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Release item details
 Bonkers 15: Legends of the core

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 Release item infomation
 Item release format:  CD - compilation
 Ownership:  1.6% - (9/558)
 Want:  0.0% - (0/558)
 Release item tracks
   Bonkers 15: Legends of the core [RESISTCD57]
   [CD1-1] - [Dreadhed] - On Fire (Hixxy remix)
   [CD1-2] - [Paradise] - See the light (Sy & Unknown remix)
   [CD2-3] - [Heaven-7] - Dance Me
   [CD2-4] - [Hixxy, Re-Con] - Love Comes
   [CD2-5] - [Headtrippers] - Life On Life (Squad-E remix)
   [CD2-6] - [Hixxy, Re-Con] - We Can Do This
   [CD2-7] - [Frantic, Resist] - Spending My Time
   [CD2-8] - [Scott Brown] - Trance Sect / Lost Generation (Kevin Energy megamix)
   [CD1-9] - [Access 3] - Promised Land (Squad-E remix)
   [CD1-10] - [Re-Con] - Enjoy
   [CD1-11] - [Heaven-7] - Speak of Love
   [CD1-12] - [Whizzkid, Gammer] - Scream
   [CD1-13] - [Re-Con] - Pull Over
   [CD1-14] - [D:CODE] - Out of My Hands (Squad-E remix)
   [CD1-15] - [Storm, MC, Gammer] - 21st Century Rush
   [CD1-16] - [Geos] - Gonna Take U High
   [CD1-17] - [Styles, Breeze] - Love Garden
   [CD2-1] - [Sharkey] - Ascending Angels (Inst)
   [CD2-2] - [Cube::Hard] - Hold The Beat
   [CD2-3] - [Carbon Based] - Anger Ball (Kevin Energy remix)
   [CD2-4] - [Ephexis, Oli G] - Spatial Inversion
   [CD2-5] - [Arkitech, Double Decka] - Life Is A Construct
   [CD2-6] - [Sharkey, Arkitech] - Never Say Die
   [CD2-7] - [Ephexis] - Intensify
   [CD2-8] - [CLSM, Cube::Hard] - See You On The Other Side
   [CD2-9] - [Ethos, AMS] - Pump It Up
   [CD2-10] - [Fergus Mayhem] - Take Control
   [CD2-11] - [Ham] - Count of 3
   [CD2-12] - [Sean Apollo] - Raise It Up (Kevin Energy remix)
   [CD2-13] - [Ham] - Working Up a Sweat
   [CD2-14] - [AMS, K-Complex] - Go Insane
   [CD2-15] - [K-Complex, Kevin Energy] - Suck My Rock
   [CD2-16] - [Stormtrooper, Sharkey] - Lazerbeam Addict
   [CD2-17] - [Sharkey] - Pumpin' Religion
   [CD2-18] - [Marc Smith, Sharkey] - Bring On The Noise
   [CD2-19] - [Dreadhed] - Take The Blame
   [CD3-1] - [Tommyknocker] - Nocturnal Rituals Ft. Mc Justice
   [CD3-2] - [Scott Brown] - Capital Murder
   [CD3-3] - [Bass X] - Motherfucker (Scott Brown remix)
   [CD3-4] - [Tommyknocker] - Twist
   [CD3-5] - [Scott Brown] - I'll Get You
   [CD3-6] - [Scott Brown] - Fasten Your Seatbelt
   [CD3-7] - [Tommyknocker] - Domination
   [CD3-8] - [Plus System] - This Is How We Do It (Scott Brown hardcore mix)
   [CD3-9] - [Scott Brown] - We Don't Stop
   [CD3-10] - [Masters of ceremony] - A Way of Life (DJ Promo remix)
   [CD3-11] - [D, DJ] - Skullcrack (DJ Dione remix)
   [CD3-12] - [Evil Activities, Panic, DJ] - Never Fall Asleep (ft. MC Alee)
   [CD3-13] - [Jappo, Lancinhouse, DJ] - Exlxaxl (Neophyte & Evil Activities remix)
   [CD3-14] - [Ophidian, Tapage] - The Mine
   [CD3-15] - [Hardcore United] - Time To Make A Stand (Neophyte & Evil Activities remix)
   [CD3-14] - [Ophidian, Tapage] - The Mine
   [CD3-15] - [Hardcore United] - Time To Make A Stand (Neophyte & Evil Activities remix)
   [CD3-16] - [Neophyte, Evil Activities] - Back On Track
   [CD3-17] - [Neophyte, Evil Activities] - One of These Days
   [CD3-18] - [Neophyte, Lenny Dee] - The Future Priests of Now
   [CD4-1] - [Dougal, Gammer] - Tell Me A Story ft. Lisa Marie
   [CD4-2] - [Dougal, Gammer] - Rock The Dancefloor
   [CD4-3] - [Gammer, G-Spencer] - Reflections
   [CD4-4] - [Scott Brown] - Detonated 2005 Remix
   [CD4-5] - [Dougal, Gammer] - Open Ur Eyes ft. Lisa Marie
   [CD4-6] - [Ultravibes] - Dopest DJ
   [CD4-7] - [Adam Harris] - My Star (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
   [CD4-8] - [Dougal, Gammer] - The Underground
   [CD4-9] - [Jenna] - All The Tears I've Cried
   [CD4-10] - [Ultravibes] - Accorbation
   [CD4-11] - [Seduction, DJ] - Rock That Body
   [CD4-12] - [CLSM] - Sensory Vision Pt. 2 ft. Ant Johnson
   [CD4-13] - [Darren Styles] - Dropzone (Bonkers Mix)
   [CD4-14] - [Gammer] - A New Feeling
   [CD4-15] - [Eclipse] - Things You Do (Gammer remix)
   [CD4-16] - [Gammer] - Now It's My Turn
   [CD4-17] - [Cube::Hard] - Show Me a Sign ft. Jennifer Bolton
   [CD4-18] - [Dougal, Gammer] - Tripod
   [CD4-19] - [CLSM] - Heey (Arkitech remix)
   [CD4-20] - [Oli G] - Gir
   [CD4-21] - [Gammer] - Let's All Say Fuck

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