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Release item details
 Bonkers 14: Hardcore Strikes Back

 Label logo   Release item artwork 


 Release item infomation
 Item Release date:  2005/05/30
 Item release format:  CD - compilation
 Ownership:  4.8% - (27/558)
 Want:  0.0% - (0/558)
 Release item tracks
   Bonkers 14: Hardcore Strikes Back [RESISTCD49]
   [CD1-1] - [Ramos, Sunset Regime, Supreme] - All I Ever Wanted feat Lenny
   [CD1-2] - [UFO] - Something To Believe feat Shelly
   [CD1-3] - [Chris Henry, Re-Con] - Baby I Know You're Mine
   [CD1-4] - [Scott Brown] - Memories (Plus System Remix)
   [CD1-5] - [UFO] - Heaven In My Heart
   [CD1-6] - [Geos] - Power & The Glory
   [CD1-7] - [Brisk, Ham] - Crazy Love (Styles & Breeze Remix)
   [CD1-8] - [N-Trance] - Set You Free (Hixxy's Bonkers Remix)
   [CD1-9] - [Frisky, Hujib] - Believe (Styles & Breeze Remix)
   [CD1-10] - [Ultrabeat] - Pretty Green Eyes (Hixxy Remix)
   [CD1-11] - [Styles] - Getting Better
   [CD1-12] - [Scott Brown] - Fly With You
   [CD1-13] - [Kurt, DJ] - Rock Ya Hardcore (Hixxy Remix)
   [CD1-14] - [Breeze, Storm, MC, Styles] - Dark Like Vader
   [CD1-15] - [Hixxy] - Open Up & Look Inside
   [CD1-16] - [Gammer] - Let Me Hear Ya
   [CD2-1] - [Ephexis] - Tracktion
   [CD2-2] - [Kevin Energy] - White Stuff
   [CD2-3] - [Ephexis] - Perpetuate
   [CD2-4] - [Jon Doe] - Frenzy (Billy 'D' Bunter & CLSM Remix)
   [CD2-5] - [Sharkey, Jon Doe] - Damage
   [CD2-6] - [Bang the future] - Bodyslam (Billy 'D' Bunter & CLSM Remix)
   [CD2-7] - [Stormtrooper] - Addictz
   [CD2-8] - [AMS] - Hardstyle Beatz
   [CD2-9] - [Double Decka] - Rock 'N Roll (Kevin Energy Remix)
   [CD2-10] - [Social Outcast] - Freedom (Kevin Energy Remix)
   [CD2-11] - [Arkitech] - De-Humanise
   [CD2-12] - [AMS, K-Complex] - Echelon
   [CD2-13] - [Arkitech] - Under The Influence
   [CD2-14] - [AMS] - Show Me The Way
   [CD2-15] - [Gammer] - Got Ya
   [CD2-16] - [Gammer] - Let's Get Rockin feat Sharkey
   [CD2-17] - [AMS] - Bounce To Da Beat
   [CD2-18] - [AMS, Robbie Long] - Wakey Wakey feat Ethos
   [CD2-19] - [Brisk, Ham] - Serious Hardcore (Vagabond Remix)
   [CD3-1] - [Plus System] - Bassline Of The Century
   [CD3-2] - [Scott Brown] - Neckbreaker (Plus System Remix)
   [CD3-3] - [Eclipse] - Be Happy (Brisk & Vagabond Remix)
   [CD3-4] - [Plus System] - Make You Freak
   [CD3-5] - [Gammer] - Into The Future
   [CD3-6] - [Scott Brown] - Rock You Softly 2005
   [CD3-7] - [Scott Brown] - Serial Killer
   [CD3-8] - [Plus System] - Rhythm Machine
   [CD3-9] - [Scott Brown, DMO] - Call My Name
   [CD3-10] - [Styles, Breeze] - You're My Angel (Scott Brown Remix)
   [CD3-11] - [Scott Brown, DMO] - Just Walk Away
   [CD3-12] - [Viper, The] - Blow Da Club Down
   [CD3-13] - [Tekno Dred Alliance, The] - Break Free (Scott Brown Remix)
   [CD3-14] - [Tommyknocker] - Shogun
   [CD3-15] - [Evil Activities] - Do You Like Bass (Tha Playah Remix)
   [CD3-16] - [Scott Brown] - Enemy
   [CD3-17] - [Evil Activities] - To You Who Doubt Me (Tommyknocker Remix)
   [CD3-18] - [Scott Brown] - F*** You Up
   [CD3-19] - [Scott Brown] - F*** Your Style
   [CD4-1] - [Dougal, Gammer] - Drive Me Crazy feat Lisa Marie
   [CD4-2] - [Gammer, Dougal] - Testing 1.2
   [CD4-3] - [Styles, Breeze] - Oxygen (Styles & Breeze Exclusive Mix)
   [CD4-4] - [Transit] - Count The Hours
   [CD4-5] - [Dougal, Eruption] - Party Time (Essential Platinum Remix)
   [CD4-6] - [Ultravibes] - We Need More Core
   [CD4-7] - [United in Dance] - Shining Down feat Jenna
   [CD4-8] - [Gammer, Dougal] - Make Noise
   [CD4-9] - [Deadly, Gammer] - Mars Atx
   [CD4-10] - [United in Dance] - Lift Me Above feat Lisa Marie
   [CD4-11] - [Seduction, DJ] - Raise Your Hands
   [CD4-12] - [Gammer, G-Spencer] - Feel This Way
   [CD4-13] - [Brisk, Ham] - Getting High
   [CD4-14] - [Hixxy, UFO] - Welcome 2005 (Hixxy Remix)
   [CD4-15] - [Billy 'D' Bunter, Jon Doe] - Need Your Emotion (Hardcore Remix)
   [CD4-16] - [Cobalt, Heffer] - Express Ur Self
   [CD4-17] - [Mickey Skeedale] - In The House
   [CD4-18] - [Vibes, DJ, Hattrixx] - I Know
   [CD4-19] - [Gammer] - Ready For War

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