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Label Profile
 Hectic Records

Label releases (by date)
 Hectic Records
 The Journey Part 1 [HECT001] 
 [A] - [Ramos, Supreme] - The Journey Part 1
 [B] - [Ramos, Supreme] - Crowd Control
 Soothe My Soul [HECT002] 
 [A] - [Eliminators] - Soothe My Soul
 [B] - [Eliminators] - Tune
 Sunshine [HECT003] 
 [A] - [Supreme, Sunset Regime, Ramos] - Sunshine
 [B] - [Sunset Regime, Supreme, Ramos] - Gotta Believe
 Phantasm [HECT004] 
 [A] - [Ramos, Vinylgroover] - Phantasm
 [B] - [Vinylgroover, Ramos] - The Beast
 True Love Remix [HECT005] 
 [A] - [Mystic] - True Love Remix
 [B] - [Eye On Life] - Pumpin It Up
 Hectic Remixes [HECT006] 
 [A1] - [Ramos, Supreme, Sunset Regime] - Sunshine (Pa Kua Mix) (feat. Slipmatt)
 [A2] - [Sunset Regime, Ramos, Supreme] - Journey Pt. 1 (Fusion Mix) (feat. Slipmatt)
 [B1] - [Supreme, Sunset Regime, Ramos] - Crowd Control (DJ Slipmatt Remix) (feat. Slipmatt)
 [B2] - [Supreme, Ramos, Sunset Regime] - Gotta Believe (Heaven Mix) (feat. Slipmatt)
 The Kounter Attack E.P. [HECT007] 
 [A] - [Druid, DJ, Vinylgroover] - Kounter Attack Pt1
 [B1] - [Vinylgroover, Druid, DJ] - Summertime Vibe 94 (The North End Mix)
 [B2] - [Druid, DJ, Vinylgroover] - Choirs of Heaven
 Are You Ready [HECT008] 
 [A] - [Unknown, Sy] - Are You Ready
 [B] - [Unknown, Sy] - Moments In Time
 Harmonize [HECT009] 
 [A] - [Ramos, Supreme, Sunset Regime] - Harmonize
 [B] - [Sunset Regime, Supreme, Ramos] - I've Got The Music
 The Anthem [HECT010] 
 [A] - [Sy, Unknown] - The Anthem
 [B] - [Unknown, Sy] - Real Love
 Groove Control [HECT011] 
 [A] - [Midas] - Groove Control
 [B] - [Midas] - Spinblitz
 Flying With The Rhythm [HECT012] 
 [A] - [Supreme, Sunset Regime] - Flying With The Rhythm
 [B] - [Supreme, Sunset Regime] - Sky
 Groove Control [HECT013] 
 [A] - [Midas] - Groove Control (Dougal remix)
 [B] - [Midas, Dougal] - Nostalgia
 Hectic Remixes Vol 2 [HECT014] 
 [A] - [Sy, Unknown] - Real Love (Feat. Dj Seduction) (Seduction, DJ Remix)
 [B] - [Unknown, Sy] - Are You Ready (remix) (feat. Seduction, DJ)
 Waiting for gold [HECT015] 
 [A] - [Midas] - Waiting for gold (feat. Sunset Regime)
 [AA] - [Midas] - Break on thru (remixed by Sunset Regime)
 Phantasm [HECT016] 
 [A] - [Vinylgroover] - Phantasm (Remix)
 [B] - [Vinylgroover] - Can't Live Without You
 Fantasy Land [HECT017] 
 [A] - [UFO, Supreme] - Fantasy Land
 [B] - [Supreme, UFO] - Back Again
 Thoughts Of You [HECT018] 
 [A] - [Stompy, DJ] - Thoughts Of You
 [B] - [Stompy, DJ] - Come on
 Crazy Knowledge [HECT019] 
 [A] - [Ramos, Marley, UFO] - Crazy Knowledge
 [B] - [Ramos, UFO, Marley] - Happy Love
 Here beside me [HECT020] 
 [A] - [Stompy, DJ, Supreme, UFO] - Here beside me
 [B] - [Stompy, DJ, Supreme, UFO] - Past the chance
 Stay With Me [HECT021] 
 [A] - [Supreme, UFO, Stompy, DJ] - Stay With Me
 [B] - [Supreme, Stompy, DJ, UFO] - Ticking Of The Clock
 Freedom [HECT022] 
 [A] - [Stompy, DJ] - Freedom
 [B] - [Stompy, DJ] - Body Rock
 How Could You Do That [HECT023] 
 [A] - [Joshua, G.B.T.] - How Could You Do That
 Whatcannodo [HECT024] 
 [A] - [Supreme, UFO, Midas] - Whatcannodo
Label Name:  Hectic Records
Date added:   2001/10/23
Last updated:   2003/09/12

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