Supply
   [1.17] - [Kurt, DJ] - Straight From The Underground
   [1.18] - [Al Twisted, Rob Da Rhythm] - Beat On The Drumz (2008 Reconfiguration)
   [2.01] - [Fracus, Donna] - See If I Care
   [2.02] - [Marc Smith] - Can You Feel It (Exclusive Hardcore Nation Edit)
   [2.03] - [Chaos] - Perfection
   [2.04] - [Cube::Hard] - Smoke Signals
   [2.05] - [Deeper Territory] - Calm Me Down
   [2.06] - [SMS] - Another Night (Breakz Edit)
   [2.07] - [Fracus, Orbit1, Lisa Abbott] - In Your Arms (Orbit1 2008 remix)
   [2.08] - [Phenex, Le Kat] - So Naieve
   [2.09] - [In Effect, Darwin, Fraz] - Don't Say Goodbye
   [2.10] - [Cynix, Kelly C] - Hold On Tight (Reese remix)
   [2.11] - [JAKAZiD] - Give Love A Chance
   [2.12] - [Brain Blessed, Kelly Southall] - Epiphany (Ponder remix)
   [2.13] - [Shanty, Tazz, Devastate] - DDR (AMS remix)
   [2.14] - [Chwhynny, Darwin] - Nothing There
   [2.15] - [Nu Foundation] - Want Your Love
   [2.16] - [JAKAZiD, Andy L] - Mystify Me
   [2.17] - [Fracus, Mozz, Vicky Fee] - Hold On To Me (Fracus remix)
   [2.18] - [Darwin, Toni Leo] - Come On Out

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