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Showing news from 2003/12
   Warped Underground Spinback Storm
Does that topic make any sence? Not really? Well this should... Check out the new hardcore tunes with audio by Storm / Spinback / Euphany / Bang! coming out from various labels in early 2004!

Audio (MP3):
Underground Recordings 2 - Out January
A - Spinback & Storm - Oblivion
AA - Spinback & Storm - Your Love

Warped Science 4
A - Bang! - Lost in Space (Storm & Euphony mix)
AA - Bang! - Cloudy Daze (Storm & Euphony mix)

Warped Science 3
A - Euphony - Turn Around

Warped Science 2
A - Storm & Euphony - Blinded
AA - Euphony & Storm - Firstkontakt

Cloned 4
A - Storm & Euphony - Trouble
AA - Storm & Euphony - Angel

Other Spinback & Storm tracks to be released soon:
No Good For Me - Hardcore Out first week in jan 04
Turn Around remix - Hardcore Out first week in Feb 04
Total Confusion - Old Skool Out first week in Feb 04
Heart Attack - Old Skool Out first week in Feb 04
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   Feelin' Fine at number 12
Ultrabeat position themself at number 12 in the UK national charts for the second consecutive week with their dance cover version of the hardcore classic Feelin' Fine.
   CLSM hit 9
"John Peel" by the hardcore group CLSM turned up at number 9 on the UK BBC Radio1's end of year festive 50! Clocking in ahead of tracks like 'White Stripes' amongst others. The festive 50 is voted for by the public from tracks that John Peel on Radio1 has played during the last year.
   DJ Silver signed on for 2 more albums
DJ Silver of has signed on for two new hardcore compilations albums! One is a Japan only release that will be out end of Jan 2004 and the other one is a UK / Worldwide release. Expect more news on both in the new year!

DJ Silver's first album was the popular presents Hardcore Tsunami - a double CD release with the second disc mixed by the talented Kevin Energy.

Merry Christmas :)
   Evolution's new Cat
News from Evolution records is that Scott Brown has teamed up with singer Cat Knight to produce a couple of new trance and hardcore tracks. We are told to expect more from this new singer in 2004 for Evolution and Scott Brown.
   MasterWax 5 / Lia - I'm feeling in store now!
Author: silver  
Finally has stock of MWX005 "Lia - I'm feeling" featuring remixes from Scott Brown + DJ Evil and DJ phosphor. As reported yesterday MasterWax sold out all stock from the distributor in a record 3 days! MasterWax are already re-pressing the tune but stock is limited on this first pressing. Grab it while you can. On another note MWX004 has also sold out, we are currently re-pressing both titles, if you have not already picked up MWX004 do so while you can.

A - Lia - I'm feeling (Scott Brown & DJ Evil mix)
AA - Lia - I'm feeling (DJ Phosphor)

You feeling MWX005 I'm feeling?

   Lost brothers hit the charts
Member Robbie Jay reports: The lost brothers have released a trance version of "Children of the night" - under the name of "Cry little sister (I need u now)" you know - the one with the choir saying 'thou shalt not steal' etc. Currently number 2 in the UK radio 1 dance charts. The vocalist is G Tom Mac.
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   2003 in review.
Wow.. what can I say, 2003 has been an awesome year for hardcore, consider yourselves all lucky to have lived in it. It's been a major jump from last year. has pieced together just a few of all that has happened this year in the wonderful world that is hardcore. Rock on.

2003 saw the launch of these new labels:
Blizzard Tracks
Camel Records
Camel Records Limited
Club Kinetic - Re-launch
Destructive Force
EKSR Recordings
Hecttech - Re-launch
Higher Order
Industrial Strength Records - Re-launch
Lucky Breaks
Primal Dance
Rave n Beats Limited
Rave n Beats Japan
Relentless Vinyl
Revival Recordings
RFU Recordingz
Underground Recordings
Warped Science
Y Don't You

Not to mention these CD compilations:
Battles of the DJ's: Match 1
Bonkers 1, 2 & 3 - re-released
Bonkers X
Bonkers XI
Happy2BHardcore Chapter 7
Hardcore Cheddar v Hardcore Terror: The Backlash
Hardcore Heaven
Hardcore Heaven: Reloaded
Hardcore: The Second Coming
Hardcore til I Die
Hardcore Tsunami
Original Hardcore2 : The Battle
Raver's High
The Ultimate Happy Hardcore Album
Vibealite: A History of Hardcore

But other than those tons of new labels and CD's for you to enjoy, the scene itself has been impacted in many ways.

- Hardcore in LA Times
The LA Times had one of the first articles about (happy) hardcore and how popular it's becoming in North America. It also mentioned how the Happy2BHardcore series is the third best-selling electronic mix CD in North America!

- Hardcore mixes start to re-appear on hardhouse / trance labels releases.
Injected with a poison, Heart of Gold, Field of Dreams, I would stay.

- Pretty Green Eyes gets to number 2 and Fields of Dreams see a top 15 position in the UK national charts.

- Hardcore Heaven Awards
2003 was the start of the first annual Hardcore Heaven Awards. Held at the Sanctuary in the UK, there were awards given out for best DJ, MC, label, website, just to name a few.

- Hardcore goes front cover in MixMag (the worlds largest club magazine).

- Bonkers 3 goes gold.

- Heart of Gold goes platinum.

- Hardcore charts in Holland.

- Tidy trax starts hardcore at their weekend events.

- Countless hardcore DJ's and groups return back to hardcore.

Not only did the hardcore scene improve, had a few changes itself:

- The members base grew from just under 6000 members to just under 10,000 members!

- merged with Digitally Imported Radio to establish the new worlds largest and most listened to 24 hour a day, fully licensed Hardcore radio station in the world. radio now streams more in 10 days than we streamed in the entire 2002!

- Radio is the exclusive pick for the hardcore channel listed in Apples i-tunes, Windows Media player and on AOL's shoutcast.

- Infinity Recordings is bought out from DJ Breeze by

"Where can I buy that?" "Do you know any place that has that?". Just some of the comments you'd see in the forums and round the place... that was before the shop opened! Being one of the only online record shops to pride itself in trying to get all the new releases in stock and first, many people switched right over to this one. Chat
This has to be the biggest change went through. Many people were demanding a chatroom and they got just what they wanted!

The Totally Sweet Radio crew went multiband setting up two new bitrates and getting a ton of DJ quality special guests! - fear the Cinnamon and Milk!

There were so many changes in the world of hardcore for 2003. Just look at the number of CD releases this year compared to last year... Look around and smile... 2003 what a year... 2004 just around the corner - hang on it's going to be mental!

- Written by Comet.
- Remixed (edited) by silver.
   MWX005 sold out before going on sale!
Can you believe it!? MasterWax 5 (Lia - I'm Feeling) sold out in less than 3 days! Our entire pressing sold out at the distributors before most stores (including ours) even had put the stock on the shelf.

What does all that mean? It means hardcore stores bought all our stock and we have to make more! will have some limited stock in today or tomorrow due to the fact this puppy is super hot! Don't miss out out I aint kidding here.
   Another FBI leak
After a short break, FBI are back at it!
DJ Impact (label owner) has been busy this year concentrating on projects for other labels as well as starting work on the FBI album that we are told will hopefully be released in early August of 2004.

Expect the new release first thing in the new year:

FBI 004
A Side: Soundscape - Someday Soon
AA Side: Deviance - Beyond the Beat
   Dave Pearce vs CLSM
The CLSM crew are upto it again... Yesterday the CLSM and supporting fans managed to get the new John Peel record release played by Dave Pearce on the UK BBC radio 1.

CLSM's comment on the matter was:
"Hopefully radio 1 will have heard it (as in the people that count)."
   Radio comments and track voting
Think the track your listening to on is totally off the hook? Perhaps it totally sucks ass? Well now you can comment and vote on the tracks playing in the radio in real time. Mouse over the "Radio Listeners" link inside the Who's Online box to pull up the current track playing bubble window and click the "Read & post comments link". Or if you want something more simple goto the radio page and click from there!

Vote and comment away!
   Mokum today - Mokum tomorrow - Mokum are back
If you love your hard beats you defiantly know what I'm talking about when I say Mokum. The Mokum label and crew are back doing hardcore again.

Mokum is planning to release the first e.p. in the beginning of February 2004 with DJ Chosen Few & DJ Dano.
   EV68 and Quosh 50 picture discs are here first!
Author: silver  
Round two of the picture disc's from Evolution Records and the new Quosh 50 have hit before any other record store in the world! We have em' first!

Scott Brown - Definition Of A Bad Boy Remix
Scott Brown - Hardcore Hustler Remix

Quosh 50 - ORDER NOW
A - Sy & Unknown vs Seduction - Vigilante Hardcore
AA - Sy & Unknown vs Seduction - Listen 2 The Ace (Slipmatt Remix)

We also have in the final versions of Brisk & Ham - "Angel Eyes / Getting Down" (BB038) and DJ Frisky / Hujib - "Love Me Forever / Never Stop" (NG029), the new label Lucky Breaks (LB001) and new material from Raw Elements (ELEM007), Camel Records (CAM004) and Electronic (ETRIC010, ETRIC012, ETRIC013, ETRIC014)

EV68 picture disc - one hot release!

   Bonkers 3 goes gold (100,000 copies)
News on the wire is that Bonkers 3 has gone gold! What does that mean? It means it has sold over 100,000 copies since it was first released. The majority of those sales were done when it was first released over 5 years ago now, the re-release of the silver edition in July of 2002 pushed sales over the 100,000 mark into gold!

Well done boys!
   5 new radio bit rates added - including 160k! radio is the largest and most listened to 24 hour a day fully licensed hardcore station on the planet and we want to prove it! We have opened up 5 new premium streams including a new VERY high bitrate of 160k! All synced in real time with's custom real time track player.

We have updated the menu system and the radio launch page so you will be able to see all the new options. We have not taken anything away here, the radio service is still 100% free as it was but we have added the option that if you wish to listen at higher bitrates you need to have a premium service account.

The new streams are part of the / Digitally Imported partnership in which you need to have a Digitally Imported premium service account to listen. Digitally Imported premium accounts start from only $3.95 US dollars a month. You can order your by clicking here or on the "Order premium service" link in the radio pull down menu.
   New releases shortly for the store
Essential platinum 18 made it to sale before 16 and 17 due to problems in the pressing plant, but don't fret! As the same as EV67 will be the first store to carry these new release when they go on sale next week!

Essential Platinum 16 (EPP016)
A - Spencer - Ordinary People
AA - Gammer Feat MC Smiley - Distracted Visions

Essential Platinum 17 (EPP017)
A - Spencer - Steam
AA - Gammer - Space Exploration

Evolution 68 (EV68 - 2nd picture disc)
A - Scott Brown - Definition of (Bad Boy Remix)
AA - Scott Brown - Hardcore (Hustler Remix)
   New tunes from DFM Records
DFM Records have put out audio and information on their latest offerings to be released in the next few months!

Audio (Real Audio):
DFM008 - To be released Dec / Jan 2003
A - Fracus and Gavin G - Utopia
B - Fracus and Gavin G - Burning like fire

DFM009 - To be released March 2004
A - Geos Feat. Marley - Dig It
B - Geos Feat. Marley - Heaven

Forth coming:
DeeJay Bee - Reprazent
   Who likes Midtown? will be receiving this week over 5000 records from Midtown distribution - We have ordered their entire back catalogue! Oldskool hardcore, classic hardcore and gabba/speedcore heads rejoice! It will take a little time to get all of it online but rest assured it's all coming.

Midtown handle the labels Rotterdam Records, Forze Records, Neophyte Records, Terror Traxx, H2OH Recordings as well as the non hardcore labels Blue Records, Massive Drive Recordings, Tindy Tunes, Twisted Minds Recordings!
   Windows Media Streams are back!
Modem and non-broadband people rejoice! radio low and high bandwidth Windows Media Streams are back! This is also a fix for some people that had trouble connecting via WinAmp... Happy Streaming!

We are also launching / integrating our 128k and 160k streams shortly so get ready!
   Australian hardcore group Southend re-group!
Southend the Australia techno / rave / hardcore group are back.. Southend would be best known their work with Nik Fish and the National ARIA Top 10 hit single "The Winner Is..." Southend have performed at Big Day Out 1993-1996 as well as most major dance events at the time including Happy Valley, Field Of Dreams, Prodigy, Tribal & Big Love (Brisbane).

Southend kick off their next round of gigs on NYE at Utopia in Sydney, Australia and they will be performing new remixes of "Take me Up", "The Winner is" and the Australian premiere of "Buggin".

Southend's new look

   What color is Warp?
Warped Science let loose a multi colored 100% confirmed release schedule.

Warped Science 002 (Green vinyl)
A - Storm & Euphony - Blinded (vocal mix)
AA - Storm & Euphony - First Kontakt

Warped Science 003 (White vinyl)
A - Euphony feat Dannielle - Turn Around (Original mix)
AA - Euphony feat Dannielle - Turn Around (Storm & Spinback remix)

Warped Science 004 (Blue vinyl)
A - Bang! - Lost In Space
AA - Bang! Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (Storm & Euphony remixes)
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   A Revolution - Resistance Recordings Run for the border
Two new releases set to escape from Resistance Recordings early next year, has the sounds and info your your audio pleasure.

Audio (MP3):
Resistance Recordings 004:
Run for the border EP
A1 - DJ Junkinx vs DJ Tronic - Wreck The Diskotek
A2 - DJ Junkinx vs DJ Tronic - Wreck The Diskotek [DJ Tronic Remix]
B1 - DJ Junkinx vs DJ Tronic - Let Da Boom
B2 - DJ Junkinx vs DJ Tronic - The Pain Train

Available January 2004

Resistance Recordings 005:
The Revolution EP
A1. Mark V. & Poogie Bear vs DJ Tronic & DJ Tony - Sex Education 2003
   Totally Pitchin'
Pitched Up Recordings, a US based hardcore label have released information and more importantly new audio on some of their upcoming stuff. Click to listen.

Audio (MP3)
AC Slater & Sunrize - Shout Out
AC Slater - Hip Hop 2004
AC Slater - Anger Management
AC Slater - The Bad Guy
AC Slater - Heaven & Hell
AC Slater & MC High IQ - Generation of Sound
Daywalker - Dissonance
AC Slater & Daywalker - Freak Show
AC Slater & Daywalker - Deadline
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