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 Artist Profile: Ultravibes

Artist discography
 Essential Platinum 2002
 We Need More Core [EPP033]
 [A] - [Ultravibes] - We Need More Core
 [AA] - [Ultravibes] - Accorabation
 The Day Will Come [FBI007]
 [B] - [Ultravibes] - Dancin'
 Warped Science
 If You Could [WARPED036]
 [A] - [Ultravibes] - If You Could
 [AA1] - [Ultravibes] - We Are The Bass
 [AA2] - [Ultravibes] - Groove 2 The Beat
 Soundsystem Banger [WARPED11]
 [A] - [Ultravibes] - Soundsystem Banger
 [AA] - [Ultravibes] - Music Is My First Love
 Eyes Don't Hide (Remix) [WARPED16]
 [A] - [Storm, DJ, Euphony, Weaver, DJ] - Eyes Dont Hide (Ultravibes remix)
 [AA] - [Ultravibes] - Dust
 Lies [WARPED19]
 [A] - [Ultravibes] - Lies
 [AA] - [Ultravibes] - Fuck-You!
 Show Me The Way (Remix) [WARPED21]
 [A] - [Alistair Storm, Euphony] - Show Me The Way (Ultravibes remix)
 [AA] - [Ultravibes] - Everybody, Shake Your Body
 Bonkers 14: Hardcore Strikes Back [RESISTCD49]
 [CD4-6] - [Ultravibes] - We Need More Core
 Bonkers 15: Legends of the core [RESISTCD57]
 [CD4-10] - [Ultravibes] - Accorbation
 [CD4-6] - [Ultravibes] - Dopest DJ
 The World's Greatest Hardcore [RESISTCD86]
 [1-11] - [Cube::Hard] - Something Pure (Ultravibes remix)
 [1-16] - [Ultravibes] - Dust
 Addictive Vinyl Download (digital downloads)
 Dimension [ADVD005]
 [1] - [Ultravibes] - Dimension
 Addictive Vinyl
 Shiny Discoballz [ADV001]
 [A] - [Ultravibes] - Shiny Discoballz
 [AA] - [Ultravibes] - Thriller
 Back 2 Roughness [ADV002]
 [A] - [Ultravibes] - Back 2 Roughness
 [B] - [Ultravibes] - Xandu
 Draft & Method
 Torn To Pieces [DRAFT003]
 [B] - [Draft, Method] - The Trip (Ultravibes remix)
 Definitive Dance
 Irresistible [DD005]
 [A] - [Ultravibes] - Irresistible
 [AA] - [Ultravibes] - Fcuk The Beatz (Rmx)
 Ministry of Sound
 Helter Skelter V Raindance - Hardcore 2007 [ HELTCD03]
 [3-20] - [Alistair Storm, Euphony] - Show Me The Way (Ultravibes "Pure Perfection" Mix)
Artist Name:  Ultravibes
Real name:  Maik Herrmann (DJ In-D), Ronald Weber(DJ Chaos)
Country:  Germany
Email address:  [email protected]
Official artist URL:   
Date added:   2004/08/07
Last updated:   2004/09/15

Upcoming Events featuring Ultravibes: 

Past Events featuring Ultravibes: 
Event location: Hamburg, Germany Rush On Vibes - The Return
May 28th, 2014 - Hamburg, Germany
Event location: Hamburg, Germany Rush on vibes
May 1st, 2010 - Hamburg, Germany
Event location: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Play it hard
December 19th, 2008 - Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Event location: Hamburg, Germany Rush On Vibes
September 19th, 2008 - Hamburg, Germany
Event location: Hamburg, Germany Hardcore Intention
February 15th, 2008 - Hamburg, Germany
Event location: Lodz, Poland FeelHarmonia!
June 8th, 2007 - Lodz, Poland
Event location: Hamburg, Germany Urban Fever - The United Dance
February 2nd, 2007 - Hamburg, Germany

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