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 Artist Profile: Stargazer

Artist discography
 Bonkers X [REACTCD231]
 [CD1-13] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Breeze & Styles Remix)
 Hardcore Til I Die [REACTCD247]
 [CD1-9] - [Hixxy] - Only Time (Stargazer & Uplift remix)
 Elation Recordings
 They're Coming [ELAT002]
 [B] - [Stargazer] - Released
 Ultimate High [ELAT004]
 [A] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High
 Elation (The Remix EP) [ELAT006]
 [A] - [Stargazer] - Released (CLSM Remix) 
 The David Complex [ELATCD001]
 [13] - [Stargazer] - Released (CLSM remix)
 [16] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High
 Phase 4 records
 Home [PHASE001]
 [A] - [Stargazer, Stormtrooper] - Home
 [AA] - [Stargazer, Stormtrooper] - Dimension
 Paradise [PHASE002]
 [A] - [Stargazer, Ruffage] - Paradise
 [AA] - [Stargazer, Ruffage] - Progress
 Rebirth [PHASE003]
 [A] - [Stargazer] - Rebirth
 Ultraviolence [PHASE004]
 [AA] - [Invader, Stargazer] - Neurotic
 Original Hardcore [INSPCD24]
 [CD2-22] - [Stargazer] - Released (CLSM Remix)
 Original Hardcore 2 - The Battle [INSPCD26]
 [CD2-13] - [Uplift, Stargazer] - Statik
 Hardcore Material [CLSMGCCDLP1]
 [11] - [Stargazer] - Released (CLSM remix)
 Raw Elements
 Statik [ELEM005]
 [A] - [Uplift, Stargazer] - Statik
 [AA] - [Stargazer, Uplift] - Revelations
 Altered State [ELEM006]
 [A] - [Uplift, Stargazer, Cloudskipper, Reese] - Altered State
 [AA] - [Stargazer, Cloudskipper, Uplift, Reese] - Substance
 Statik (Remix) [ELEM012]
 [A] - [Uplift, Stargazer] - Statik (Gammer Remix)
 [AA] - [Uplift, Stargazer] - Breakthru
 Only Time [ELEM016]
 [A] - [Hixxy] - Only Time (Uplift & Stargazer remix)
 Hardcore Heaven CD series
 Hardcore Heaven 2: Reloaded [HHCD002]
 [CD1-12] - [Uplift, Lukozade, Cris.E.Manic] - Undefined (Stargazer remix)
 [CD2-13] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate high (Breeze & Styles Remix)
 Inner Vision
 Free Your Mind [INVR001]
 [B] - [Invader, Stargazer] - Alter Ego
 Decadance Recordings
 The Ultimate Happy Hardcore Album [DECSIX010]
 [CD1-4] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Breeze & Styles remix)
 Hardcore [DECSIX013]
 [CD2-3] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Exclusive Pumped Album Mix)
 Underground Recordings
 Ultimate High Remixes [UDGR004]
 [A] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Spinback, Storm, DJ & Euphony Remix)
 [AA] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Breeze & Styles remix)
 Relentless Vinyl
 Beyond Control [RLNT007]
 [THIS SIDE] - [Skampy, Mayhem, Stargazer] - Exterminize
 The Great Escape [KFX004]
 [A] - [Cloudskipper, Reese, Stargazer] - The Great Escape
 Central Station Records
 Ultimate Hard Nrg & Hardcore [CSRCD5200]
 [CD1-8] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Breeze & Styles Rmx)
 Coriolis Effect Records
 Everest [COEF01]
 [B2] - [Rushout, Stargazer] - Together
 Happy Hardcore vol. 3 [SLAMMHHC003]
 [CD1-15] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Storm, DJ, Euphony & Spinback Remix)
 [CD2-6] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Breeze & Styles Remix)
 Majestic Recordings Inc.
 This is Noize 2 [MRI-137]
 [8] - [Stargazer] - Ultimate High (Storm, DJ, Spinback & Euphony Remix)
Artist Name:  Stargazer
Real name:     
Email address:   
Official artist URL:   
Date added:   2002/07/25
Last updated:   2002/07/25

Upcoming Events featuring Stargazer: 

Past Events featuring Stargazer: 
Event location: Indiana, United States Eclipse
May 26th, 2007 - Indiana, United States
Event location: England, United Kingdom Total Bedlam
September 2nd, 2005 - England, United Kingdom
Event location: California, United States Overload 3
October 10th, 2003 - California, United States
 The Street
December 31st, 2002 - United Kingdom
Event location: England, United Kingdom Elation
December 14th, 2002 - England, United Kingdom

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