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 Artist Profile: Hujib

Artist discography
 Next Generation
 Partycrasher [NG033]
 [A] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Partycrasher
 [AA] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Lost Our Minds
 The One [NG036]
 [A] - [Frisky, Hujib] - The One 
 [AA] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Drop Da Bomb 
 Believe [NG048]
 [A] - [Hujib, Frisky] - Believe (Breeze & Styles Mix)
 [B] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Believe
 The One [NG057]
 [A] - [Frisky, Hujib] - The One (Re-Con remix)
 [AA] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Shake
 Get Away [NG068]
 [A] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Get Away (Gammer remix)
 [AA] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Get Away
 Blatant Beats
 Love Me Forever [BB038]
 [A] - [Hujib, Frisky] - Love Me Forever 
 [AA] - [Hujib, Frisky] - Never Stop 
 You Better Run [BB047]
 [A] - [Frisky, Hujib] - You Better Run (Vagabond Remix)
 [B] - [Hujib, Frisky] - You Better Run (Original Mix)
 Cast A Spell [BB53]
 [A] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Cast A Spell
 [AA] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Ruff Rugged & Raw
 ATM recordings
 Leave me Waiting [ATM002]
 [B] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Leave Me Waiting 
 Rumour Records
 Hardcore Tsunami 2 [CDRAID565]
 [CD1-12] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Love Me Forever
 Decadance Recordings
 Hardcore [DECSIX013]
 [CD4-4] - [Ad Man, Demo, DJ] - Pleasure & Pain (Frisky & Hujib Duet remix)
 RFU Recordingz
 Pleasure & Pain [RFU005]
 [A] - [Demo, DJ, Ad Man] - Pleasure & Pain feat Dave Jay (Frisky & Hujib Remix feat Michelle Hearting)
 Into My Dream (Remix) [RFU007]
 [A] - [Lagoona] - Into My Dream (Frisky & Hujib remix)
 Central Station Records
 Ultimate Hard Nrg & Hardcore [CSRCD5200]
 [CD3-3] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Never Stop
 [CD3-5] - [Demo, DJ, Ad Man] - Pleasure & Pain (Frisky & Hujib Rmx)
 [CD3-9] - [Hujib, Frisky] - Love Me Forever
 Bonkers 17: Rebooted [RESISTCD110]
 [3-14] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Get Away (Gammer remix)
 Slammin' Vinyl presents Hardcore Heaven [RESISTCD46]
 [CD2-2] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Believe
 Bonkers 14: Hardcore Strikes Back [RESISTCD49]
 [CD1-9] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Believe (Styles & Breeze Remix)
 Hardcore Heaven Vol. 2 [RESISTCD52]
 [2.04] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Shake
 [2.09] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Ruff, Rugged & Raw
 The Collection v.3: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music [RESISTCD56]
 [1-05] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Believe (Breeze & Styles remix)
 [2-06] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Ruff, Rugged & Raw
 Next Generation CD
 The Collection v.2 [NGCD2]
 [CD1-7] - [Hujib, Frisky] - I'll Never Stop
 [CD1-11] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Love Me Forever
 [CD1-13] - [Hujib, Frisky] - Party Crasher
 [CD1-15] - [Frisky, Hujib] - You Better Run
 [CD2-7] - [Hujib, Frisky] - Drop Da Bomb
 RFU Limited
 To The Moon [RFULTD002]
 [B] - [Hujib, Frisky] - Nightmarez
 Gut TV
 True Hardcore: It's A Way Of Life [GTVCD17]
 [2-03] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Get Away (Gammer remix)
 Lethal Theory
 Twilight Zone [LTR002]
 [B1] - [Gavin G, Sytronik, Lisa Abbott] - Sorry (Hujib's Lethal Bounce Mix)
 Dusk Till Dawn
 Obsession [DTD006]
 [B] - [Sean Apollo, Fraud, Ionosphere] - Obsession (Hujib remix)
 Ministry of Sound
 Hardcore Euphoria [ EUPCD19]
 [3-09] - [Hujib] - Over & Over
 Hardcore Underground 2 [OFCD001]
 [1.10] - [Gavin G, Sytronik] - Sorry (Hujib's Lethal Bounce Remix)
 Union Square Music
 Xclusive Happy Hardcore [ XCLUTCD411]
 [2-15] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Get Away (Gammer remix)
Artist Name:  Hujib
Real name:     
Country:  Canada
Email address:   
Official artist URL:   
Date added:   2002/04/15
Last updated:   2003/08/14

Upcoming Events featuring Hujib: 

Past Events featuring Hujib: 
Event location: Ontario, Canada Mad Hatters' Ball
December 9th, 2006 - Ontario, Canada
Event location: Ontario, Canada We Declare
August 25th, 2006 - Ontario, Canada
Event location: Ontario, Canada WEMF 2006
July 21st, 2006 - Ontario, Canada
Event location: Ontario, Canada Together As One!
February 11th, 2006 - Ontario, Canada
November 9th, 2005 - United States
Event location: Ontario, Canada Larger Than Life
September 17th, 2005 - Ontario, Canada
Event location: New York, United States Two Love
February 12th, 2005 - New York, United States
Event location: Ontario, Canada Hullabaloo - Drift on a Dream
September 18th, 2004 - Ontario, Canada
Event location: Ontario, Canada A Hobbit's Rave
May 14th, 2004 - Ontario, Canada
Event location: Ontario, Canada funRAISER
April 16th, 2004 - Ontario, Canada
Event location: Ontario, Canada WEMF
August 2nd, 2002 - Ontario, Canada

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