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Showing news from 2001
   Grand prize winners for the 2001 DJ mixing competition announced
Grand prize winners of the 2001 DJ mixing competition announced!
Congratulations to all the winners and I hope everyone the best of luck next time around :) would also like to thank all the kick ass sponsers we got for prizes: Vestax, Slammin Vinyl, and Slamm records.
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   Update 'til the day release
Update on the Blaze! - 'til the day release on MasterWax, We have been told today that the final copies will be completed before the end of the month and on sale for everyone to buy! In celebration click the logo below as justrich sprinkles his magic to an already stomping mix from phosphor, totally bangin' to create the "double AA" MasterWax vinyl.... enjoy!

dj phosphor & dj justrich blizzard mix
Click logo to play

2001/10/30 wins Vestax Web Partner of the Year Award!
The good people have Vestax have awarded with the Vestax Web Partner of the Year Award!. As you all know Vestax are the makers of fine DJ equipment and donated the 1st prize for the 2001 DJ mixing competition. Speaking of the competition, the People's choice awards has started, click through to the page and have a listen to near 15 hours of happy hardcore DJ mixes are new and established talent all over the world. This part of the competition will run until end of November, good luck!
   33 entries received
The 2001 DJ mixing competition is now closed but such a massive response! Thanks and good luck to the 33 entries received... and who said hardcore is dead!? All valid entries will be judged as quickly as possible but please be patient as some judges have busy schedules and it might take 2-3 weeks for final judgment to come in. There will be two rounds of judging, the first for the main prizes and once these winners have been announced the peoples choice awards will commence and run for 14 days where the public will vote on your mix to win prizes, after this time winners will be announced and all prizes delivered.
The major news announcement scheduled for today will be announced a little later today, be ready!
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   'til the day
If you are reading this I hope you are sitting down, I am absolutely proud to present the news you have been waiting to hear and I have been waiting to tell you... Nick of Bang! / Stealth & Oblivion has a special announcement telling everyone that the crew that created such killer tracks as Shooting Star and Cloudy Dayz remixed by the legendary Brisk and Ham released on Next Generation Records are back creating brand new tracks and have created several new groups! As the Nick says in the special announcement the first release by the new group called "Blaze!" featuring Jo James with what we believe is her finest performance. "'Til The Day", remixed by DJ phosphor & DJ justrich will be released T.B.A. on a brand new happy hardcore label called MasterWax run by silver of This track will send shivers down your spine... same killer quality remixes and same bone tingling vocals! Discuss what you think of the new track and Blaze! in this forum thread. Click on the banner for a special sound sample of this amazing track...

   Last Day for the 2001 DJ mixing competition
Author: silver  
Today is the last day of uploading for the 2001 DJ mixing competition. You have less than 24 hours to complete your upload. Also we have had alot of orders for the limited edition soft record bags but remember that this product ends on Sept 30th 2001 so if you planning to get one, get busy!
Finally there will be a major news announcement tomorrow on the site make sure you don't miss it.
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   A reminder
A reminder that the 2001 DJ mixing competition! ends in 6 days! Upload now before it's too late! If you having problems contact and we will work something out.
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   Upload form ready 2001 DJ mixing competition!
The upload form is ready and online for the 2001 DJ mixing competition!. You have had 2 weeks to get them ready now you have over 1 week to get your mixes uploaded, get busy and get those prizes! Also a reminder that the limited edition soft record bags end on Sept 30th so get your before it's too late!
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2001/09/11 Vestax site of the month
The good people at Vestax have awarded site of the month! Vestax are the makers of fine DJ equipment and the Vestax VRX-2000 Vinyl Cutter, which is licenced to cut vinyl with BTW :) Vestax also cover the 1st prize in the 2001 DJ mixing competition!... keep rolling the hardcore!
   2001 DJ mixing competition!
I am extreamly pleased to announce the 2001 DJ mixing competition! This is a world first for happy hardcore music and the internet and it's time to show the world we mean business. We have some kick ass prizes to give away (thanks to all the sponsors) and as a special surprise for the judges we have pulled in our global resources and hooked the HOTTEST Happy Hardcore DJ's on the planet to judge YOUR mixes! Oooo baby get mixing! Questions? plonk em in the thread below.
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   Hardcore's dead?!
And who said hardcore's dead?! This week marks the birth of 4 new happy hardcore record labels! Coming out shortly - Raindance records (20 releases scheduled!), Fruity Cutz (released in the first week of October), Jelly Baby (by November), one more label I can't mention yet (by November)... more details as they come!
#2 - Added track list for streaming tunes radio, enjoy!
2001/08/24 soft record bags
Limited edition soft record bags are now for sale in the gear section. Hurry there are only enough to go until Sept 30th 2001, if you don't order before then you miss out!
The bags are simile yellow in color and have an adjustable shoulder strap with adjustable clasp closure, outside panel compartment with a zippered closure, black binding, the size is 11" x 13" x 14".
   Top 4 most listened internet radio stations takes the top 4 most listened to internet radio station positions (by hours) for happy hardcore on Live365 :)
   DNS issues
Sorry about that... DNS issues... 24 hours no aint too good :( But we are back! Enjoy the new tunes if you havn't already streaming tunes radio.
   Five hours of happyness added Streaming tunes radio both 56K and 24K have had another five hours of happyness added to them. Enjoy the listening.
   Vinyl cutter questions has recieved alot of email and questions about the Vinyl cutter, We are not in the service of coping vinyl, we are offering a cutting service. Ever wanted to have a track on vinyl? well now you can with the Vestax VRX-2000 Vinyl Cutter. Image this machine to be the CD-R (CD burner) of Vinyl. These ARE NOT dubplates, these vinyl recordings will last as long as any other normally pressed vinyl record. You can even scratch with these records!
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   Vestax VRX-2000 Vinyl cutter
Silver from is now licensed to cut vinyl on the new Vestax VRX-2000 Vinyl Cutter. The VRX-2000 is for real, it makes true vinyl NOT dubplates, they never wear out they are the same as vinyl but are for 1 off's... Interested parties should email or talk about it in this forum thread. It costs about axp. USD$100 for the first vinyl and USD$55 per vinyl after that depending on the quality of the source.
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   Editor pick
Author: silver radio selected as an "editor pick" on Live365 (here I was wondering where all this traffic came from). Things are moving quite nicely on the record section front, stay tuned you will love whats coming! But in the mean time buy a T-shirt or mousemat :)
   Gear store section fixed
Author: silver  
Gear store section fixed... whoops... thanks Mike!
   DJ Hixxy spotted in T-shirt
Author: silver  
The raver baby himself DJ Hixxy sports his very own T-shirt. On a side note the new look has been running for three months now. Since that time we have received over 145,000 page views from 51 countries around the world! Including the one person from Brunei Darussalam, wherever that is. Thanks to everyone, especially the all the loyal forum members. Stay tuned this is only the beginning. Keep it real, keep it happy, keep it hardcore!

   Gear section launched
Author: silver  
Finally after months of waiting it's finished! The T-shirts, clothing and accessories section (now called the Gear section) is complete!

   Appended new mix to both 24k / 56k streams
Appended new mix to both 24k / 56k versions of the mix series radio. Enjoy!
   New play by demand mix added.
New play by demand mix added with track listings in the radio section.
   New mixes added / appended to both 24k / 56k streams
New mixes added / appended to both 24k / 56k versions of the mix series radio.
   Streaming bitrate problems on 24K streams.
Taken down the 24K on demand stream due to streaming bitrate problems. 128K stream's are still available.
   128K streams added.
By popular demand there is now 128K streams! - I have put the latest two mix's up at 24K and 128K in play by demand (streaming) mode in the radio section to see how it goes. Like most sites we have a limit on our bandwidth each month.
   New oldskoolish mix added
New oldskoolish mix added. Both 24k / 56K versions mix series radio updated.
There will be a new mix weekly.
   New mixes added
New mixes added! 24k / 56K versions tagged to the end of the mix series radio section.
Record section is coming along nicely and will be put online soon.
   56k encoded mix stream added
New 56k encoded mix stream under the radio section. Enjoy.
   Site Update
Just a update to tell everyone that things are moving, I am working on the DJ, Record, Fliers, Parties sections right now, they are all kind of related if you want to take that as a hint :)
The Forums are proving to be real popular, keep up the messages.
   Forums launched
Forums is launched, talk about anything happy hardcore related.
   Please re-send emails
If you sent me email over the last 5 days please re-send as it was deleted.
   New host
Moved to a new host for hosting new applications for the site, you will notice the speed increase :)
   DNS problems
Had some DNS problems and the site wasn't loading... sorry about that fixed...
Added the button and info for the designer for the site.
2001/02/01 born!
No you are not seeing things, there are graphics on there web site. I did write something really inspirational to put here, but while rushing things I deleted it... All will be told soon :)
Sections that are operational for now are News (your reading it), Radio and contact (if you feel the need). We will be moving to a new host site soon so until then we will slowly introduce new sections.
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