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Showing news from 2002
   Hardcore 2002!
Phew what a year for hardcore! 2002 is the year hardcore was re-born, fresh new talent as well as strong new material from established artists made it a year to remember.

2002 for hardcore saw many things, firstly at we gained just over 4200 new members!, the web site saw over 34 million (34,000,000) server request (hits), we streamed over 30 Terabytes (axp 30,000 Gigabytes) of HappyHardcore Radio! and saw over 38,000 posts in the forums.

2002 saw the launch of the following new labels:

DFM Records
Next Generation - re-launch
New Essential platinum - re-launch
FBI - re-launch
Digital Beatz
Phase 4 Records
Raw Elements

With several CD compilations coming out from:
Rumour Records
Ministry of sound

2002 also saw: HappyHardcore.DJ free hardcore email service was launched, MixMag magazine (UK) had a 4 page feature on hardcore and two months later featured a free hardcore CD on the front cover, Flip & Fill covered the hardcore classic Shooting Star which reached #3 in the UK national charts and well as Kelly Llorenna with the resung classic hardcore track Heart of gold, Helter Skelter returned with hardcore and finally so many new hardcore supports, DJ's, artists, producers and events showed that hardcore will never die.

I obviously could not include everyone and everything here that happened in 2002, I probably missed a few things here and there as well... From everyone at we wish everyone around the world safe and happy new year.

Get ready for a MASSIVE Hardcore 2003!
   Phased and Innervision
Author: silver  
Phased 4 record have sent their latest releases, as well as a new label Innervision

Records set to launch early 2003!

Audio (Real):
A: Stargazer - Rebirth
B: Uplift - The Flight
Release Date: January 2002

A: Adam J - Ultraviolence
B: DJ Invader & Stargazer -

Release Date: Soon!

A: Peter Kaine - Free Your


B: DJ Invader & Stargazer - Alter


Release Date: February/March 2003
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   SSU Bustin' out in 2003
As you know SSU Recordings has been kind of quite over the past year and we have just found out why! SSU have sent new information on their latest happenings, released this week was SSU 8 (Fade & Simon Apex - Falling / Simon Apex & Ion - Purgatory) being closely followed by SSU 9 (Simon Apex - Over Again / Storm & Herman / Breaking My Heart) as you might already know but as of SSU 10, SSU have gone a new approach with every release featuring "a kick drum work out on one side coupled with a breaks and bass stormer on the flip". SSU have also refitted their studios with new equipment and promise a release every 6 weeks!

Audio (MP3):
Simon Apex & Ion - Fear This

Simon Apex & Dair - The Mincer

Simon Apex & Dair - Sound System Rockin

Simon Apex, Ion & Chance - The Game

Simon Apex & Orion - Treble N Bass Remix

Simon Apex & Ion - Temple Of Dreams

Finally for all your studio gear heads out there exclusive insider video of SSU new studio!
Video (Real):
Stateside Studios
   Evolution Christmas goodness
As promised in the earlier news post has obtained exclusive images and a complete track list of the new Evolution Records CD called Elysium - Mixed by DJ Angel to be released in Japan only. has also secured exclusive sales for the CD on the internet, and unless you live in Japan you can only order this CD from The CD is due for release March 2003 (3 months from now) but we are excepting reservations. Hit [email protected] up with an email with your full details and we will email you when the CD is ready for purchase. Pricing is unknown at this point but I expect it should be no more than any normal import CD. Hands down the track listing is to die for this is the CD is what everyone has been waiting for!

1. Q-Tex - Power of love 98
2. Scott Brown - Everytime I close my eyes
3. Interstate - Beloved
4. Scott Brown - Trance sect
5. Q-Tex - Let the bass go
6. Q-Tex - Roll the track
7. Interstate - Rock da house
8. Bass-X vs Scott Brown - Pilgrim 2000
9. Q-Tex - Like an angel
10. Scott Brown - Turn up the music (Breeze & styles mix)
11. Scott Brown - Gang Bang society
12. Scott Brown - Rock you softly
13. Hardcore Authority - Definition of a badboy
14. Scott Brown - Na Na Na
15. Brisk & Scott Brown - Chase
16. Scott Brown & Gillen Tennant - Elysium+

Elysium - Available on ONLY!

   Evolution madness!
Evolution records have released a ton of new information to firstly as rumored on last month EV63 will infact be Scott Brown - Ghosts / Turn up the music (remix).

UPDATED: Rumors of EV63 being a picture disc are confirmed, EV63 will have a limited picture disc run!

Releases on the table for Evolution include old school and new school double mix CD there in February released on Down Underground in Australia, as well as following the success of Hardcore - A new beginning released from Rumour records, Scott Brown & Neophyte will join forces again to bring you Hardcore 2 in the New Year.

We have saved the best for last, A new mix CD by DJ Angel featuring all the latest evolution tracks will be out March 2003 in Japan, has the exclusive web sales for this CD! has also been given the exclusive artwork and final track listing, we will post in a few hours!
   'tis the season to be hardcore! is proud to present exclusively to the internet as a Christmas present for viewers the sale of the new Gabba / New style hardcore CD from H2OH entitled Hardcore for the HeadStrong mixed by Japanese hardest gabba DJ - DJ chucky. This CD is only licensed for release in Japan meaning you can not buy this CD anywhere in the world except in Japan. is proud to exclusively offer you the CD to purchase for import buyers via Costing for the CD is 3625 Japanese Yen (axp. 19 UK pounds or 30 US dollars) with full shipping included!
Sorry no credit cards excepted, If you wish to order this CD send an email to [email protected] and we will send you full details on how to make a money order or cheque and get this hot CD in your hands.

Complete Track list with selected audio (Windows Media)
01. Omar Santana - Lethal Weapon
02. Omar Santana - Make Some Noise
03. Chosen Few - I Refuse 2 Looze
04. 3 Da Hard Way - Pull The Trigger
05. Rob Gee - Boriqua Bitch (Buzz Fuzz Remix)
06. Omar Santana - Darkside
07. Da Predator - Out Of Control
08. Omar Santana - World Domination
09. Omar Santana - Bum Rush Da Sound

10. Omar Santana - Get Ready Motha****s
11. Da Predator - Human Blood
12. Predator - Elements of Danger
13. Omar Santana - Necronomincon (Omar's Mix)
14. Omar Santana - Kick Some Shit (original mix)

15. 3 Da Hard Way - Original Rude boyz (oh oh mix)

Hardcore for the HeadStrong - Japanese edition

   Interview: DJ Menis
A man that has quickly made a name for himself is DJ Menis, his name has appeared on many new hardcore releases this year. talks to DJ Menis in between his Garden Bowling sessions to find out a little about the man in DJ Menis' interview.
   Hardcore goes front cover MixMag!
Word from the editor's over at MixMag (UK based club magazine) is that the next issue's cover that is on sale end of Jan 2003 has a hardcore front cover with the main "club feature" also about hardcore. The front cover is to be as it stands now a shot of a raver at the UK party Neo (held last month) with the main feature about following around a bunch of Godskitchen (UK Hardhouse party) regulars turned hardcore virgins. MixMag has a word of warning for the slaters that "it's not an in depth music or DJ led piece it's a club feature."

As it stands this will cause alot of people to panic and hit the commercialization button, having not read or seen the article I'm going on record to say I fully support MixMag and their efforts for hardcore, yes I have read what they have done in the past, but my reasons are this: In the last few years (Happy) hardcore has been given a backseat to Hard House and Trance, everyone knows many hardcore people left the hardcore and the hardcore darkest times were around 98-99 where you would get no credit at all for DJing, producing or writing anything hardcore. If it wasn't for artists and DJ's such as Hixxy, Brisk, Ham, Scott Brown just to name a few sticking with hardcore and hardcore music might have ended up like 70's disco (no one making anything new) and the hardcore scene to slowly bleed to death because there is no fresh blood.

I started late 1998 and have slowly seen a new generation of hardcore supporters as well as the people that stuck with it during those dark times making hardcore massive again. This is not due to any one person or action, all the hardcore DJ's globally, all the members of USH, ravers that go to the events, the supporters of the Happy2BHardcore and Bonkers CDs and of course all the members of have made hardcore massive, and trust me this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have always wanted respect for sticking with what we love and we are now getting the attention of big media. Of course there are going to be a few articles here and there that we will not agree with, but like most of you already say we don't need the media to make hardcore popular, hardcore will never die and this proves it. What other dance genre has EVER come back with such devolved spirit? Sure media will attract more people, but hardcore has enough core supports, producers and DJ's to take the extra and lose them again when the media starts to write about something else, besides this isn't about the people it is about the respect.

Hardcore is now a global force, we now have major hardcore scenes in the UK, Japan, Australia, USA and Canada like never before. Let the media write about us, keep them informed, tell them hardcore is here is stay!
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   Just the basic Raw Elements
The Raw Elements crew have sent over their latest release schedule, judging from their first two releases they will not be ones to miss.

ELEM003 - January 2003
A: Undefined - Uplift, Cris.E.Manic & Lukozade
AA: AWOL - Uplift, Cris.E.Manic & Lukozade

ELEM004 - March 2003
A: Acid Aftermath - Cris.E.Manic

ELEM005 - April 2003
A: Faith Alone - DOK & Ponder

ELEM006 - May 2003
A: Revelations - Uplift & Stargazer
AA: Statik - Uplift & Stargazer
   DJ Fade - Totally sweet!
This week on the Totally Sweet Radio show on Radio we have a very special guest: DJ Fade from Next Generation and Blatant Beats UK. Fade is in Toronto for the big Hullabaloo! party last weekend, Fade dropped by the Totally Sweet Radio studio for an upfront set of new material from the two labels.
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   It's great to be number 2
Loud magazine is magazine published in Japanese for the Japanese market only, it's DJ and techno magazine and it the magazine every reads and trusts. Loud's latest January issue has listed vinyl shops tracks of the year on sales for 2002 with Misono - KonoMama on MasterWax 2 coming in the top 3 of two of the stores just behind Yoji Biomehanika!

Congratulations to Misono, DJ Uraken, DJ Kaos and the people I can't mention because of legal reasons :)
Electronic (Records) hits the streets with three new dark and hard tracks.

Audio (Real Audio):
A. DOK - Dark Half
B. DOK - Dark Half (Instrumental)

A. DOK & Ponder - No Escape
B. Tom U4EA & James F - Nightmare On base

A. Tazz & Concept - The Hard Way
B. Tazz & Concept - Fresh Style
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   New Hardcore Decadance album
News has leaked to from a very reliable source on a new Decadance hardcore CD mixed by DJ Sy to be released January 2003. The new CD will feature mostly unreleased upfront stuff from Sy & Unknown, Hixxy, Breeze & Styles, Scott Brown, UFO, CLSM, Ponder & HB, Uplift, Cris-e-Manic & Lukozade, Oli G, DJ Fracus & Gavin G, Stargazer, Dougal & Gammer.
   Quick the Boss is coming!
The Kniteforce crew have sent over full details on their latest CD including material from Kniteforce and JAL. Check it out!

B.O.S.S. - Breakbeat Old Skool Sessions Vol 1.
1 DJ, 2 Labels, 3 Turntables.
Kniteforce Vs JAL, Mixed and scratched by Luna-C.

Complete Track Listing:
1) Luna-C - Piano Progression
2) Citadel of Kaos - Passion
3) Alk-e-d - Selecta
4) JDS - Higher Love
5) Future Primitive - Feel it
6) DJ Unity - Freedom
7) Timespan - Music
8) Citadel of Kaos - Earthquake
9) Force & Evolution - Escape the Feeling
10) Billy Bunter - Let it Lift You
11) DJ Deluxe - Error 17
12) Justin Time - Help Me
13) Richie Whizz - Song of Angels
14) Billy Bunter - New Sensation
15) U-Clan - Ancient Art of 'Ardcore
16) Justin Time - Sweet in Pocket
   Complex hardcore
Elation Recordings have given exclusive artwork for their new CD album due to be released in the UK this month entitled "The David Complex". We are not sure who David is but we will investigate to why he is so complex and get back to you, but in all seriousness the track list looks extremely good judging from the artists other audio work. has also has a complete track list.

   Just in time for Christmas
The RaverBaby drought it over, RaverBaby 8 and Jelly Baby 4 hit the store shelves over the weekend. If all goes well there should be more coming soon according to earlier reports from Hixxy.
2002/12/05 Radio gets a major upgrade! has launched a real-time streaming track, label and label catalogue numbers system for the DJ mixes on Radio! We believe there are no other systems in the world that can do this... Another first for Hardcore! The track information also link directly into's record database so you can get more information. Due to the fact we stream all over the world the titles can be upto 30 seconds out of sync but still not a problem since most tracks are 3-4 mins. Launch the radio (above) in your favorite player and check it out. Note we had to reduce the size of the images below to fit them in.

Title streaming in WinAmp v2.x (ALT-T to open Mini Browser)

Full advanced streaming window with DJ images and track data

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   Interview: MC / DJ Ethos
A familiar name in hardcore is Ethos. He has releases on his co-owned Future Dance label as well as the latest Happy2BHardcore 7 CD. sits down with Ethos in his interview.
   New Donna Grassie hardcore
DJ Fracus & Oli G have recorded a brand new vocal hardcore track with Donna Grassie (of 'Cloudy Daze' , 'Gotta believe', 'Sunshine' fame). The new track entitled 'Feel the light' is a totally original track and will be released on DFM Records in the new year. Donna will also be recording some more work with the DFM boys in 2003.

Audio (Real):
DJ Fracus & Oli G (feat. Donna Grassie) - Feel the light
   Calling all DJ's
If you don't already know Radio is the number one listened to radio on the internet for hardcore. So much listened to that in just the last 14 days since posted that we had streamed 4.5 years, we have streamed another 6 months of hardcore... Yes that correct we have now streamed over 5 years of hardcore! from Canada to Austria to Malaysia to Romania to Costa Rica to Bolivia... the list goes on and on... Unbelievable!

So what we going to do about it? Well as is about the music and the people we are opening our doors to guest DJ radio spots and new permanent shows. Yes you can lay down the tunes on the biggest internet hardcore radio on the planet! This is open to anyone, whether your an unknown bedroom DJ or play the big parties. All interested parties should email [email protected] for full details (no time wasters please).

Lastly, new poll for the month.

go hard or go home...
   Evolution 63 picture disc
There is an extremely strong rumor that Evolution records 63 to be released in Jan 2003 will be a special picture disc. Here is the information we have so far

A: Turn Up the Music (Breeze & Styles Remix)
B: Ghosts
   Interview: DJ Kaos
Mr Wax city himself, DJ Kaos has been up, down, in and out of hardcore since day one, you have seen his name on everything from the Go Mental series to MasterWax Records to Blatant Beats. finds a little more in DJ Kaos' interview.
   Exclusive track listing and artwork for Happy2BHardcore 7 is proud to be the first to give you details on the latest from the Moonshine label. As reported yesterday the name of the new CD is Happy2bHardcore 7 - a new beginning, we present you today with the full and complete track listing and cover artwork. For all the Blaze! lovers out there check track 13!

   Rave 'n' Beats Japan!
Another day another hardcore label it's all good people! This time it's Rave N Beats Japan which is a sub-label of Rave N Beats (USA). has been told that it will ONLY release Japanese hardcore, very interesting, distribution via phusion records USA. Rave 'n' Beats Japan have sent exclusive audio, you heard it here first!

Audio (Windows Media)
VA/Tokyo Style EP Vol.1
A1 - Buzzmasta Heartbreak
AA1 - Day After Terrors - Here We Go ****
AA2 - Day After Terrors - Here We Go **** (DJ Chucky RMX)

   A camel you can't smoke
The new hardcore label Camel out of the UK has announced their release line up and release dates. Their first release CAM001 is due Feb 2003 with CAM002 around April/May.
Audio (Real)
A - Oli G & Smackdown - I'm Not Crazy
AA - DJ Fracus & Mimic - Solace of The Shadows

AA - EX1 - Degrees Of Motion

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   Happy2BHardcore update
You read it here first! The official name of the new Happy2BHardcore CD by Moonshine Records will be call Happy2bHardcore 7 - a new begining. The CD release is still scheduled for early next year with Anabolic Frolic mixing it up. We will post the track listing when we are allowed too :)
   5000 members / 100,000 streams / 4.5 years / 705 people online has passed 5000 members! What an achievement! Congratulations to every member for making this site so massive. While we are on stats the Radio station has streamed over 100,000 streams to over 51 countries, we totaled the number of hours people have listened to the station and it came out to 4.5 years!

November also saw the total number of online users near double to 705 people online, we also smashed both our daily page view record by 55% on average and our monthly record page view record for October by 38%

hardcore this is only the beginning...
   MixMag Hardcore!
It's going to be a HappyHardcore Christmas as December 2002 brings a new hardcore CD on the front cover of Mixmag! - no that is NOT a typo!

The CD will feature DJ Brisk & MC Storm. has the scoop of and tracklisting of this monumental event.

1. Ham & Robbie Long - "Get Hard"
2. Kaos & Ethos - "Get F**ked"
3. Just Rich & Kevin Energy - "Wanna Be"
4. Scott Brown - "Turn Up The Music (Breeze & Styles Remix)"
5. Ham - "Close Attention"
6. Brisk & Ham - "Serious Hardcore"
7. Double Dutch - "Drop Top"
8. Brisk & Fade - "New Sensation"
9. Brisk & Energy - "Unlock Your Brain"
10. Ham - "Remembering The Time"
11. Rampage & Revolution - "Real God"
12. Breeze n Styles - "You're Shining (Scott Brown Remix)"
13. Kaos & Ethos - "Technorocker"
14. Robbie Long & Devastate - "I Wanna Rock (V.I.P. Remix)"
15. Brisk & Fade - "Bang The Beats"
2002/11/14 Bonkers 9 TV Commercial Exclusive!
It's on TV's all over the UK, if you live there you might have seen it, but if you anyone like me you don't live in the UK and you haven't seen it. is pleased to give you the exclusive preview of the Bonkers 9 TV commercial in two quality formats Broadband and modem. Don't be a muppet, click now :)
Bonkers 9 can be ordered online here.

Video (Windows Media):
Bonkers 9 TV Commercial 100K BroadBand version
Bonkers 9 TV Commercial 28K Modem version

Bonkers 9 TV Commercial - "Don't be a muppet"

   DFM Records update
DFM Records have informed on their upcoming release and well as unleashed their new logo as well as a web site overhaul.
DFM's next release is due the 25th of November 2002

Audio (Real audio):
DJ Fracus & Gavin G - Shine / Optimizer

DFM Records new logo

   Just another label again!
The legendary label JAL (Just another label) is back! If you have been living in a shoebox all your hardcore life JAL is responsible for some of the biggest and well know happyhardcore tunes of the late 90's. KFA has been put incharge of the re-launch and promises as well as a few unreleased goodies from Justin Time and partners!
   It's a Revival
HectTech records have launched a new label to their collective entitled "Revival Recordings", the new label promised bring the finest Old School Classics with a brand new mix on the B-side for release! has recieved the track listing and audio for the first two releases!

Audio (Real Audio):
Hardcore Rhythm Team - "See The Light" (original & Topgroove remix)
Lewi Cifer - "99 Red Balloons" (original & Topgroove remix)

STOP PRESS - Release list and audio for the next coming HectTech tunes!

Delta-7/Storm & Herman - Project / On My Own
In Effect - Technology / Back 2 Bass Kicks
Sharkey & K-Komplex - Delusion
Outsiderz - Chemical Variant / No Need For Alarm
In Effect VS Furious - Hypnosis / Heavyweight Hardcore
Tazz, Concept & Narcotic - AK 47 / Invasion
Oli G - Dark Bizness / Monkey Cum
Frisky & Hujib - Morning Light / This Style
In Effect VS Furious Control - Romper Stomper
H-TEC035 Devastate, Tazz & Concept - React Hard
Tazz - Can You Feel It / Joofed Up
Dair & Devastate/Menis & Devastate - C'mon
Hixxy & Sharkey - Wanting To Get High / Boom Boom, Bang Bang!

HectTech's new logo

   Next Gen uncovers NG025-26 and BB034-35 member Dragalian has gotten the scoop even before the Next Generation's web site on the label's newest releases.

Audio (Real):
NG025 - Brisk & Scott Brown - Mind Punks / Brisk & Trixxy - Eyeopener (Scott Brown's Earcloser Remix)
NG026 - Brisk & Fade feat. Kelly - New Sensation /Brisk & Fade - Bang Da Beatz

BB034 - Ham - Pay Attention / Kinda Funky
BB035 - Fade - Fly With You / Start The Party
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   2BHardcore or not 2BHardcore that is NOT a question
Our good friends over at Moonshine have given the scoop on their upcoming releases. Firstly the Happy2BHardcore DVD is actually NTSC ALL REGIONS not just USA and Canada as previously reported, good news for all the Japanese and other NTSC countries hardcore punters out there. The DVD will also see a release in February 2003. Happy2bHardcore 7 (tentative title) will be coming out in January 2003 with Anabolic Frolic mixing it up this weekend so we should have a final track listing real soon.
   Who's going to Helter Skelter?
Well I know of three lucky winners in the and Helter Skelter Human Traffic guest list competition congratulations to the winners who have won 3 pair tickets, all six of you should be dancing your ass's off for the entry price of zero.
   Mysterious Cheesy DJs
Next Generation records let lose another future release, it's a re-make of a classic hardcore re-make... you all should enjoy.
Audio (Real Audio):
Cheesy DJs
   All the winners are out!
This month saw 3 competitions, we actually had to turn away a fourth... But the winners for the and Rumour Records CD competition (Master's of Hardcore) and the and React (Bonkers 9 prize pack) competitions are out. Congratulations to all the winners. Hardcore is certainly picking up as we received near three times the amount of entries we normally get on competitions! If you didn't win you can still buy a copy of Bonkers 9 or Master's of Hardcore online. Don't forget we still have the 3 pairs of tickets for Helter Skelter competition running until this Monday (4th Nov.) so get going if you haven't already entered and you can get to the event (UK).
Lastly, new poll for the month!
   H2BDVD has got wind of a new hardcore DVD due for release very soon created by MoonShine who are responsible for the highly popular Happy2BHardcore CD series. Essentially it is a multimedia computer generated visual DVD synced to Scott Brown tracks!
The DVD's release date originally schedule for the end of the year but has been pushed to after Happy2BHardcore 7 (tentative title) in January is released. The DVD will also include video footage taken at the Canadian parties WEMF and Hullabaloo Warp Factor.

The DVD can be pre-ordered here.

DVD Features:
Region 1 (NTSC - All Regions!)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English Dolby Digital Stereo - English
1. Interstate - Lost Generation
2. Q-Tex - Take Me Up
3. Scott Brown - I Don't Need Nobody
4. Smith & Brown - Your Love
5. Scott Brown - Super Sharp Beats
6. Scott Brown - Johnny
7. Scott Brown - Now is the Time 2000
8. Scott Brown & Gillian Tennant - Every Time I Close My Eyes
9. Scott Brown - Elysium
10. Scott Brown & Gillian Tennant - I'm The Only One
11. Scott Brown - Turn Up The Music
12. Bass-X Vs. Scott Brown - Pilgrim 2000
13. Q-Tex - Power of Love 2001
14. Scott Brown - Blueroom
15. Q-Tex - Like An Angel

   Win a free pair of guest list passes to 'Helter Skelter - Human Traffic' and Helter Skelter are offering the chance for 3 lucky people to win a free pair (2) of guest list passes to 'Helter Skelter - Human Traffic' to be held on November 9th 2002 in the UK. Click the logo below to enter. Competition closes 4th November 2002. Please note the event is held in the UK so only enter if you have means of attending.

   Interview: justrich
A new wave of hardcore producers, DJ's and sounds is sweeping the world from Canada, at the forefront of the charge is justrich. As a regular DJ on streaming radio, justrich has also done remix's for monster anthems by Blaze! / Bang! (MasterWax 1 and 3) and co-produced tracks with the likes of Kevin Energy, phosphor, Sharkey and K-Complex. Justrich also features on the new Bonkers 9 CD! finds out the full story in justrich's interview.
2002/10/22 and Rumour Records gives you the chance to win! and Rumour Records are offering the chance for 5 lucky people to win a free copy of the new double CD "Masters of Hardcore". For your chance to win click the CD image below but hurry competition closes 28th October 2002.
If you want to make sure you get your hardcore hands on a copy you can Pre-Order here.

   Jo James (Blaze! / Bang!) sings for Flip & Fill
We normally don't post non-hardcore related news, but since every second post in the forums seems to be about flip & fill we just had to on this exclusive news. The new Flip & Fill single "I wanna dance with somebody" (a cover of the track by Whitney Huston) is sung none other than the talented Jo James from the hardcore groups Blaze!, Bang!, Stealth, Nimrod and Oblivion. Some of Jo's most notable work in HappyHardcore include Shooting Star on Next Generation Records and 'til the day on MasterWax. and MasterWax records wish Jo all the best luck in this new track.
Audio (Real Audio):
Flip & Fill - I wanna dance with somebody*

*warning - this is commerical pop
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   Radio update radio is now the largest streaming (happy) hardcore radio station on the planet, we also update the stream every 2 days. We have done a massive upgrade of radio, first and foremost we now simulcasting Radio over three different major streaming formats WinAmp (Shoutcast), Windows Media and Real Audio all at the same time! We are still testing the new streams so please let us know of any problems. In addition we have a excellent new weekly show Totally Sweet Radio with DJ Virus and MC Gobstoper and special guests from Canada.

Hardcore the future is bright!
   Another Generation
Next Generation Records have chucked a new tune up for all to hear
Real Audio:
Burnin' NRG (NGLPS)
   Bonkers 9 Competition + Raver Baby news
Not to be out done by the competition, has received direct word that "Hardcore Mutation - Bonkers 9" will feature a TV commercial upon release! The release date has been confirmed as November 4th 2002, also the track listing has been fully finalized (click to view track list) across the CD's. and React have are also giving away a Bonkers 9 CD prize pack, including a copy of "Hardcore Mutation - Bonkers 9", an autographed poster and a randomly selected Bonkers CD (1-8). Click the CD image below to enter and remember the competition closes October 31st 2002 so don't delay.
If you want to guarantee your copy of Hardcore Mutation - Bonkers 9 it can be pre-ordered here
Lastly RaverBaby, Hixxy himself has told that all new material will be out before Christmas, although the release list has changed somewhat (expect a new release list in the next coming days).

   Bonkers 9 complete track listing and Pre Order!
The full track listing for the new Bonkers 9 CD Hardcore Mutation has arrived, it's not clear at the moment how the tracks are divided between the CD's.
The CD can be pre-ordered here
1. Sonic - Styles & Breeze
2. Oxygen - Styles & Breeze
3. Connection - UFO & MC Marley
4. Breaker - DJ UFO
5. Here we go - Dowster & Uprise
6. Set you free (Hixxy remix) - N-Trance
7. Field of dreams (hardcore mix) - Flip & Fill
8. Heart of gold (hardcore mix) - Llorena, Kelly
9. Wonderful days (Hixxy remix) - Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
10. Caught up - Insight & Sugar Holmes
11. If that's alright with you - Insight & Lynn Eden
12. Stay here forever - Brisk & Fade
13. Hit 'em - Tha Playah
14. Zombie - PCP (2)
15. Rock you softly - Brown, Scott
16. Like an angel - Q-Tex
17. Neck breaker - Plus System
18. Turn up the music (Brisk & Styles remix) - Brown, Scott
19. Chase - Brown, Scott & Brisk
20. Definition of a badboy - Brown, Scott
21. Ghosts - Brown, Scott
22. Twilight zone - Brown, Scott
23. Here comes the noise - Double Dutch
24. Mind punks - Brown, Scott & Brisk
25. You're shining - Styles & Breeze
26. Bring me round to love (VIP remix) - Sy & Unknown
27. Get hype - Dougal
28. Crazy styles (Vinal & Devotion remix) - Kevin Energy
29. 50000 watts of hardcore power - Long, Robbie & Devastate
30. Crescendos of ecstacy - Kevin Energy
31. Wanna be a DJ - Kevin Energy & Just Rich
32. Hardcore frequency (Ethos remix) - Simon Apex & Ion
33. Technorocker - Kaos & Ethos
34. Retro rush - Brisk & Fade
35. Party zone - Ethos & Dan Devotion
36. Unlock your brain - Ethos & Brisk
37. Visions of infinity (Sharkey & Kevin Energy remix) - Sharkey & Kevin Energy/K-Complex/Just Rich
38. Deviant - Smith, Marc
39. Delusion - Sharkey & K-Complex
40. Mind control - Sharkey & AMS
41. Beast of hardcore - Shanty Tazz & Concept
42. Terrorbeat - Devastate & MC Sharkey
2002/10/10 exclusive TV commercial preview has received an exclusive sneak preview of the TV commercial for the new double CD released by Ministry called Original Hardcore mixed by DJ's Sy and Unknown. That's right you saw it first here. This TV commercial is set to play on UK televisions shortly and should also as a guess most likely appear in the Ministry magazine.

Release date is October 18 2002, the double CD can be pre-ordered here.
Complete track listing here.
And if you thought we stopped there we also can show you a sneak preview of the Original Hardcore CD website.

Click the CD cover to view the sneak preview TV commercial (Windows Media - sorry bandwidth considerations)

2002/10/10 exclusive DFM Records Guest DJ set is now the most listened to streaming MP3 hardcore station in the world! We have also scored a re-broadcast deal with Impact FM 99.7 in London, with 2 x 2 hour shows broadcast weekly... As a present to all the listener's all over the world is pleased to give you a totally exclusive back to back DJ mix from Gavin G & Fracus from DFM Records who have recorded a 1 hour set with over 90% of the material unreleased this mix is not to miss as you will not hear this mix anywhere else! Tune into radio (WinAmp required) to catch the mix as well as mixes from Silver, Uraken, phosphor, justrich and more.
Track list for the exclusive DFM records mix:

A.M.S - Be quiet - Forthcoming Nu Energy
Adam Harris - The future - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus & Gavis G - Utopia - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus & Gavis G - Shine - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus - Buring like fire - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus & Gavis G - Optimize - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus & Gavis G - This is not over - Forthcoming Club Kinetic
Styles - Over & Over - Forthcoming Jellybaby
Storm & Blade - Darkzone (Remix) - Forthcoming Raindance
Fracus & Gavis G - Forever with me - DFM Records
   6 more Quosh
Quosh Records have updated their web site now offering direct sales of their records as well they have also kindly placed audio of some future release on net for your listening pleasure.

QSH042 (Release Date: November 2002)
Insight Featuring 'Sugar Holmz' - Caught Up
Insight Featuring 'Sugar Holmz' - Just Play It Loud

QSH043 (Release Date: November 2002)
The Mad Dogs - Let Me Hear You Make Some Noise
The Mad Dogs - Rox Like This

QSH044 (Release Date: December 2002)
Insight Featuring 'Lynn Eden' - I Can Feel It
Insight Featuring 'Lynn Eden' - If That's Alright With You
   Interview : Scott Brown
Not a single DJ, punter or promotor out there would mistake the talents of Scott Brown. goes one on one with the man in Scott Brown's interview.
   Masters of hardcore (Double CD pack)
The Hardcore scene is undergoing a massive resurgence which has seen the return of mass attendances at huge raves the world over with all the major promoters including Helter Skelter, Vibealite, Future Dance, Compulsion, United Dance, Devastation, PowerHouse Productions, Hullabaloo and Slammin' Vinyl organizing bigger and better events (some on a monthly basis) once again. Undoubtedly at the top of the league are the DJ and writing/production teams Sy & Unknown and Breeze & Styles who go head to head on "Masters of Hardcore" – a double mixed CD featuring 33 hardcore anthems several of which are new and exclusive to the album whilst others have already been massive on the scene. Release date is 28th October 2002.
UPDATE: Complete track list
Pre order your copy here

   Artwork for Bonkers 9
Artwork for Bonkers 9 has leaked on to the internet from unknown sources, with thanks to the USH crew has a copy of the artwork for your reviewing pleasure. The artwork is certainly moving away from the original bonkers artwork, change is always a good thing. Release date is set for November sometime.

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   Hardcore Mutation (aka Bonkers 9) has received more information on the latest Bonker's CD triple pack due shortly. The name is confirmed as "Hardcore Mutation" and has learnt some of the tracks from Hixxy's CD:

N-trance - Set You Free - Hixxy Remix
Flip And Fill - Field Of Dreams - Hixxy Mix
Kelly Llorenna - Heart Of Gold - Hixxy Mix
Charlie Lowniose And Metal Theo - Wonderful Days - Hixxy 2002 Remix
Styles + Breeze - Oxygen
Styles + Breeze - Sonic
UFO + M.C. Marley - Connection
UFO - Breaka!
Dowster + Uprise - Here We Go
Brisk + Fade - Stay Here Forever
   Hardcore 4 life
October's issue of MixMag (a popular UK based club music magazine) have a massive 4 page feature on HappyHardcore and it's growing future. Silver from along with Hixxy and Styles to name a few all every interviewed in the excellent article. Although some of the numbers were a little wrong when Silver was quoted on stats, the 250,000 hits per month is a little low, receive nearly 10 times that amount per month, and we are not quite at 5000 members yet (4200+ members)... but we are getting there. As the article points out hardcore has come along way, seen many changes but the love remains. Well worth the money to pickup a copy even if you are not a regular reader... So what's instore for the future of HappyHardcore? So many people worldwide are working on this from PowerHouse Productions in Australia and there 10,000 people HappyHardcore parties, Canadian DJ Anabolic Frolic and the Happy2BHardcore CD's, Hixxy with the Bonkers series... just to name a few... It's all happening, from where sits in the global scene we can see everything that is in the works, all the hardcore supporters worldwide the time is now... HappyHardcore is hardcore 4 life!
   Bonker 9 leak
When you think of hardcore you think of Bonkers, it's a HappyHardcore CD that shaped the globe 8 times over, now from React comes the 9th installment. With React keeping ultra hush hush has learned from multiple sources details on the release. React not confirming anything yet has learnt the guest DJ mixer will be none other than the talented Scott Brown. The other CD we can confirm is Sharkey, we can only assume it is a triple CD release and the other CD will be mixed by Hixxy. Detail's on Sharkey's CD tell us that Sharkey's CD tracklist contains at the moment 100% unreleased material, this could be the reason for the shortage of RaverBaby material being released.

Here are some of the tracks on Bonkers 9:

Bonkers records:
Sharkey, Kevin Energy K-Complex & Just Rich
"Visions Of Infinity remix" (Sharkey & Kevin Energy Remix)

Sharkey & A.M.S.
"Mind Control

DJ Kevin Energy & Just Rich
"Wanna Be A DJ"

Nu Energy records:
DJ Kevin Energy + Blackout
"Crazy Styles remix" (DJ’s Vinal and Devotion Remix)

DJ Kevin Energy
"Crescendos Of Ecstasy

Future Dance records:
Ethos & Dan Devotion "Party Zone"

50000 watts by Robbie long

Also new material from Brisk n Fade, Marc Smith, Simon Apex, Sharkey and HectTech Records.
   Winners are out
The winners have been announced for the competition to win the double CD "Next Generation 'The Collection V.1'"... Congratulations to all the winners and better luck next time for the people that didn't win! Keep your eyes on for the mother of all competitions shortly!
   10 / 10 / 10
KFA's 10th release is to coincide with Kniteforce's 10th birthday and will be a LP double pack! The double wonder of a release will hit the streets on the 10th October 2002 (10/10) and according to the Knifeforce crew is the best KFA release to date.
KFA Records Proudly Present:
KFA10 - Luna C Project X - 11 Reasons Why
Click for Track list and artwork
   Interview: DJ's Brisk & Ham (Next Generation Records)
Author: nami sits down for a one to one with the two of the biggest names in hardcore. DJ's Brisk and Ham can be classed as pioneers in hardcore always pushing the envelope of quality releases on their labels Next Generation Records and Blatant Beats. Read what these two wizards of hardcore have to say in their interview.
2002/09/09, Next Generation Records and Rumour Records, Next Generation Records and Rumour Records are offering the chance for 5 lucky people to win a free copy of the new double CD "Next Generation 'The Collection V.1'". For your chance at this piece of hardcore history click on the CD image below.

   Interview: DJ Fracus sits down with one of the newest talents on the hardcore block DJ Fracus. Not one to be missed he is one half of the masterminds at DFM records... Read his interview.
   Live radio, language selection and another Generation
The Official radio station (requires WinAmp) is under full swing, we have the DJ's Silver, phosphor, justrich and Uraken submitting weekly shows with more to come soon. has also added the option to select language as well as auto detecting it, to switch languages press the "Japanese" or "English" text link in the sub menu bar (blue) above...

Lastly, Next Generation Record have kindly placed more ear candy on the net with 'Real God' as a future release
Audio (Real Audio):
Rampage & Revolution - 'Real God'
   4000 Hardcore members, new online record and much more... has now passed 4000 members, quite an achievement for hardcore! Last month also saw the simultaneous online user record broken with 587 users on the at the same time (I can smell the servers melting from here). The record section is also proving to be real popular pushing our page views to new record levels with loads of people creating their own DJ record lists. Keep at it everyone there are more records where that came from :) In addition to all of this most of you can not see this, but now auto detects what language operating system you have installed on your computer, and if your computer happens to be in Japanese... yep you guessed it, will appear in Japanese! Hi to all the new Japanese viewers! Finally new poll for the month.
   Next Generation label restarted with 4 new releases
Word from the front line that The Next Generation label has been restarted with full force. The first releases are set to be NG023 "Ham - There's A Heaven / Good In Da Neighbourhood" and NG024 "Brisk & Fade - Here Comes The Noise / Retro Rush". Also hot on the heels of the Next Gen releases will be two releases on Blatant Beats (Next Gen's sister label): BB032 "Kaos & Ethos - Lost / Technorocker" and BB033 "Double Dutch - Here Comes The Noise / Droptop". Look for all in October 2002!
   Interview: DJ Frisky (Canada) puts Canada's own DJ Frisky under the spotlight and finds out what makes him tick, read all in his interview.
   30% of the Record section launched
It's been a long time in planning, many many things have gotten in the way of progress on this section, record labels, competitions, remixes, DJ gigs just to name a few... but we at have decided to launch 30% of the record section. There is nothing like this record system on the internet and has got it FIRST and given it too all the hardcore supporters around the world for free... If you turn your head to the right of your screen you will see three new boxes, detailing latest additions (label, artist and release) into the database, you will then be able to create your own custom DJ own and want lists! A detailed description on what the changes are and how to use them can be found in this forum thread, in which also you can report any problems.
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   The winners are out
The winners have been announced for competition to win the double CD 'Hardcore - A New Beginning' mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte... Congratulations to all the winners and better luck next time for the people that didn't win, keep your eyes peeled on for further competitions shortly.
   Interview: DJ Uraken
Next in the series of interview's is DJ Uraken from Tokyo. Uraken with his latest remix of Konomama on MasterWax 2 is turning heads with his new fresh style and we at find out the inside story in his interview.
2002/08/20 soft record bags are back!
Author: silver  
The once limited edition soft record bags are back for sale in the gear section! These bags are just the same as the last batch we had made up but with three extra designs. The bags are simile yellow in color and have an adjustable shoulder strap with adjustable clasp closure, outside panel compartment with a zippered closure, black binding, the size is 11" x 13" x 14".
We also have for sale, Smilie Rave visors with 20 different designs black caps and different asorted bags for all your multiple styles and personalities.
   Misono - 'Konomama' (MWX002) & Blaze! - 'Crazy little fingers' (MWX003) on sale now!
Author: silver  
Two of the most anticipated happyhardcore tracks for 2002 are finally now on sale, MasterWax 2 - Konomama from Misono, one the first and greatest Japanese vocal anthems you will ever hear... and Crazy little fingers from Blaze! who have been toping the charts in various hardcore charts and DJ play lists worldwide storm back with another hardcore stomper... I have had shops, distributors, DJ's and ravers all over world begging me weekly for these tunes, trust me on this if want a copy buy it quickly... Both tunes are available from IMO Records and fine outlet shops near you. Resellers (shops) can order the entire MasterWax catalogue from either NuEnergy distribution or IMO distribution.

[A] - Konomama [Uraken remix!]
[AA] - Konomama [DJ Kaos remix]

Audio (Windows Media):
A - Crazy Little Fingers [DJ Luna-C Remix - (Courtesy of KFA)]
AA - Crazy Little Fingers [dj phosphor & dj justrich Ruffed Up Mix]

   Win the double CD 'Hardcore - A New Beginning' mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte!
Author: silver and Rumour Records are offering the chance for 10 lucky people to win a free copy of the double CD 'Hardcore - A New Beginning' mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte.
Click on one of the CD artwork image below to get all the rules and how to enter! But hurry the competition closes 23rd Aug 2002 - 00:00 (midnight) GMT!

   The Collection v1: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music
Brisk from Next Generation Records has sent the real track list "The Collection v1: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music." A double CD set of 38 of Next Generation's finest high-energy hardcore anthems, 23 of which are previously unreleased, mixed by Brisk and Ham.

1. Intro (Performed by MC MC)
2. Ham - Kinda Funky
3. Ham - Good In Da Neighbourhood
4. Robbie Long & Coyote - Ultimate Sounds
5. Ham - Don't U Know
6. Northern Lights - Love of my Life (Unreleased Brisk Remix)
7. Ham - Lose Control
8. Ham - And I'm Back
9. Bang! - Shooting Star (Brisk Remix)
10. Ham - Remembering The Time
11. Ham - There's A Heaven
12. Fade - Fly With You
13. Ham - Right Now
14. Force & Styles - Show Me The Sunshine (Fade Remix)
15. Double Dutch - Movin' On
16. Brisk & Ham - Serious Hardcore
17. Bang! - See Me Climb (DNA Remix)
18. Bang! - Break of Dawn (Scott Brown Remix)
19. Kaos & Ethos - Lost
20. Robbie Long & Devastate - Still Got Power

1. Intro
2. Project X - Start The Party
3. Double Dutch - Here Comes The Noise
4. Fade & Dair - Burnin' NRG
5. Brisk & Energy - Unlock Ya Brain
6. Brisk & Fade - Stay Here Forever
7. Brisk & Fade - Control Your Mind
8. Brisk & Fade - Retro Rush
9. Ham & DNA - About U
10. Brisk & Fade - Desire
11. Brisk & Fade - Want Your Love
12. Brisk & Fade - Radio Rockin'
13. Expression - Total Darkness
14. Double Dutch - Droptop
15. Pursuit - Amokoma
16. Supernova - Cheesy DJs
17. Kaos & Ethos - Technorocker
18. Brisk & Fade - Skillz & Stylez
19. Brisk Vs. Scott Brown - Mind Punks
20. Brisk & Trixxy - Eyeopener (Scott Brown's Earcloser Remix)

"The Collection v1: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music" can be pre-ordered for 13.45 pounds.

   The Evolution continues...
Evolution Records have released details on their latest tunage (below) and informed that e-plus (evolution records sister label) is pressed upto e-plus 6!
ev 60 - Scott Brown and Dj Brisk - Chase
ev 61 - Q-TEX - Like an Angel
ev 62 - Scott Brown - Twilight zone
   Interview: DJ Fenix
Author: silver  
DJ Fenix, over a decade of dedicated hardcore the man's seen it all, see what makes DJ Fenix tick in his interview.
   'til the day, "Guardcore" and Streaming tunes
Blaze! - 'til the day on MasterWax Records (MWX001) stays as the number 1 voted hardcore track for the month of August on the non affiliated Happy Hour Radio hardcore show. Blaze! and MasterWax Records are surly on fire with this track it has been in the top 2 chart positions for the last four months! Congrats to all involved. With Blaze! 's latest track Crazy Little Fingers on MasterWax (MWX003) just on sale it surely will not be a track to miss.

Second, Next Generation Records have placed more audio on the net of their upcoming releases for all our listening pleasure.
Audio (Real Audio Streaming):
Guardcore - Fade & Menis

Lastly, the "Streaming Tunes" radio is now updated weekly have a listen, once the mixing schedules have been finalized it will be posted.
   It's madness I tell you
One of the only US based hardcore label's "Madness and Mayhem" have released number 4 (MMR 004).
Audio (Real Audio Streaming):
A - Infected - Sunrize
AA - Mayhem - Sunrize
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   Ok... Next Generation track list close.
Insider news... the tracklisting for Next Generation is extreamly close, inaccurate by a few titles here and there, says sources close to the project.
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   Next Generation CD track list a fake!
Perhaps we jumped the gun on posting the track listing for the Next Generation album, we have received a 100% confirmation from Brisk himself that it is incorrect, but the pre-order CD is the actual thing so you don't have to worry there... Apologies for the mistake.
   Next Generation album track list!
Author: silver has received further information on the Next Generation album. The CD double pack is to be called "The Collection Vol.1: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music." seeing a release date of 16th September 2002. We are assuming each CD will be mixed individual Brisk or Ham. You read it here first!

UPDATE: New Next Generation CD can be pre-ordered for 11.99 pounds.

UPDATE 2002/08/08: Track list below is fake.
CD 1
1 Sailaway (Trixxy Remix) - Bang!
2 Shooting Star (Brisk Remix) - Bang!
3 And I'm Back - Ham.
4 Don't U Know - Ham.
5 Love Of My Life - Northern Lights.
6 Ultimate Sounds - Robbie Long & Coyote.
7 U R The One - Brisk & Ham.
8 Sunshine (Fade Remix) - Force & Styles.
9 Serious Hardcore - Brisk & Ham.
10 Movin' On - Double Dutch.
11 Fly With You - Fade.
12 Touch Me - Fade.
13 Inside Beat - Rapido.
14 Break Of Dawn - Bang!
15 See Me Climb - Bang!
16 Delerious - Double Dutch.
17 Burning Energy - Fade & Dair.
18 Start The Party - Fade.
19 About You - Ham & DNA.
20 Here Comes The Noise - Double Dutch.

CD 2
1 Chase - Brisk V Scott Brown.
2 Stay Here Forever - Brisk & Fade.
3 Fat Controller - Expression.
4 Lost - Kaos & Ethos.
5 Eyeopener - Brisk & Trixxy.
6 Do Not Attempt - Brisk V Scott Brown.
7 Mind Punks - Brisk V Scott Brown.
8 Skillz & Stylez - Brisk & Fade.
9 Amokoma - Pursuit.
10 Get Fresh - Brisk & Fade.
11 Technorocker - Kaos & Ethos.
12 Cheesy DJs - Supernova.
13 Still Got Power - Robbie Long & Devestate.
14 Lose Control - Ham.
15 Right Now - Ham.
16 Retro Rush - Brisk & Fade.
17 Desire - Brisk & Fade.
18 Good In Da Neighbourhood - Ham
19 Want Your Love - Brisk & Fade.
20 Unlock Your Brain - Brisk & Energy.
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   Interview: DJ UFO
Next in the series of interviews we have DJ UFO, most notably known these days for his excellent work on the Raver Baby label with releases like Deep inside, Castles, and It's alright he's a man rolling... goes deep inside with UFO's interview.
   MasterWax 3 ON SALE NOW!
Author: silver  
i-tunes have received stock of the follow up to the number 1 hardcore hit from Blaze, 'til the day with the new track from Blaze called Crazy little fingers. The A side contains remixes from the legondary hardcore master Luna-C (Knifeforce, Knitebreed, KFA to name a few) adding his special blend of eleven secret herbs and spices to give it that tasty breakbeat flavor. While on the flip your favourites dj phosphor and dj justrich lay down the hardcore with a banging mix.... Definatly not to be missed.
Audio (Windows Media):
A - Crazy Little Fingers [DJ Luna-C Remix - (Courtesy of KFA)]
AA - Crazy Little Fingers [dj phosphor & dj justrich Ruffed Up Mix]

   KFA Extends the family - KFA8 EP! has received exclusive word that KFA8 has been confirmed and is to be released September 2002 and what's more it's an EP! The name of the new masterpiece is KFA8 - Extended Family EP
Track listing:
Dj Evil - Sweet
Nevis T - Something Spoon Related
Unsubdued - Reachin' Out

DJ Deluxe from KFA says and I quote:
"This EP is the bollox. Seriously. Every tune is a winner."
   Totally Pitch'in
Pitched up Records have released their latest in the series, Pitched Up 3 (PUR003)
Audio (MP3):
A Memories - Sunrize
B. Xpress Urself - AC Slater & DOK feat. Bexxie
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   Interview: dj phosphor
Author: silver  
The first in a new series of interviews with the people involved in the industry of music we all love. First off the bat is dj phosphor, the best new hardcore talent to come out of Canada is all I can say, see what he has to say in his interview.
   New tunes, another poll and radio madness!
Next Generation records yet again have placed new material on the net for all of us to listen to, Next Gen are really cranking them out....
Audio (Real Audio Stream):
'Droptop' - Double Dutch - Next Generation Records

Second as some of you already know if you read the forums, has a major upgrade of the online Radio coming shortly, to give a hint of the scale of what we are doing we are installing a 100mbit fiber optic link to our streaming server! That's 100mbits of hardcore goodness slamming your way real fast! How fast is 100bmits? We could transfer an entire full CD in just 52 seconds!... Look out for that one shortly, in the mean time check out the Streaming tunes radio (need WinAmp Installed).

Lastly new poll for the month...
   Evolution Plus
e-plus or Evolution Plus Scott Brown's new sister label to the now famous Evolution Records has released news on their next release.
Plus System - Neck breaker
   Under new management...
The new US based hardcore label on the block is Resistance Recordings firing out their first of hopefully many new tunes. Resistance Recordings 001 is DJ Tronic's "Anger Management" EP and is now available.
Audio (MP3 Download):
A1 - Fine Daze
A2 - Fight Music
B1 - Caught
B2 - Out of Control

or check out the new website of Resistance Recordings.
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   Kniteforce again, again, again, again, again, again, again
Knifeforce again (the record label) have let out the news on their next release KFA7 which is confirmed as
A1 - The Trip - The 'Erb 2002
AA1 - Idealz - Raise Yo Hands
AA2 - DJ Deluxe - Error 17
   Next Generation with yet another tune
Here comes the hardcore! Next Generation Records drop yet another tune on then net for your listening pleasure.
Audio (real audio)
'Still Got Power' - Robbie Long & Devastate
   DFM Records update
DFM Records have posted audio clippings of their latest hardcore track, DFM003 will be out in around 6-8 weeks time and will be available in all good record shops.
A: Shine (Feat. Paula) - DJ Fracus & Gavin G
B: Optimize - DJ Fracus & Gavin G
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   More hardcore goodness
Author: silver  
Next Generation records have posted two new hardcore stompers:
'Do Not Attempt' - Brisk & Scott Brown
'Here Comes The Noise' - Double Dutch

Phase 4 have also updated their release schedule for the next three releases:
A: Stargazer - "Rebirth"
Written, Produced and Engineered by T. Wright
AA: Uplift - "The Flight"
Written & Produced by S. Waterfall
Engineered by T. Wright

A: Adam J - "Ultraviolence"
Written & Produced by A. Jardin
Engineered by T. Wright
AA: Stargazer & Invader - "Infected Dreams"
Written & Produced by T. Wright & B. Handbury
Engineered by T. Wright

A: Sparky - "Advantage"
Written, Produced and Engineered by M. Coupe
AA: Rushout - "TBA"
Written & Produced by R. Bennett
Engineered by T. Wright

Finally the hardcore CD series "Wow what a rush" has come out with number 7 in the series with DJ Fury mixing it up.
01. Active Tekno - AG Systems
02. Freaky Faze - Energy
03. Chaoz - DJ Fury
04. A Voice Spoken To Me - Ad Man & Tekno Dred
05. More Understanding - Tekno Dred & Dave J
06. Emotions (X Rated Mix) - Seducer
07. Movement IV - Helix & Fury
08. Back To The Top - Brisk & Trixxy
09. Epilogue - Helix & Sharkey
10. Lemonade Ray Gun (Rmx.) - DJ Fury
11. Paradise Lost (Justin Time Rmx.) - Citadel Of Kaos
12. Noise & Music - Helix & Tekno Dred
13. Point Zero - Eclipse Vs. Force Mass Motion
14. Gods Broth - Square Wave
15. Undaground - AG Systems

[Wow what a rush 7]

   More Bonkers news!
As reported yesterday Bonkers 4 silver edition will be out on the 29th, has obtained exclusive CD artwork for the new re-release (the silver on the CD is difficult to scan, the CD has a real silver / chrome shine). Bonkers 4 also includes the best and original version of Shooting Star by Bang!.
The next installment of Bonkers (rumored to be mixed by Scott Brown) will be out in the shops in October 2002.
Lastly Ministry and Mixmag UK music magazines will be at the UK event Futurevibe to run full page spreads on Bonkers and hardcore! Oh yeah... hardcore some kicking ass!

The new silver edition of Bonkers 4

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   Bonkers winners announced plus the Bonkers silver edition!
Author: silver  
A massive turn out for the and React Music Bonkers prize pack! We received over 160 entries in less than one week, unfortunately not everyone can win but congratulations to the ten lucky winners! has also obtained exclusive information that React and the Bonkers crew plan to re-release Bonkers 3 and 4 , with the re-release of Bonkers 4 being a special silver edition (excellent choice ). Both re-releases expected on sale 29th of July 2002!
   The new EyeOpener!
Next Generation have put out audio previews of the new remix of the classic hardcore track Eyeopener by Brisk and Trixxy, this time the talented Scott Brown gives it the workover and it's as hard as nails!
Eyeopener (Scott Brown's Earcloser Remix) - Brisk and Trixxy
Mind Punks - Brisk & Scott Brown
   Win a Bonkers - The Rezurrection pack
Author: silver  
React and offer the chance for 10 lucky people to win a once in a lifetime Bonker's Prize Pack!
Each pack contains:
- 1 x Bonkers - The Rezurrection CD
- 1 x Bonkers Poster
- 1 x Random Bonkers CD (Bonkers 3 - 7)

Click on one of the CD artwork images below to get all the rules and how to enter!

   MasterWax number 1
Blaze - 'til the day on MasterWax (MWX001) as voted by the YOU has picked up number 1 position in the HappyHour Radio monthly listener voting charts! The track pulling second place for the last 2 months has finally slipped over and claimed number one. Thanks to all who voted!
In unrelated news, there is a new poll for the month!
   Bonkers The Rezurrection CD artwork
Author: silver  
Artwork for the new Bonkers - The Rezurrection CD hardcore album has leaked... enjoy...

(taken from with permission)

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   It's a new Generation of tunes
Next Generation & Blatant Beats fire back and have plonked 9 new unreleased tracks on the net for your listening pleasure. Warning: May cause excessive audible enjoyment :)

"Good In Da Neighbourhood" - Ham
"There"s A Heaven" - Ham
"Unlock Ya Brain" - Brisk & Energy
"Touch Me" - Fade feat. Kelly
"Stay" - Fade & Brisk
"Retro Rush" - Fade & Brisk
"Start The Party" - Project X
"Fly With You" - Fade
"Technorocker" - Kaos & Ethos
"Lost" - Kaos & Ethos

Check out Next Generation & Blatant Beats Records official site.

"2002 year of the hardcore" :)
   MasterWax 2 / 3 (MWX002 / MWX003)
Author: silver  
Test pressings have landed for both Misono - Konomama (MWX002) and Blaze! - crazy little fingers (MWX003) with the MasterWax crew giving both releases the green light for the final press. Both releases certain tuneage for all DJ record boxes. Expect both tunes in a vinyl shop near you shortly!

[A] - Konomama [Uraken remix!]
[AA] - Konomama [DJ Kaos remix]

[A] - Crazy Little Fingers [DJ Luna-C Remix - (Courtesy of KFA)]
[AA] - Crazy Little Fingers [dj phosphor & dj justrich Ruffed Up Mix]
   Bonkers The Rezurrection Track listing
Author: silver  
With many rumors fling around the web and React and Hixxy keeping their cards close to their chests the waiting is finally over, Bonker 8 ('the Rezurrection') release news has hit the streets. Here is the final track listing of the triple hardcore CD due the 15th of July:

CD 1 Hixxy's Mix
1. Antisocial "Get Into Love" (Hixxy Remix) **
2. Breeze & Styles "You're Shining"
3. Hixxy "Nothing" **
4. Scott Brown "Elysium Plus"
5. Dowster & Uprise "Steps Ahead" **
6. MC Storm "Just Accept It"
7. Hixxy "Feel It In The Air"
8. UFO "Deep Inside" (Hixxy Remix)
9. Antisocial "My Way" (Hixxy Remix) **
10. Scott Brown "Gang Bang Society"
continued next page...

11. Hixxy & Styles "Rush-ins" **
12. Styles & Breeze "Black Magic Bad Magic"
13. Scott Brown "Rock Rock On"
14. UFO "Music Makers"

** exclusive remix for Bonkers

CD2 Sharkey's Mix
1. K Complex "Indestructible"
2. Cynista vs Safe n Sound "Chemical Warfare"
3. DJ Kevin Energy "Vertigo"
4. Dave Blackman and AMS vs Safe n Sound "Inverted Reality"
5. DJs Vinal and Devotion feat DJ Impact "Say It Again"
6. Cris E. Manic "Acid Aftermath"
7. Brisk & Fade "Skillz N Styles"
8. Kaos and Ethos "Get Rockin"
9. DJ Kaos "Baddest Ass" (Exclusive Remix)
10. Brisk & Ham "Serious Hardcore"
11. Marc Smith and Mennis "Thik And Fast"
12. 2 Damn Tuff "Blow The Roof"
13. Marc Smith vs Safe n Sound "Identify The Beat"
14. Sharkey, A.M.S. & Robbie Long "Where's The Party At?"
15. Robbie Long & Devastate "P.S.A."

CD3 Sy's Old Skool Best of Bonkers 1 & 2 Mix
1. Marc Smith "Boom en' Pow"
2. Seb "Rainbow Islands" (Sharkey Mix)
3. Hopscotch & Dougal "Steamtrain"
4. Hixxy & Sharkey "Toytown"
5. Vampire "Teknostorm" (Sharkey Remix)
6. Druid & Sharkey "Bonkers Anthem"
7. Hixxy & Sunset "People's Party"
8. Force & Styles "All Systems Go"
9. Sharkey "Revolution"
10. Bang The Future "Body Slam"
11. Druid & DJ Energy "Future Dimensions"
12. Hixxy & Bananaman "Together Forever"
13. Force & Styles "Wonderland"
14. DJ Fade & Melody "Is This Love?"
15. Antisocial "Forever Young"
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   HappyHardcore.DJ free email address (OMFG!)
There are moments in time when you just sit and say to yourself "holy crap..." here is one of those times... enter the free HappyHardcore.DJ email address, did you hear that? Free! .DJ, oh crap... we have now gone and done it haven't we :) Yes that is no typo I said HappyHardcore DOT DeeJay , go now, hurry, register your very own @HappyHardcore.DJ and enjoy!
Please only register one name and I know all major hardcore DJ's and will be deleting imposters, so don't even think about it :)
As everything is free and my bandwidth and page views are going through the roof, we have implemented small banners ads. I have *some* control over the content, but not all the time so I hope you get something useful.
This is just the start, has a fully searchable records section coming very soon for the punters and distribution shops, it's very very complete and detailed. We at are giving back to everyone all over the world who loves and supports hardcore, this is for you!
Update: You get 6MB of disk space and you can login using the new email login boxes on the main page.
   MasterWax 2/3 news and 3000 members!
Misono / Konomama (MasterWax 2) and Blaze! - crazy little finger's (MasterWax 3) test presses are in, final press in stores real soon for your listening pleasure.
Second, a few days ago and just like clockwork passed 3000 registered members, big thanks to everyone that loves the site and contributes to the forums.
Third, in order to celebrate's 3000 members milestone get ready for the ultimate free email address! Think you know what I am talking about? think again ... stay tuned.
Lastly, new featured poll for the month.... rave and be happy.
   Quosh, SSU and Mashed up
Author: silver  
Quash, SSU and Mashed Records up have sent us their latest release information... it's going to be a massive year for hardcore!

Quosh 39 (QSH 039) - out May 27th
[A] - [Sy & Unknown] - [Digital Freak]
[B] - [Sy & Unknown] - [The Chase]

Quosh 40 (QSH 040) - out 24th June
[A] - [Uplift, Cris-e-Manic & Lukozade] - [24 hours in Aldershot]
[B] - [Uplift, Cris-e-Manic & Lukozade] - [Hard jam]

Quosh Limited Edition 1 - Out NOW!
[A] - [Sy & Unknown] - [Dreadland (99 remix)]
[B] - [Sy & Demo] - [Devotion (Original mix)]

Quosh Limited Edition 2 - Out June
[A] - [Sy & Unknown] - [Gonna get Ya (DJ Kaos remix)]
[B] - [Sy & Unknown] - [Gonna get Ya (Sy & Unknown remixes)]

Mashed up 6
[Storm & Herman] - [Breaking my heart]

[A] - [Fade & Simon Apex] - [Falling]
[B] - [Simon apex & Ion] - [Sinistar Asylum]

[A] Simon Apex - [Over again]
[B] Simon Apex & Ion - [Purgatory]
   MasterWax 2 finally revealed! (MWX002)
Author: silver  
We at MasterWax records and are extremely proud to bring everyone this ground breaking HappyHardcore track to you. This track has proven extremely difficult to release with mountains of paperwork to go through to get this track just heard, after some last minute changes we have finally completed everything. We are proud to introduce to the world Misono with her debut track "Konomama" remixed by DJ's Uraken (Remix Records), and DJ Kaos (Go Mental). This is a first for hardcore as this is the FIRST (released) hardcore track with full Japanese vocals.
[A] - Konomama [Uraken remix!]
[AA] - Konomama [DJ Kaos remix]

Don't let the Japanese vocals throw you.... this isn't some speed up Japanese hardcore cheese.... this is quality and the first time you hear this track played in full you will know it as well, like we did...
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   MasterWax news
Good news for all, MasterWax 2 and 3 are being pressed right now, MWX002 and MWX003 will be released at the same time! (oh baby!) Full details on MWX002 will be announced end of this week with both records due to be on sale before the end of May. MasterWax is now even easier for stores to buy as NuEnergy distribution have picked up MasterWax and will carry stock of MWX002 and MWX003 and now carry stock of MWX001, so all you Australian's who can't get MasterWax now can! (woot)... If you are still looking to buy MWX001 and live in the US, Phusion Records have received stock and are happy to take your order.
In un-related news, there is a new poll for the month!
   Elation Recordings 001 out
Author: silver  
Elation Recordings 001 hits the shops today, The 'A' side is Ponder & Dok's 'Faces of Angels'. Original and unique, The flip contains a much trancier based track by DOK, 'Clockwork Bible' is hard, yet uplifting, with a monster of an acid line. You can buy your copy now at . Audio from here.
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   We are about to take you into world of the L-U-N-A-C Remix of my dear friend BLAZE! (MWX003)
Author: silver  
Blaze are back! Many rumors are flying around the place to who did the remix's for the new Blaze track, well I am proud to say that the rumors are correct (for once) and the new Blaze! track titled "Crazy little fingers" released on MasterWax (MWX003) is remixed by the legendary Luna-C (Courtesy of KFA), while on the flip phosphor and justrich in classic Blaze! (Bang!) style. Alot of thought went into this release and we believe the final product something that everybody will love.
A - Crazy Little Fingers [DJ Luna-C Remix - (Courtesy of KFA)]
AA - Crazy Little Fingers [dj phosphor & dj justrich Ruffed Up Mix]

Nick from Blaze! says (from the web site annoucment:
"Overall, we reckon we couldn't have picked a better first release. Opinions range from "Another anthem, sure to be as big as Shooting Star", to .... "Doesn't it sound a bit dated? Sort of '98 ish ??"

Well we hope the first is true, and as for the second, that's also true maybe to a degree, but we wanted to appeal to the same people that have enjoyed our work before. Therefore, the typical Bang! style was required for the new transition to Blaze! but we're exploring new territory with the Luna C mix (thank you very much Chris), of Crazy Little Fingers, (CLF for short) and although very different, we reckon it's doing what hardcore should be doing and moving forward. Don't worry, we know many of you enjoy our tracks just as they are, so we'll strive to keep that style on as many releases as we can, but be prepared for us experimenting a little.

Also, our ethos is to have great hardcore mixes of great songs/vocals, because that's what we do best. So we'll continue writing top quality material and in most cases release it first into the hardcore scene before those songs get exploited anywhere else. "Shooting Star" for instance may do very well in other genres, but it's roots will ALWAYS be in hardcore. That can never change."
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   Baby number 13
If you looking to pickup Raver Baby 13, you will find that an impossible mission. As reported yesterday on the missing Baby 13 from the future Raver Baby release list according to sources close to DJ Breeze, Breeze has stated that "13 is unlucky so no number 13".
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   Baby boom and baby lost?
Author: silver  
Word on the next round of Hixxy's labels Raver Baby and Jelly Baby has hit, promo's are already out for BABY4-12 and JELLY1-6, no release dates on these guys just yet but we have been told "should be out late this year".... what is interesting to note that there is no word on the mysterious BABY13, which is not listed.
Raver Baby
BABY 14 Force & Styles Follow Me Remixes - UFO / Styles & Breeze
BABY 15 Styles & Breeze your shining / fly away
BABY 16 Anti-Social My way hixxy remix + original
BABY 17 Hixxy come with you / creatures of the night
BABY 18 Anti-Social Get into love hixxy remix + original
BABY 19 Hixxy + Styles Rush-ins / Breeze + UFO remix
BABY 20 Breeze + UFO Take Your Time / Hixxy + Styles remix
BABY 21 Anti-Social Im Ready / Forever Young Hixxy remix
BABY 22 Dowster + Uprise Steps Ahead / t.t.b.c
BABY 23 Weaver Come into my Dream
BABY 24 MC Marley Which Way Hixxy? / Which Way UFO?
BABY 25 Hixxy Reasons 4 Living

Jelly Baby
JELLY 7 Styles & Breeze Home / Rainbow
JELLY 8 UFO Music Makers / Wont stop
JELLY 9 Breeze & Styles Lets Fly remix / Only You
JELLY 10 Dowster & Uprise Somthing / System XL
JELLY 11 Hixxy Lost Boys / t.t.b.c.
JELLY 12 UFO Tears / t.t.b.c.
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   Release info on E-plus
More information on Scott Brown's latest project and label creation E-plus (Evolution Records sister label) with the release schedule set as
plus 1
Scott Brown - Elysium +
plus 2
Hardcore Authority - Definition of a badboy
plus 3
Scott Brown - Gang Bang society

and the latest from Evolution Records:
ev 58
Scott Brown - BlueRoom / Rock, Rock on
ev 59
Interstate - Lift / Check the penis
ev 60
Scott Brown and Dj Brisk - untitled as yet
   MWX001 re-press (IMO, Choice, Juno, SubSonic Underground)
The new Blaze! (aka Bang!) track 'til the day is back in stock... re-press is in stores now. IMO Records, Choice records, Juno Records and SubSonic Underground (USA) all have stock with Phusion records (USA) receiving stock very shortly.
   Not a joke
No it's not an April fools joke, had some DNS problems and wasn't available for a while there over the weekend. Well we are back! In addition if you sent me email over the weekend re-send.
Update (unrelated): There is a new poll for the month.
   Stock of Blaze! - 'til the day (MasterWax Records MWX001)
Author: silver  
If you are in the UK and looking for the track Blaze! - 'til the day (MWX001) Choice Records and Juno still have some stock left.
   SSU have recieved MasterWax stock (finally)
It seems an eternity but SubSonic Underground (USA) have finally received MasterWax stock (MWX001) and are ready to take your order, they have a limited supply so if you haven't picked it up just yet now is the time (no pun intended)
   Hardcore you know the score
Author: silver  
You may have already noticed but a few days ago passed two thousand (2000) members! It is also interesting to note that 50% of the total membership have joined in the last three (3) months alone... hardcore explosion? that's for sure... has been running as a Hardcore music web site (used to be a porn site that I didn't run ) for about 2.5 years now but only started excepting members February 2000.
   HectTech Album
Author: silver  
The long awaited HectTech Album (double CD) mixed by Robbie Long & Coyote and In Effect is now available to pre-order. Release date is set for mid April and priced at 9.99 UK pounds!
Pre-orders are only available via at a special price of only 7.50 UK pounds! As a little extra to thank you all for supporting the HectTech labels over the years, HectTech are offering the 250th pre-order via the HectTech website will be placed on the HectTech record mailing list (free records!). The 500th pre-order via the HectTech website will be given a day in the studio with the one and only Devastate.
Here is the track listing with audio (click onto the next page for more):

CD1 - Robbie Long & Coyote
1. Devastate & Bugsy B - 'Feelings'
2. Devastate - 'Analogue Stomp'
3. Breeze & DNA - 'Taken The Groove'
4. Stompy - 'Come And Follow Me (Brisk RMX)'
5. Robbie Long & Coyote - 'Ride The Wind'
6. Simon Apex & Devastate - 'Set On Fire' (Exclusive)
7. DNA - 'Euphoric State'
8. Nightmare & Devastate - 'Sounds Of Da Beast'
9. Coyote & Dair - 'Free My Mind'

10. Robbie Long & Coyote - '2001 Style' (Exclusive)
11. Robbie Long & Coyote - 'Awesome Control' (Exclusive)
12. Unknown - 'Set Free (Brisk RMX)' (Exclusive)
13. Midas - 'Can't Stop Myself (Brisk RMX)'
14. Devastate & Storm - 'Keep Trying' (Album Mix)
15. Dash 'n' Dair - 'Pump Up The Bass'

CD2 - In Effect
1. DJ Loops - 'All The Things...'
2. Dair & Devastate - 'C'mon' (Album Mix)
3. Tazz & Loopy - 'Life Support (RMX)'
4. Nightmare & Devastate - 'Rude Bwoy Fassion'
5. In Effect - 'Surreal Nights'
6. DOK & Frisky - 'Morning Light' (Album Mix)
7. In Effect - 'Acid Pizzacarto'
8. DJ Mimic - 'Open Your Heart'
9. Delta-7 - 'Project' (Album Mix)
10. Uplift & Devastate - 'Antheama'
11. DJ Mimic - '4 o'clock'
12. In Effect - 'Scuzzlebutt' (Album Mix)
13. Tension & Devastate - 'Well Rounded 2002'
14. Tazz, Kontrol 4 & Narcotic - 'Bezerker' (Album Mix)
15. In Effect - 'Blindside'
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   Six more for RainDance
RainDance records today confirmed the next wave of hardcore releases to hit in 2002 on the RainDance label... look for audio later in the week (exclusive to

raindance 002 (march - out now)
ellis dee project
"rock to the max"
a: original 1992 mix
aa: storm and herman remix

raindance 003 (april)
storm and herman
a: let it be the night
aa: the hardway (love is remix)

raindance 004 (april)
dougal and innovate
a: dont cry for me
aa: zurich (dj storm remix)

raindance 005 (may)
storm and herman
a: atomic pussy
aa: square off

raindance 006 (may)
storm and blade
a: darkzone (luna-c remix)
aa: darkzone (storm and herman remix)

raindance 007 (june)
storm, herman & mennis
a: beating of my heart (storm & herman 2002 remix)
aa: dynamite (storm/mennis/herman)

other forthcoming tracks ...
dougal - dont cry for me (s & h rmx)
storm and herman - open your heart
storm and herman - bass keeps thumpin
starchild - starchild/starchild II and storm/herman rmxs
ellis dee project - desire (original 1992 mix/ s&h remix)
   Shortest month - biggest signup! for the month of February smashed the new member signup from last month to reach a record 461 new members! Just this month increased it's user base by 25%. Not only did we increase our membership, we increased our pages views, we have since December 2001 easily more than doubled our average daily page views. But what does all this mean? Numbers don't lie... I said it last month and I'll say it again, hardcore is back GLOBALLY this time around we have the numbers to prove it. Keep rolling with the hardcore.

On a difference note, since last month's poll was nearly a draw between vinyl and CD's we present a new featured poll for March.
   Did someone call the Feds?
March 2002 sees the return of an old hardcore favorite, FBI Records. Now under new ownership, DJ Impact, and with 20 brand new releases planned for this year FBI is back better than ever.

Here are the first ten releases.
March 2002

FBI 001 - DJ Impact
A. Power of Dreams
AA. Don't hold back the music

FBI 002 - DJ Impact ( 3 track E.P )
A. Fiastic Dreams
AA1. Enigma
AA2. Uphoria

April 2002

FBI 003 - Devotion & Exert
A. Don't Stop
AA. Don't Stop ( Kaos & Ethos rmx )

FBI 004 - DJ Impact
A. Everybody's Free
AA. Everybody's Free (Break mix)

May 2002

FBI 005 - Impact & Reality
A. Systems Crazy
AA. Wave Racer

FBI 006 - Devotion & Vinyl
A. Rock DJ
AA. Rock DJ ( Fade rmx )

June 2002

FBI 007 - Impact & Revive
A. Always on my mind
AA. Champion Returns

FBI 008 - Impact & Smackdown
A. Keep the Groove
AA. Keep the Groove ( Sharkey rmx )

July 2002

FBI 009 - DJ Devotion
A. Rock Da House
AA. Energize

FBI 010 - DJ Impact
A. Power of Dreams ( Energy Rmx )
AA. Fiastic Dreams ( Hixxy Rmx )

Many more to follow, so keep em peeled!
2002/02/24 (gone!?)
UPDATE 2002/02/25: Site is back online.
The members of are attempting to get their site back online since last Thursday after an unexpected hiccup hit, they expect to get it back online sometime this week hopefully, no word on data loss.
   Audio for the new Nimrod (aka Blaze!, Bang!, Stealth) track
From same crew that brought you the absolute best in happy hardcore tunes (Shooting star, Cloudy Days, Flower needs the rain, 'til the day) are back again with another tune that will surly raise the dead with it's bone tingling vocals and thumping beat ... Introducing Nimrod with their very first single "Shine A Light", featuring the gorgeous Jo James on world renowned HectTech Records.
This release also features the some of the newest and best international talent with dj phosphor from Canada after the killer remix of Blaze! - 'til the day (MWX001)

Audio previews:
A Side: Shine A Light [Touching Down Mix (Devastate)]
AA Side: Shine A Light [dj phosphor mix]

Quote from the Nimrod crew:
"We decided to launch two new acts recently, Blaze! and Nimrod, to replace the ever popular Bang! and Stealth. We're going to be bringing loads of new tracks, the FINEST hardcore around, for many years to come. Our dedication to the scene is unstoppable."
Keep your eyes peeled in 2002... this is only the beginning.
   4 more for Hect Tech Records
HechTech records rolling with the new tunes, I have been involved in at least one of these releases and I must say the quality of hardcore is ever increasing. The tunes available in 2 weeks(ish):
H-TEC023: Tazz&Loopy - Life support remix
H-TEC024: In Effect - Scuzzlebutt
H-TEC025: Nimrod (bang) - Shine a light (touching down mix aka Devastate)
H-TEC026: DJ Mimic - Open your heart
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   MasterWax Soldout
We're sold out! yes sir, MasterWax #1 (MWX001) featuring Blaze! (aka Bang!) is re-pressing now for everyone that wants a copy and didn't get it yet. The US, Canada and Japan will receive stock shortly (shipping takes its sweet time).
   All your hardcore belong to KFA has learnt that for the new release, KFA 5 that there is an extreamly strong chance (90%) it will be a remix of Kingsize and Eternity's "You belong to me" called "You belong to KFA"
   5 new Bonkers releases planned
You might already know that the world famous Happy Hardcore CD series Bonkers is back but today recieved word that Sharkey and Hixxy are signed for not just one release but five (5) new bonkers releases!
   Essential Platinum 2002
Another day another new hardcore record label! In this case the return of one of the most well know hardcore labels "Essential Platinum" with Essential Platinum 2002 #1. A side: Dougal & TKM - Palmstrings, B side: Dougal - Dance, you got the chance.
   Membership tops 1500
Woot! membership rocks past 1500 peeps, thats an average of well over 100 new hardcore members per month! Last month saw a record 325 new hardcore members and this month is looking like it will break that record as well. The numbers don't lie, hardcore back I don't care what you say.
   Oh Baby!
Anyone for some hardcore? Hixxy has gone to press with 16 new vinyl tracks on Raver Baby and Jelly Baby... have a look at the release list!
BABY 4 Hixxy & MC Storm - Accept It/Livin Dream
BABY 5 Breeze & Styles - Future Set/Hixxy Remix
BABY 6 Hixxy - Open Spliff/Open Up Your Eyes (feat. Kinetik)
BABY 7 UFO - Deep Inside/Hixxy Remix
BABY 8 Hixxy - Only Time/Feel It in the Air
BABY 9 Hixxy & UFO - Let there be Light/Shines Through
BABY 10 Hixxy & Menis - Can U Feel It/Robbie Long & Coyote Remix
BABY 11 Breeze & Styles - Angel/Hixxy Remix
BABY 12 Styles & Breeze - Black Magic, Bad Magic/Hixxy Remix
JELLY 1 Hixxy vs Styles - Together with a Smile/Hixxy Remix
JELLY 2 Hixxy - Alternative
JELLY 3 Breeze & Styles - All I Want/I Dont Want You
JELLY 4 UFO - Ordinary World/Freefall
JELLY 5 Styles - Over and Over/Do You Feel the Same
JELLY 6 UFO & Stu J - Flyin High - The UFO Remixes

In totally unrelated news, there is a new featured poll for feb.
   Got tunes?
MasterWax records is accepting orginal song demo's from the general public! Did you know that some artists on future Masterwax releases were discovered on This could be you too! Send an email to [email protected] and let us know what you have to offer.
   Links and events infomation is accepting external links and event information now (we weren't officially before). If you would like to see a link to a quality happy hardcore related resource and you are a member you can do it in the Add links page. If you have public event you want posted write it in the events section of the forum and we will link into it. If you add events to your personal events it does not show for everyone just your login.
   Blaze! - 'til the day on sale!
Author: silver  
Between pressing machines breaking down, running out of black sleeves and general Christmas and new years madness, I am extremely pleased to say the MasterWax Records #1 (MWX001) is in the distributors now and shipping to a shop near you. even have it for sale at time of writing ( Get ready this is just the beginning!
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   New look gets an upgrade. We have now a personalization engine in place linked into the forums. What does that mean? Well basically you can enter your own events into the new events section and only you will be able to see them (kind of like Yahoo) for example. There will be global events placed in there from the admin's and moderators of the site so you will never miss a party or a release date again plus you can add your own events that only you can see like your friend's birthday's and such. If you wish your event to be a global event post it in the events forum.
Also on the upgrade plate are avatars for the forums. Yes you can now show your own little picture next to your post, with nearly 900 to select from I am sure you will be able to find one that suits you.
We also now have polls linked to the forums. So we don't go poll mad (like other forum boards) we will be only allowing admin poll creation for now. Enjoy and keep the hardcore rolling.
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   People's choice award winners announced!
People's choice award winners of the 2001 DJ mixing competition announced! Congratulations to all the winners
Each of the winners will be recieving a CD pack from and Slamm records!
On a site (hehe) note the updated forums are working great, and proving really popular, if you havn't had a look yet now's the time.
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