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Showing news from 2004/1
   Publishers / Labels / Artists lay it down to live recordings
Illegal tape packs have long been tolerated somewhat in the hardcore scene for a few years now, the somewhat dodgy recordings and the fact they were on tape allowed these releases to sit in a gray area of the hardcore scene.

With the recent release of the Slammin NYE CD pack (unknown to everyone prior to release), several labels, artists and publishers are now taking legal action against these all forms of live recordings and have placed bans on all live recordings in any form (tape or CD) and live recording sales.

This is good news for hardcore artists, finally the people that are making the music can get money from legally licensed material instead of bootleg rips offs.
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   Dougal and Darren Styles are certainly hardcore
As reported 5 days ago with the new story Hardcore of a different kind on, hardcore producers Dougal and Darren Styles are featured in this month's MixMag magazine (largest club magazine in the world). has managed to grab a quick scan of the page and edited the naughty bits (you are gonna have to buy if you are into that sort of thing).

"Hey Styles, hardcore enough for you?" - Click for larger image

   Hardcore pinball flash game
Inspired / MoS have released a flash pinball game with an Original Hardcore 3 CD theme to it. Interesting to see all the hardcore producers names and bonus' light up when you play and worth a few rounds :)

Check it out by viewing their website here.
   Ultrabeat are UltraHardcore has a very reliable insider source that tells us that the main member of commercial trance / pop group Ultrabeat, Mike Di Scala loves hardcore in all forms! This is not new news as already reported by a few months back that Mike Di Scala is the main man in the hardcore group Re-con, but what is news is that Mike Di Scala is also working on Gabba tunes under another yet to be named alias.

In other Ultrabeat news, Ultrabeat have also just completed a remix of Your Shining for AATW (All around the world - Ultrabeats record label). Your Shining by Breeze & Styles (Raver Baby) will see a commercial release from AATW later this year.
   Original Hardcore 3 TV commercial
Inspired (MoS) have sent late last week the new TV commercial now airing in the UK for the new compilation CD Original Hardcore 3 - The Nu Breed. Our competition closed today to win a copy, congratulations on all the winners, if you missed out you can order your copy of the CD here.

Click any of the images to watch the TV commercial (Windows media 9 required).

Original Hardcore 3 TV commercial

   Quosh a little more
Quosh Records latest tunage will be the following, we will have audio as soon as we can.

Quosh 53
A: Expression - Night time
AA: Expression - Night time (Sy & Unknown remix)

Quosh 54
A: Insight - I feel alive (mix 1)
AA: Insight - I feel alive (mix 2)
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   10,000 members!
10,000 members!

What an amazing achievement! has passed 10,000 members! It's very rare for any website to have this amount of members and community support let alone a hardcore music site. normally does not take a personal view on news but I (DJ Silver) can't help to feel a little emotional about this achievement, I started this site out of my apartment 4 years ago as a hobby, it's now my full time job, to have such support for a site that I created makes me proud I have done something for hardcore music, the music I love.

We have put together a date line of membership signups:

10,000 members - January 22nd 2004
9,000 members - October 27th 2003
8,000 members - July 17th 2003
7,000 members - April 24th 2003
6,000 members - February 6th 2003
5,000 members - November 18th 2002
4,000 members - September 2nd 2002
3,000 members - June 6th 2002
2,000 members - March 17th 2002
No records kept prior to 2,000 members.

If your wondering who the 10,000th member was it was a member by the name of "dj dupont" - There is no prize or anything just a statistic.

What else can we say? Hardcore is alive and kicking into overdrive, today's membership of shows that whatever happens there will always be hardcore music supporters all over the world.

I have to say a big thank you to all the members, supporters and moderators of the site over the years, people that have put time into the site, submitting data and offering improvement ideas. I want to say a special thank you to Virus from Canada he has been with the site from the start and without his knowledge and help alot of track ID's would not have been filled :) Virus has also send us 90% of the label scans in the record database! Big thanks to Nami (the silent moderator) who has done all our Japanese translations for us, your the best and the Japanese site would be nothing without you, your a true friend. I also want to say a big thanks for more recently to DJ Comet, he has provided valuable support for the things like the radio station and also the record DB. Another thanks to Milo and Oli G who have also supplied alot of the events in the event system. Thanks to all the DJ's on Radio, without you there is no station - thanks for making us number 1.

I want to say thanks to all these people that have helped on in one way or another during it's lifetime - All the regulars in the chat room, all the forum posters (new and old), all the members of, customers of and our T-shirt shop, Kink / Gobstoppa / Virus and all the TSR crew (you guys rock!), Anne & Oli @ Rumour, Mark & Melissa @ React, Ari / Entrance / Wavesound @ DI, Duncan & Andrew @ MoS, Jas / Kathy / Jim / Al @ IMO, Oli @ Choice (sorry about everything), Kev / Bex / Rory @ NuEnergy, Chucky / Taka @ Guhroovy / RNBJ, Sage @ Phusion, Tyco / Jules @ Outerspace, Nick @ Midex, Horn @ LPU, Weaver @ One Stop, Mikel @ Overdrive, Sam @ Powerhouse, Ryan @ Destiny, Uraken and the old Q records crew, Gavin & Duncan @ MixMag, Richard @ Tidy, Dek / Matt @ Beats24-7, Rich / Dan @ Blizzard, Tomohiro @ avex, Mizukoshi @ BPM, Kaneko @ Victor, Richard @ Mobeneko, Brisk @ Next Gen, Sy @ Quosh, Luna-C / Deluxe @ KF, Scott @ Evolution, Paul @ USH, All the DFM boys, Elation crew, HyperBeatz, Electronic, and all the people I forgot, don't be offended if I missed you there are simply thousands of people I know from this site and I would have missed some of you.
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   5 X Digital Beatz = Hardcore
Digital Beatz have let know they have sent of their next release to be sent to mastered for pressing. Here is the audio for this fine release:

Audio (MP3):
A. Tazz & A.M.S. Gettin Dirty
B. Dodgee & UFO Timespan
   Hardcore of a different kind
The latest MixMag (World biggest club magazine) has an article this month about the so call legendary porn star Ron Jeremy (UK). The article is about a party he put on recently hosted by his best friend DJ Dougal. We are yet to see the article but apparently there are pictures of him and styles with loads of naked porn women. Should make for an interesting read :)
   Win a copy of Original Hardcore 3 - The Nu Breed and Inspired (MoS) are giving you the chance to win one of five copies of the new CD Original Hardcore 3 - The Nu Breed. Competition closes Jan 26th 2004 so get your groove on and click the CD image below to enter!

   KFA Video
DJ Luna-C (of Kniteforce, KFA) has released a video for the forthcoming release on KFA call Angel. We have it here for your viewing pleasure as well as an audio snippet of the release:

Video (QuickTime - Windows users should right click and save as)
Modem speed.
Medium speed.
BroadBand speed.

Audio (MP3 6MB):
Luna-C "My Angel" EP
Double 10" (KFA19)
1. My Angel
2. Thankyou Repeat V3.1
3. Hold It, Hold It
4. I Run These Streets

KFA & Luna-C get their video on!

   SMD 1-4 oldskool hardcore in stock!
Author: silver  
Stop press: We have just received in a limited shipment of SMD volumes 1-4 on vinyl. These tunes are extremely rare and very very sort after, get these classics while you can! They are brand new and only 4.68 UK pounds, can you believe it!? Looking at Ebay now you can see that this tune is going for 3-4 times this price used, and our price is brand new!

SMD - Oldskool! - Click to order

   Spanish hardcore / Gabba / Hardstyle arrive in store
Author: silver has received a large re-stock order in of spanish hardcore (Makina) plus some hardstyle, gabba and speed hardcore. We also receive a large re-stock of Evolution, Raver Baby and the NuEnergy collective.

New spanish and gabba and hardstyle we have now are from labels such as:
Up Tempo
**** off Records
The Third Movement
Rotterdam Records
Neophyte Records
Terror Tracks

We will continue to carry new stock from all these labels and continue to stock the records that you want to buy!

On another note we also will have the entire AATW catalogue next week.
   Speed Trance - Type 4 - Mixed by DJ Silver
DJ Silver of and MasterWax records has teamed up with Victor JVC Japan to produce a new "speed trance" hardcore album for the Japan market. The CD is entitled "Speed Trance - Type 4"

The tracks on the CD contain several new unreleased and unheard as of yet MasterWax tunes as well as a host of other Japanese hardcore producers and very hard edged trance. The speed concept for hardcore albums is not a new one, this is the fourth in the series of Speed Trance CD's from Victor JVC and there are other many "speed" entitled hardcore / trance crossover albums released in Japan that are also very popular.

This CD will only be released in Japan, it may be imported to other countries but as the entire packaging is in Japanese there are no guarantees. will keep everyone informed on these movements.

The CD is released today 14th of Jan 2004 - Check out the tracklist here and you can order here (note this is a Japanese release as such the order site is partly in Japanese - Press "Display in English" for English guidance)

Speed Trance - Type 4 - Mixed by DJ Silver - Powered by

   Essential platinum release schedule
Essential platinum have sent out news about their upcoming for the first bit in 2004, here is how it stands.

A. Dougal & Gammer feat. Stefan B - Fell from the Stars
B. Dougal & Gammer - Test

A - Dougal & Gammer - Stomp
B - Dougal & Gammer - Piano Song

A - Dougal & Gammer - Know the Score
B - Dougal & Gammer - Supernova
   Leaked tracklist, Bonkers 12 and HTID 2
Yesterdays artwork and tracklist on the Hardcore CD release from Decadance was leaked to, we posted it thinking it was final but now know it's still has minor errors and adjustments and possibly new cover artwork. The link to the tracklist has been removed - The CD is still on the release schedule for 14th of Feb 2004 and still can be pre-ordered without any problems.

We have also been in contact with React on their latest hardcore offerings, we have been told that the CD Hardcore til I Die 2 (HTID2) will be released around the same time has Bonkers 12, HTID2 will be released "in a few months" and Bonkers 12 to be released around "summer time" (July-Sept for all the southern hemisphere people).
   Hardcore 6 pack!
Another release from Decadances (aka Ministry of Sound) Hardcore range comes from DJ Heroes Sy & Unknown. The 6 pack CD release has tunes new tunes as well as tunes from the happy area of hardcore plus a real oldskool classics mix. Ministry have told us that this CD series has had sales of over 100,000 units on the 4 titles in the series to date!

CD release date is Feb 14th 2004, you can Pre-order now.


   No Zero's here
A new underground label is starting up called Project Xero their goal they told us is to release, happy, bouncy, fun hardcore around the 96/97 tuneframe (I made that word up). Release should be out in 4-6 months.
Audio (MP3)
AdamL - Kickin in the beat
AdamL & Sparky - Again and again
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   Who's doing hardcore this week?
The new CD Original Hardcore 3 features three tracks from artists that grab our attention. The Warp brothers have been a massive trance unit for many years now and now are "back to basics" on this CD with a hardcore track. Ultrabeat have a hardcore mix on this CD, not a Breeze mix or a Hixxy mix, but a hardcore mix from the group Ultrabeat you know them as the group that charted with a trance cover in the UK national charts with Pretty Green Eyes. Last but not least the artist Re-con, this is an alias that Mike Di Scala from Ultrabeat uses to produce hardcore, this is his second hardcore release.

All artists are major players in the (commercial) dance scene, all now producing hardcore.
   Orginial Hardcore 3 (The Nu Breed)
Original Hardcore 3 is set for release 24th of Jan 2004! - Released by Inspired/INCredible (aka Ministry of Sound) this time around the triple CD release is mixed by Dougal and Styles with the 3rd disc containing a classic happy hardcore mix by the duo. This release kind of came out of no where with no information released to regular hardcore news outlets (like this site).

Original hardcore is a commercially released CD that has featured TV adverts in the past. We will have more information very soon on this release including a pre-order link. But now you can all take a gander at the tracklist and cover artwork.

Original Hardcore 3

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   Evolution's newest
Evolution Records / Evolution Plus have put out there latest release schedule.

EV 71
Scott Brown - Make the beat drop
Scott Brown - Don't be afraid

EV 72
Scott Brown / Cat Knight - Flow
Scott Brown - Boomstick

EV 73
Interstate - This is my bass
Interstate - We can dance

Plus 11
Scott Brown - Memories
Scott Brown - Come on (Sy & Unknown mix)

Plus 12
Scott Brown & Marc Smith - Hardcore u know
Scott Brown & Marc Smith - The Judgement

Plus 13
Plus System - Blue Anthem
Plus System - Is this the future

Plus 14
Plus System - This is how we do it
Plus System - Darkness
   Hixxy & MC Storm on TSR this week!
Hixxy & MC Storm are special guests this week on Totally Sweet Radio (TSR 61). Hixxy and MC Storm lay down a brand new killer set with MC Storm live on the mic for this special radio set. The totally sweet radio crew also sit down with the boys and ask a ton of questions including MC Storm how he vocal scratches, if you ever wanted to know how MC Storm vocal scratches you can't miss this set. A must listen!
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   Tidy comment on hardcore involvement have asked a question directly to Tidy's Creative Director - Amadeus Mozart also from the Tidy Boys regarding Tidy's involvement in hardcore after our news posting about Tidy and hardcore earlier this week.

Q: have suggested you might be putting out some hardcore tunes under the tidy banner....what is your response to this? Will we be seeing tidy hardcore?

A: "We are not putting out any HARDCORE on our labels or setting a up hardcore labels. Our online store may stock some hardcore releases but thats as far as it goes. - We will continue with putting on hardcore arenas at our events - and we are planning something bigger for hardcore fans."

"Planning something bigger for hardcore fans" - to us this directly confirms Tidy's involvement in hardcore. Tidy state the will not release any hardcore on their labels but it looks like they are targeting the hardcore scene for something that is at least 100% hardcore.

Why are we making such a fuss about Tidy's involvement in hardcore? Tidy have a very strong brand name, they release high production quality hard house material that has a large fan base and is very popular worldwide. We are quite sure the Tidy fan's out there would love the hardcore sound, they just need to first know what is hardcore and hear it, this is where Tidy would come in. We will keep everyone posted.

The full interview by can be read here.
   Hyperbeatz Hide you and Listen
Promo audio out of the Hyperbeatz stables for their next vinyl, in press at the moment, release imminent.

Audio (MP3)
A - Jonnyel & Fastraxx - Hide You
B - Jonnyel & Fastraxx - Listen


   Tidy selling hardcore
The Tidy trax store now stocks hardcore releases including MasterWax! Is this one step towards Tidy trax (the famous hard house label) releasing hardcore? Here's the clues: Tidy trax has a major hardcore room at its events now, it is home to the Stimulant DJ's (aka Brisk & Ham) and what better way to get your customers used to the hardcore sound than to stock and sell other hardcore releases before releasing and selling your own material.
   Dune are back doing hardcore!
What a week, first we post that Vinylgroover is back doing hardcore now has learnt that Dune the famous German group that produced tracks such as "I can't stop ravin", "Million miles from home" and "Hand in hand" just to name a few are back in the hardcore biz! Dune are playing a hardcore set at the upcoming Helter Skelter party in Australia (not to be confused with the UK party of the same name).

Been under a rock and don't know who Dune are? Check their profile.
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   Vinylgroover is back doing hardcore
Vinylgroover is back doing hardcore. Vinylgroover is playing the main room in the upcoming hardcore event in the UK called Uproar. We have also heard news that he is producing new hardcore material. We are unsure if it will get released or not but seeing he is playing the main room and has not DJed hardcore in the UK for at least 2-3 years if would be a safe bet he should play some new own material.

New to hardcore and don't know who Vinylgroover is? Check out his profile.
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