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Showing news from 2003/6
   Evolutions double picture disc!
Evolution Records have gone all out on their latest two releases; both EV67 and EV68 are picture discs!

Scott Brown - Ice Cold 2
Scott Brown - Pilgrim remix

Scott Brown - Definition (of a badboy) remix
Scott Brown - Hustler remix
   Tsunami warning in full effect!
The double CD Hardcore Tsunami mixed by own DJ Silver and Kevin Energy of the NuEnergy collective has gone on sale today in all good shops! If you have not already picked it up you can pick it online at Rumour Records or

Hardcore Tsunami - OUT NOW!

   Hardcore is Relentless
Relentless Vinyl is a new project bought to you by DJ Kevin Energy. After years of experience in the production and manufacturing field you can be sure of a ground breaking result when Kevin gets to work. Relentless will offer a wide range of upfront and modern UK Hardcore to the world. There is no strict policy for the scope of Hardcore on Relentless Vinyl; Banging, Trancey, Uplifting, Breakbeat... it's all here. NuEnergy have sent us the first three releases with audio for you all to listen too.

Relentless Records - RLNT001
A - Kevin Energy - ****ing With The Frequency (Original)
AA - Kevin Energy - ****ing With The Frequency (Scott Brown's Big Banana rmx)

Relentless Records - RLNT002
A - Two's Company - Lost in Beats
AA - Two's Company feat. K-Complex - Hardcore Frenzie

Relentless Records - RLNT003
A - Duncan Oatham - Ready
AA - Kevin Energy - Know you're Rushing?

Relentless Records

   More waves of hardcore
The NuEnergy collective have compiled a list of their upcoming tasty tunage with audio for Damn it's massive!

DFM Records 006
A - Fracus and Oli G - Feel the Light
AA - Fracus and Oli G - Feel the Light (Breeze and Styles rmx)

Higher Order 2
A - Scott Majestik - Echoes of Eternity
AA1 - Kaine & Aidy J - Dead World
AA2 - Kaine & Aidy J - Dead World (2 bit Ho mix)

Camel 002
A - DJ Mozz and Speedy B - Drift
AA - EX1 - Degrees of Motion

Camel 003
A - Seph / Smackdown - Never Apart
AA - The Fugitive and Gazy J - The Real World

Mashed Up 6
A - Simon Apex & Dair - Don't Stop Now
AA - Simon Apex & Dair - Sound System Rocking

A - Carbon Based, E-Nrg - Prologue
AA - Nemes - Heaven n' Hell

A - Shanty and Dok - Route 88
AA1 - Dok - Isreal
AA2 - Shanty and Dok vs AC Slater - So Many Things
AA3 - Dok - Tears in the Rain

A - Carbon Based - Kraateri
AA - Karri K and DFG - Be Quiet

Bonkers 014
A - Storm Trooper - Body Groove
AA - Social outcast - Hypnosis

Digital Beatz 002
A - Shanty & Tazz and Concept - Beast of Hardcore
AA - Tazz and Concept - Intensify

Blizzard 002
A - DJ S4, Phosphor - Burn Da Floor
AA - Just Rich - Doin'it

Just Another Label 042
A - Triple J - 7th Heaven (Main Floor Mix)
AA - Triple J - 7th Heavan (Alternate Mix)

A1 - Say that you want me
A2 - Life ain't no game (digital Tekniq's genetic mutation mix)
AA1 - Addicted to Love
AA2 - Close your eyes (Adam L and KT's form free remix)

A - Sol Ray & Dynamic Intervention - 2 U Live (limited remix)
   Tidy Hardcore has been in contact with Tidy who have told us they have done their homework on what people want to hear... What is that?... Hardcore music!

Tidy is the latest major UK dance label now entering the hardcore arena, coming along side the other major players of Ministry of Sound, All Around the World and Nukleuz.

Expect Tidy to have a "major" hardcore presence at their Tidy Weekender 4 event in the UK October 2003.

Tidy Hardcore

   Live show over wants to thanks the 300+ people that tuned in from all over the world to our first totally live radio broadcast on Radio. The only problem was AOL's shoutcast main relay for the 128K listeners died for a few mins which was out of our hands (what a time for that to happen!).
We will make sure we have a better way to handle the shoutouts and requests next time around and judging from the comments we received there will be more live shows in the future... Keep it locked in to!
   DJ Silver LIVE TO AIR on Radio
This Wednesday the 25th of June 2003, DJ Silver of / MasterWax Records will be pioneering the first of hopefully many live DJ sets on Radio. We have selected a time that hopefully everyone in the world can listen in too without too much trouble.
This show will NOT be recorded so make sure you don't miss it. If things are working smooth, we will have shoutouts and requests!

We will be kicking things off in your time zone at:
Australia (East coast): 11pm - 1am
US Eastern: 9am - 11am - UPDATED
GMT (UK): 2pm - 4pm
Japan: 10pm - 12am
2003/06/23 and Rumour Records give you the chance to win the double CD Hardcore Tsunami
With releasing their first fully licensed CD from Rumour Records are giving the chance for 10 extremely lucky people to win a copy of this piece of hardcore history! Entries close 28th of June 2003 so click the CD logo to enter!
Hardcore Tsunami is a double CD packed with all the latest and greatest tunes you all love. Disc one mixed by DJ Silver of / MasterWax Records! with the second disc mixed by the master of energy himself Kevin Energy of NuEnergy.

If you can't wait you are able to pre-order the CD direct from Rumour Records or! presents Hardcore Tsunami

   Ravers High
The boys from HighEmotion Recordings have teamed up the NuEnergy collective to produce a Raver High CD. Packed full of energy goodness this CD is sure to please.

Check out the track listing here.

You can order the CD from NuEnergy direct.

Ravers High

   Streaming madness
After weeks of waiting, re-programming and testing to accommodate our new cluster streaming servers we are proud to bring back the Radio player window in all it's updated glory.

To start the player window just click stream bit rate and the window will pop open.

If you have been a member for a while you will remember the real time streamer, but this time around we have added some new features, firstly you can now buy directly in the player window the CD albums that we play on the radio! No more looking and searching for those tunes you can buy as you hear them. The new buy button is only available for commercially released CD's, we are not (yet) licensed to sell our exclusive DJ mixes.

We have even more features coming for the radio but for now we want to launch and test the system out before we add even more new features.

Real time DJ track listings are BACK!

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   Totally high profile DJ's
Some of the best hardcore DJ's in the world have graced our servers at and the totally sweet radio crew don't disappoint.

On Totally Sweet Radio you will hear Omar Santana (this week), DJ Storm (Next week), Luna-C (the week after that). If your a regular to the show the throw-lunch-meats-at-the-DJ show is the week after Luna-C!
   So very devious..
A new label is born... DV8 Records is a new Hardcore / Hard Dance label run by London based producer Soundscape. has been told DV8 will feature a wide range or diverse material, from the darker sides of Freeform right up to the more vocal, uplifting and euphoric sides of contempoary UK Hardcore.

DV8 001 Release date 20 June 2003
Distributed by Alphamagic

A: Soundscape - Till the end
AA: Soundscape - Overdrive

DV8 Record's first release

   MasterWax 4 and 5
Author: silver  
Finally after months and month of waiting and millions of emails later MasterWax Records is proud to release news on the forthcoming MasterWax 4 and 5!

The first 3 MasterWax releases sold out from distributors in under two weeks - MasterWax releases are always quality tunes and we don't disappoint with these sure fire anthems!

First off the block is DJ Impact with MasterWax 4, we have packed this released with two the biggest, baddest and sweetest vocal hardcore tunes you'll hear this side of Jupiter.

A - DJ Impact - In Your Life
B - DJ Impact - Far Away

DJ Impact - In your Life / Far Away (MWX004)

But we don't stop there... oh no... hot on the heels of first ever international Japanese hardcore track Misono - Konomama, played by DJing spanning the four corners of the earth...

MasterWax is proud to present the latest in the series of Japanese tracks with the debut of Lia with MasterWax 5.

Not only have we got the KonoMama follow up, we got it remixed by the number one producer and DJ in the world at the moment for Hardcore, none other than Scott Brown! (OMG!) with help from DJ Evil of KFA fame.
We also whacked another on the release an excellent mix by the most talented DJ phosphor for the AA side.

Audio (Windows Media):
A - Lia - I'm Feeling (Scott Brown and DJ Evil remix)
AA - Lia - I'm Feeling (phosphor remix)

Lia - I'm feeling (MWX005)

Three massive vocal hardcore tracks to send shivers down your spine and rock the dance floor. Defiantly two pieces of wax for the front of your record boxes.

Both released mid to end of July 2003 from all excellent record stores and vinyl stockists.
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   CLSM 4 and 5
CLSM have put out a limited time sale of test presses on the web for sale. Only a few available with the next (real) copies 4 weeks for Liberation (CLSM 4) and 8 weeks for the Sharkey / Vinyl Junkie (CLSM 5) release.

You can order from:
< has been sold out >
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   Kinetic energy...
The new label Club Kinetic Records has pushed their first vinyl release out the door with Club Kinetic Records 001. Tune in below to check it out.

Audio (Real Audio):
A - This is not over - Mimic & Fracus
AA - Hardcore Bashment - Dan Rola J & Gavin G
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   Hardcore Tsunami are releasing their first fully licenced CD you can all buy June 23rd 2003! I must get at least 20 emails a week about where to buy my mixes or the tunes on radio, well now you can. Released from Rumour Records (UK) and distributed via Pinnacle distrubution (largest distributor in the UK) you are sure to pick it up anywhere you regularly buy your hardcore CD's.

Hardcore Tsunami is a double CD packed with all the latest and greatest tunes you all love. Disc one mixed by DJ Silver of / MasterWax Records! with the second disc mixed by Kevin Energy of NuEnergy.

Track listing:
Disc one - Mixed by DJ Silver
CD1-1 - Angel, DJ, Chucky, DJ :: Light To Insert
CD1-2 - Gavin G, Fracus :: Forever With Me - Feat. Paula (Breeze & Styles Remix)
CD1-3 - Buzzmasta :: Heartbreak
CD1-4 - Fracus, Oli G :: Feel The Light (Feat. Donna Grassie)
CD1-5 - Fade :: Should I
CD1-6 - Brisk, Fade :: New Sensation (Feat Kelly)
CD1-7 - JHAL :: Missing U
CD1-8 - Gavin G, Fracus :: Utopia
CD1-9 - Scott Brown :: Turn Up The Music (Breeze & Styles Remix)
CD1-10 - Fracus, Gavin G :: Shine (feat. Paula)
CD1-11 - Plus System :: Neck Breaker
CD1-12 - Hardcore Authority :: Definition of a Badboy
CD1-13 - Lia :: I'm Feeling (Scott Brown & DJ Evil Remix)
CD1-14 - Brisk, Fade :: Bang Da Beatz

Disc two - Mixed by Kevin Energy
CD2-1 - Two's Company :: Dream
CD2-2 - AMS :: Digital Science
CD2-3 - Kevin Energy :: Roll With This (Fast as **** mix)
CD2-4 - Vinal, Impact, Devotion :: Say It Again
CD2-5 - K-Complex, Mark Ashley :: Desire
CD2-6 - Tazz :: Take It All Back
CD2-7 - Lost Soul :: Payback Time
CD2-8 - Two's Company :: Parallel Minds
CD2-9 - Lost Soul :: Plazma
CD2-10 - Kaos :: Morse Code
CD2-11 - K-Complex, Mark Ashley :: Frenetic
CD2-12 - Furious :: Nightbreed
CD2-13 - AMS, Sharkey :: Mind Control
CD2-14 - Phosphor, S4 :: Hell Bound

You will be able to purchase and pre-order the CD direct from Rumour Records or! presents Hardcore Tsunami

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   Assorted babies
News on the latest Raver Baby and Jelly Baby releases are in:

Baby 16
A: UFO and Marley - Connections
B: UFO and Marley - Hardcore Underground

Baby 17
A: Weaver - Come into my dreams (orig)
B: Weaver - Come into my dreams (Hixxy remix)

Jelly 8
A: Dowster - Something
B: Dowster - X-hale

Jelly 9
A: UFO - Punk
B: UFO - Visions
   Rave n Beats Japan style
Rave n beats Japan have sent over a massive release schedule update with some excellent audio clips for your listening pleasure.

Audio (Real Audio):
A1 - Nish / One More Thing
B1 - Nish / One More Thing (DJ Angel & DJ Chucky Rmx)

Tokyo Style Ep Vol.2
A1 - Buzzmasta / Sweetest
B1 - DJ Champ, Dj Zet & Inful-8 / Tokyo Raver
B2 - Otake-xx / 3800volts

A1: DJ Angel & DJ Chucky / The Ninth
B1: DJ Sharpnel / Untitled

A1 - DJ Sharpnel / Torinouta
A2 - DJ Sharpnel / Torinouta (The Speedfreak's Noise Rave Mix)
B1 - DJ Chocojunkie / Bluesky Baby
B2 - Warst / Zero Point (DJ Chucky Rmx)
   Batteries not required!
Electronic records have sent over the news on their latest tuneage with some audio samples. Electronic 9 is on sale now with 10 coming soon!

Audio (Real Audio):
Electronic ETRIC009 12"
A. Tazz & Narcotic - Khemical Pressure
B. Tazz v Solar State - Rhythm Flows

Electronic ETRIC010 12"
A1. Shanty & DOK - Route 88
A2. DOK - Isreal
B1. Shanty & DOK v AC Slater - So Many Things
B2. DOK - Tears In The Rain
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   Bonkers 1 & 2 in shops!
As reported first by Bonkers 1 and 2 are to be re-released, React have sent over the news that these rare gems are now on sale!
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