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 Artist Profile: Alek Szahala

Artist discography
 Krafty Recordings
 Hardcore Underground [HUCD01]
 [3.18] - [Alek Szahala] - Dryad Machine
 Nu Energy
 Lumi [NUNRG051]
 [A] - [Alek Szahala] - Lumi (Kevin Energy remix)
 [AA] - [Alek Szahala] - Lumi (Original Mix)
 Alanamra [NUNRG065]
 [A] - [Alek Szahala] - Alanamra (Original Mix)
 [B] - [Alek Szahala] - Alanamra (Arkitech's product of Finland remix)
 Inside [ETRIC013]
 [B] - [Alek Szahala] - Superstition 
 New Breed EP [ETRIC016]
 [C] - [Alek Szahala] - Comet Catcher
 [D] - [Alek Szahala] - Tlaloc
 Camel Records
 Caballo [CAM006]
 [CAMEL] - [Alek Szahala] - Caballo
 Chimaera [CAM009]
 [CAMEL] - [Alek Szahala] - Chimaera
 Bonkers 17: Rebooted [RESISTCD110]
 [2-07] - [Alek Szahala] - Alanamra (Arkitech remix)
 Slammin' Vinyl presents Hardcore Heaven [RESISTCD46]
 [CD3-15] - [Alek Szahala] - Lumi
 Hardcore Heaven Vol. 2 [RESISTCD52]
 [3.13] - [Alek Szahala] - Lumi (Kevin Energy remix)
 Hardcore Heaven 4 [RESISTCD80]
 [2-13] - [Alek Szahala] - Alanamra
 Finrg Hard
 Man Eaten [FINRGHARD1]
 [A] - [Alek Szahala] - Man Eaten
 [B] - [Alek Szahala] - Invitation
 Timiquizqueh [EPLATE002]
 [A] - [Alek Szahala] - Timiquizqueh
 Tigris [EPLATE003]
 [A] - [Alek Szahala] - Tigris
 Unicorn Grove [EPLATE004]
 [A] - [Alek Szahala] - Unicorn Grove
 Hardcore Underground 2 [OFCD001]
 [3.08] - [Alek Szahala] - Alanamra (Arkitech remix)
Artist Name:  Alek Szahala
Real name:     
Country:  Finland
Email address:   
Official artist URL:  Alek Szahala official web site
Date added:   2003/10/25
Last updated:   2005/02/23

Upcoming Events featuring Alek Szahala: 

Past Events featuring Alek Szahala: 
Event location: England, United Kingdom I Love Hard Beats 4th Birthday
February 5th, 2016 - England, United Kingdom
 Future Energy Festival Tampere
August 14th, 2015 - Uusimaa, Finland
Event location: England, United Kingdom Sinistry pres Mad House
March 22nd, 2014 - England, United Kingdom
 Konemetsa OA
July 11th, 2008 - Uusimaa, Finland
Event location: Tokyo-to, Japan NRGetic Romancer
February 16th, 2008 - Tokyo-to, Japan
Event location: New South Wales, Australia Utopia - United - 11th Birthday
July 1st, 2006 - New South Wales, Australia
September 9th, 2005 - Turku ja Pori, Finland
Event location: South Australia, Australia Kryptonite
July 9th, 2005 - South Australia, Australia
Event location: New South Wales, Australia Godspeed Darkside
July 2nd, 2005 - New South Wales, Australia
Event location: New South Wales, Australia Mayhem 2005
June 26th, 2005 - New South Wales, Australia
 Fury no bunny ears
March 19th, 2005 - Hame, Finland

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