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Label Profile
 Impact Records

Label releases (by date)
 Impact Records
 Sub Dub [IMP009] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Sub Dub (crazy breaks mix)
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Sub Dub (original mix)
 Do This Right [IMP016] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Do This Right (Up North Mix)
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Really Dark (But Not Too Dark Mix)
 True Love [IMP017] 
 [A] - [Mystic, Fire] - True Love
 [B] - [Mystic, Fire] - Illusions
 So in Love [IMP023] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - So In Love (Happy Stomp Mix)
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Can U Feel It (94 revival mix)
 My Own [IMP024] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - My Own (Slipmatt mix)
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Sub Dub (SS, DJ rollers rmx)
 Drop the Bass [IMP026] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Drop the Bass
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Sample-Mania
 Better Day [IMP028] 
 [A] - [Dougal, Seduction, DJ] - Better Day
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ, Dougal] - It's Not Over
 Burnin' Love [IMP029] 
 [A] - [Edit V] - Burnin' Love
 [B] - [Edit V] - Sensation
 Nicey [IMP030] 
 [A] - [Eruption] - Nicey
 [B] - [Eruption] - Just a Feeling
 Sudden Impact [IMP031] 
 [A] - [Sy, Unknown] - Sudden Impact
 [B] - [Unknown, Sy] - Let The Bass Kick
 Euphoria [IMP032] 
 [A] - [Euphoria] - Euphoria
 [B] - [Euphoria] - Show me Your Love
 Drop the Bass [IMP033] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Drop the Bass (Vibes, DJ & Wishdokta remix)
 [B] - [Wishdokta, Vibes, DJ] - Destiny
 Feeling This Way [IMP035] 
 [A] - [Pooch, DJ] - Feeling This Way
 [B] - [Pooch, DJ] - Warrior Beat
 Higher Now [IMP036] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Higher Now (Unknown & Seduction, DJ remix)
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - ng on
 No More Tears [IMP037] 
 [A] - [Vibes, DJ, Wishdokta] - No More Tears
 [B] - [Edit V] - Sensation (Vibes, DJ & Wishdokta remix)
 Pop, Bang, Lovely [IMP039] 
 [A] - [Eruption] - Pop, Bang, Lovely
 [B] - [Eruption] - There Goes the Boom
 Disco Hardcore [IMP040] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Disco Hardcore
 [B] - [Edit V] - Pumper
 Itch it Up [IMP041] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Itch it Up
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Samplemania (rmx)
 Bust The New Jam [IMP042] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ, Eruption] - Bust The New Jam
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ, Eruption] - Break It Down
 Imagination [IMP043] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Imagination
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - In The Mix
 Live For The Future [IMP044] 
 [A] - [Pooch, DJ] - Live For The Future
 [B] - [Pooch, DJ] - How It Started
 All You Bastards [IMP045] 
 [A] - [Eruption] - All You Bastards
 [B] - [Eruption] - In My Mind
 Down 2 Love [IMP046] 
 [A] - [Force, Styles] - Down 2 Love
 [B] - [Force, Styles] - Dancing Through The Night
 Step To The Side [IMP047] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Step To The Side
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Hallelujah
 Bust The New Jam [IMP048] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Bust The New Jam (RMX)
 Come Down [IMP049] 
 [A] - [Shine, Rise] - Come down
 [AA] - [Rise, Shine] - Loosing Control (remix)
 Hop on the Dancefloor [IMP050] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ, Billy 'D' Bunter] - Hop on the Dancefloor
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ, Billy 'D' Bunter] - Rhythm Flow
 Got To Be Free [IMP051] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Got To Be Free
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Imagination (Remix)
 Dance With Somebody [IMP052] 
 [A] - [DNA, DJ] - Dance With Somebody
 [B] - [DNA, DJ] - Never Give Up
 It's not over [IMP053] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ, Dougal] - It's not over (remix)
 DJs Mixing [IMP054] 
 [A] - [Edit V] - DJs Mixing
 [B] - [Edit V] - Music Is Moving
 Touch The Magic [IMP055] 
 [A] - [Stripy J] - Touch The Magic
 [B] - [Stripy J] - Show Me Heaven
 Got to Believe [IMP056] 
 [A] - [DNA, DJ] - Got to Believe
 [B1] - [DNA, DJ] - You and Me
 [B2] - [DNA, DJ] - Can You Feel It?
 Never Let You Go [IMP057] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Never Let You Go
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Here It Comes (Hardcore Heaven '97)
 My Own [IMP058] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - My Own (DJ Ham rmx)
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Samplemania (Force & Styles rmx)
 Rushin [IMP059] 
 [A] - [Sy, Seduction, DJ] - Rushin
 [B] - [Sy, Seduction, DJ] - On the Road
 In The Mix [IMP060] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - In The Mix (Brisk Remix)
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Samplemania (Brisk remix)
 Cor Blimey [IMP061] 
 [A] - [Magical, DJ] - Cor Blimey
 [B] - [Magical, DJ] - Natural Energy
 So In Love [IMP062] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - So In Love (DNA, DJ Remix)
 [B] - [Seduction, DJ] - Can You Feel It (Demo, DJ remix)
 Everytime You Touch Me [IMP063] 
 [A] - [QFX] - Freedom
 [B] - [QFX] - Everytime You Touch Me (Seduction, DJ & DNA, DJ remix)
 Clearly [IMP064] 
 [A] - [Dream Sequence] - Clearly
 [B] - [Dream Sequence] - Hardcore Is The Future
 Sub Dub [IMP65] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Sub Dub (Storm, DJ remix)
 [B] - [Phantasy, Seduction, DJ] - DJs Unite Volume 1 (Storm, DJ remix)
 Holding On [IMP066] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Holding On (Vinylgroover mix)
 Leaving the World Behind [IMP067] 
 [A] - [Seduction, DJ] - Leaving the World Behind (DJ Ham remix)
Label Name:  Impact Records
Date added:   2001/10/23
Last updated:   2001/10/23

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