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Release item details
 Slammin' Vinyl presents Hardcore Heaven

 Label logo   Release item artwork 


 Release item infomation
 Item Release date:  2005/02/21
 Item release format:  CD - compilation
 Ownership:  3.8% - (21/558)
 Want:  0.0% - (0/558)
 Release item tracks
   Slammin' Vinyl presents Hardcore Heaven [RESISTCD46]
   [CD1-1] - [S1, Asa] - Makin' Me Wanna Dance (VIP Mix) feat Lou Lou
   [CD1-2] - [CLSM] - Drifting Away (VIP Mix) feat Stefan B
   [CD1-3] - [Unknown, Sy] - Out Of Your Mind
   [CD1-4] - [Scott Brown] - Bassline Of The Century
   [CD1-5] - [Sy, Unknown] - Dance With Me
   [CD1-6] - [Robbo] - Raise Your Hands
   [CD1-7] - [Dan Rolla J, Gavin G] - Hold You Tight 2005 feat J Malone
   [CD1-8] - [Sy, Unknown] - Make It Bounce
   [CD1-9] - [Seduction, DJ] - Slammin N' Jammin
   [CD1-10] - [Seduction, DJ, Gammer] - Put Ya Hands Up
   [CD1-11] - [Dougal, Mickey Skeedale] - Really Love You (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
   [CD1-12] - [Mozz, Dan Rolla J, Himbo, Gavin G] - Bad Boy Beats (Sy & Unknown Remix) feat Sten
   [CD1-13] - [Unknown, Sy] - Sounds Of The Underground
   [CD1-14] - [Gammer] - Let It Go
   [CD1-15] - [Sy, Unknown] - Psycopath
   [CD1-16] - [Fracus, Gavin G] - Open Your Eyes To Love (Sy & Unknown Remix) feat Lisa Abbott
   [CD1-17] - [Sy, Unknown] - I Feel On Fire
   [CD1-18] - [Chwhynny] - I Am
   [CD2-1] - [Brisk, Wotsee, MC] - Intro
   [CD2-2] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Believe
   [CD2-3] - [Ham, Demo, DJ, Justin Time] - Here I Am (Ham's 2005 Remix)
   [CD2-4] - [Ham] - Hardcore Velocity
   [CD2-5] - [Brisk] - Airhead (Brisk & Vagabond Remix)
   [CD2-6] - [Vagabond, Brisk] - The Time Has Come
   [CD2-7] - [Ham, Brisk] - Crazy Love (Vagabond Remix)
   [CD2-8] - [Scott Brown] - I'll Be Yours
   [CD2-9] - [Scott Brown, DMO] - Just Walk Away
   [CD2-10] - [Brisk, Ham] - In Your Life
   [CD2-11] - [Euphoria] - Drunk With Love feat Casper, MC
   [CD2-12] - [Euphoria] - Enter The Void
   [CD2-13] - [Stormtrooper, Robbie Long] - Dopest DJ
   [CD2-14] - [Vagabond] - Dancefloor Innovators
   [CD2-15] - [Scott Brown] - Neckbreaker (Nustyle Mix)
   [CD2-16] - [Vagabond, Brisk] - Punchdrunk
   [CD2-17] - [Dreadhed] - Dancefloor Tremor
   [CD3-1] - [Yoshi, K-Complex] - Fly With The Beat (K-Complex Hardcore Mix)
   [CD3-2] - [Phosphor] - Booty Calls
   [CD3-3] - [Dancelords] - Promises
   [CD3-4] - [Kevin Energy] - Crescendo's Of Ecstasy (K-Complex Remix)
   [CD3-5] - [Expression] - Shelter Me
   [CD3-6] - [Joey Riot] - Born Hardcore
   [CD3-7] - [Styles, Breeze] - Chemical Love (Sharkey & Kevin Energy Remix)
   [CD3-8] - [Lost Soul] - Speak Your Mind
   [CD3-9] - [Spiffeh] - Hardcore Thrust
   [CD3-10] - [S1, Asa] - Trance Overload
   [CD3-11] - [Concept, Tazz] - Planet Of Dreams (Kevin Energy & AMS Remix)
   [CD3-12] - [Stormtrooper, AMS] - Freestyle
   [CD3-13] - [Lost Soul] - Too Strong
   [CD3-14] - [Ephexis] - Epic
   [CD3-15] - [Alek Szahala] - Lumi
   [CD3-16] - [AMS, Kevin Energy] - The White Stuff
   [CD3-17] - [Phosphor, S4] - Hell Bound (Tazz Remix)
   [CD3-18] - [Fury, Helix] - Y Not (CLSM Remix)
   [CD3-19] - [AC Slater] - 27 Hits
   [CD3-20] - [Nomic, Pain On Creation] - Make Me Real
   [CD3-21] - [AMS] - Hard Bass
   [CD3-22] - [Robbie Long, Stormtrooper] - Power Of Darkness
   [CD3-23] - [Kevin Energy] - Hypnotizing Terravising (Tazz & Shanty Remix)

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