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Release item details
 Bonkers 12: The Dirty Dozen

 Label logo   Release item artwork 


 Release item infomation
 Item Release date:  2004/04/12
 Item release format:  CD - compilation
 Ownership:  8.2% - (46/558)
 Want:  0.0% - (0/558)
 Release item tracks
   Bonkers 12: The Dirty Dozen [REACTCD246]
   [CD1-1] - [UFO] - Waiting feat. Shelly
   [CD1-2] - [Hixxy] - Take A Look (Dub Mix)
   [CD1-3] - [Hixxy, Storm, MC] - Just Accept It (Hixxy Remix)
   [CD1-4] - [Dougal, Gammer] - The Piano Tune
   [CD1-5] - [Jon Doe, Billy 'D' Bunter] - Round & Round (Breeze & Styles Remix)
   [CD1-6] - [Impact, In Effect] - Close Your Eyes (Hixxy Remix)
   [CD1-7] - [69] - You're My Angel
   [CD1-8] - [Uplift] - Midnight Resistance
   [CD1-9] - [CLSM] - Reaching Out (Billy 'D' Bunter & CLSM Remix)
   [CD1-10] - [Weaver, DJ] - Fallen Angel
   [CD1-11] - [UFO] - Always feat.Shelly
   [CD1-12] - [S1, Asa] - Whole
   [CD1-13] - [Yum-Yi] - Tantric feat. Becky Judge
   [CD1-14] - [Hixxy] - C.O.N.
   [CD2-1] - [*Ting*, The, Kevin Energy] - Power In The Light
   [CD2-2] - [Lost Soul] - Dark Side Of The Moon
   [CD2-3] - [K-Complex, Mark Ashley] - Atomic Orbital
   [CD2-4] - [Andy Vinal, Mat Style] - Loosing Control (Remix)
   [CD2-5] - [Invader] - Enraptured Soulz
   [CD2-6] - [Gammer] - Can't Compete
   [CD2-7] - [Wizbit, Ponder] - New Zealand Story
   [CD2-8] - [CLSM] - Transmission To Mars feat. Bello B
   [CD2-9] - [Dougal, Gammer] - Know The Score
   [CD2-10] - [Stormtrooper, Robbie Long] - Hitmen
   [CD2-11] - [Kevin Energy, Marc Smith] - That's The Hardcore
   [CD2-12] - [Vagabond] - Hugger Mugger feat. Wotsee, MC
   [CD2-13] - [Impact] - Funky Technician
   [CD2-14] - [Marc Smith] - What The Fuck
   [CD2-15] - [AMS, Robbie Long] - Kill Bill
   [CD2-16] - [AMS, Tazz] - Getting Dirty
   [CD2-17] - [Sharkey, CLSM] - Wicked MC (AMS Remix)
   [CD2-18] - [Outsidaz, The] - Punk
   [CD3-1] - [Plus System] - This Is How We Do It
   [CD3-2] - [Dreadhed] - Chaos & Might
   [CD3-3] - [Scott Brown] - All About You feat. Cat Knight
   [CD3-4] - [G.B.H, Expression] - Night Time (Sy & Unknown Remix)
   [CD3-5] - [Brisk, Ham] - Crazy Love
   [CD3-6] - [Scott Brown] - Really Need You feat. DMO
   [CD3-7] - [Kurt, DJ] - Rock Ya Hardcore
   [CD3-8] - [Interstate] - This Is My Bass
   [CD3-9] - [Euphony, Storm, DJ] - First Kontact
   [CD3-10] - [Breeze, Styles] - Heartbeatz (Scott Brown Remix)
   [CD3-11] - [Plus System] - Is This The Future
   [CD3-12] - [Marc Smith, Scott Brown] - Hardcore U Know The Score
   [CD3-13] - [Endymion] - Payback
   [CD3-14] - [Scott Brown] - This One's For All Of Us
   [CD3-15] - [Cesar Benito, David Pamies] - Torn (Scott Brown Karaoke Mix)
   [CD3-16] - [Interstate] - We Can Dance
   [CD3-17] - [Scott Brown] - Boomstick
   [CD3-18] - [Neophyte, Evil Activities] - Alles Kapot
   [CD4-1] - [Aluna] - All Of My Life (Breeze & Styles Remix)
   [CD4-2] - [Breeze, Styles] - Feel The Power
   [CD4-3] - [Re-Con] - The Sun
   [CD4-4] - [Dougal, Gammer] - 3000 Cycles
   [CD4-5] - [Evil Angel] - Today (Breeze & Styles Remix)
   [CD4-6] - [Darren Styles] - Skydivin'
   [CD4-7] - [Clear Vu] - I Adore (Breeze & Styles Remix)
   [CD4-8] - [Cloudskipper, Uplift] - Revolution
   [CD4-9] - [Euphonic] - The One feat. Lisa Abbott (Breeze & Styles Remix
   [CD4-10] - [Scott Brown] - Flow feat. Cat Knight
   [CD4-11] - [Styles, Breeze] - Electric (Bonkers Remix)
   [CD4-13] - [UFO, Breeze] - Take Your Time
   [CD4-12] - [Eclipse] - Before Tomorrow (Breeze & Styles Remix
   [CD4-13] - [UFO, Breeze] - Take Your Time
   [CD4-14] - [Cesar Benito, David Pamies] - Torn (Breeze & Styles Remix
   [CD4-15] - [Futureworld] - Chemical Love (Hardcore Mix)
   [CD4-16] - [Sonic State, Storm, MC] - I'm a Raver

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