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Showing news from 2004/5
   Some serious hardcore numbers
Congratulations and thanks to everyone that tuned into yesterday's live show with DJ Silver on Radio. In case you missed it we managed to get over 820 (including premium members) people simultaneously tuned in for the show from every reach of the world - we even had people in Iraq tuned in. In fact we had so many people listening that our 56k stream maxed in 45secs! While the show was underway we increased the 56k limits to three times the regular amount and will continue with the new expanded stream capacity going forward.

Numbers don't lie, we would have been happy to have gotten 600 people, but 800 is out the world - if you know something about internet radio broadcasting you will know how massive these numbers are. radio and hardcore itself is fueled by the people listening - thanks to everyone that tuned in your're all part of hardcore history. Look for more live to air shows very soon including added video streaming. Let's get 1,000 hardcore fans tuned in for the next round!
   Reminder: DJ Silver live to air Radio
Just a reminder that DJ Silver's live to air radio show will be broadcasting in axp. 10 hours from now on Radio (check the times below).
All the interactive action, shoutouts, requests and comments will be done in the chat room (in English please), you can launch the chat room by clicking the button in the top white navi bar. If you are having problems loading the chat window or nothing is displayed please install the Sun Java runtime by downloading and running this file.

We broke our radio listener record the other day on a non-live show so we expect to break this record again for this show. We want as many ears as we can listening to the station as possible so spread the word!

Thursday 27th May 2004
Japan: 23:00 - 2:00 (11pm - 2am)
United Kingdom: 15:00 - 18:00 (3pm - 6pm)
USA East Coast: 10:00 - 13:00 (10am - 1pm)
USA West Coast: 7:00 - 10:00 (7am - 10am)
Australia East Coast: 0:00 - 3:00 (12am - 3am)
Australia West Coast: 22:00 - 1:00 (10pm - 1am)

The Tsunami is back...
   Evolution goes back and forth
News on the wire (from multi people - thanks for everyone that submitted the news) is the Evolution Records 74 is the long awaited Back & Forth track! No word on release date yet but expect it first in
   Interview: DJ Silver
Finally, you have been asking for it and now you get it, has the dirty on DJ Silver owner and operator of Moderators DJ Comet and Milo fire a round of questions at DJ Silver, learn everything from how he started DJing to what he thinks of Japanese TV, the new Hardcore Tsunami album, Infinity Recordings and more...

It's all here in DJ Silver's interview.
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   Bonkers: John Peel Session tracklist
The exclusive Bonkers: John Peel Session from React & HMV UK is out today - received a mangled copy of the tracklist yesterday and was unable to post it but today we managed to get a better one. Here is the tracklist in all it's glory. Since it is exclusive to HMV UK stores only we imagine you would be able to buy 10 copies and sell it in Ebay for 10 times the price :)
   DJ Silver live on Radio
As Radio beefs up to take on even more hardcore listeners we are starting live to air shows. The first announced live show on the new servers will be DJ Silver this Thursday the 27th of May 2004 at the times listed below.

Be sure to tune in as we have previously had 600+ people tuning in and over 90+ people in the chat room for un-schedule / surprise live shows. If all goes well for this pilot 3 hour show this will be the first regular live to air show timeslot for DJ Silver.

We have tried to pick times that will allow the maximum amount of people to tune in simultaneously - this is truly hardcore dance music on a global scale - tune in a be part of the future!

Thursday 27th May 2004
Japan: 23:00 - 2:00 (11pm - 2am)
United Kingdom: 15:00 - 18:00 (3pm - 6pm)
USA East Coast: 10:00 - 13:00 (10am - 1pm)
USA West Coast: 7:00 - 10:00 (7am - 10am)
Australia East Coast: 0:00 - 3:00 (12am - 3am)
Australia West Coast: 22:00 - 1:00 (10pm - 1am)

The Tsunami is coming yet again...
   Mini Bonkers has got exclusive artwork for a surprise (even to us) single CD release from React and HMV UK. It is a special limited Bonkers CD that is exclusive to HMV UK (only sold in HMV UK) for the insane price of 1.99 pounds. The CD is a recording of the Hixxy session on the John Peel show Hixxy did a few months back. No word on a tracklist just yet - but we will have more information shortly.

Hixxy + HMV + John Peel + React = Bonkers!

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   New RaverBaby + Exclusive Round & Round (Breeze & Styles Remix)
Author: silver has gone the extra mile for it's customers and has the new Re-Con & Flux (aka UltraBeat) - "Free Again" on RaverBaby 27 is store before anyone else in the world!

Not only that we have got a full month before anyone else in the world the first release from the new hardcore label called "UK Hardcore" - Billy Daniel Bunter & Jon Doe - "Round & Round (Breeze & Styles Remix)" with a new CLSM - Reaching out remix on the flip! - You know the tune, click the audio below and get ordering or you will be going round & round looking for this track if you don't buy it now!

Audio (MP3):
A: Billy Daniel Bunter & Jon Doe - Round & Round (Breeze & Styles Remix)
B: CLSM - Reaching Out (Billy Daniel Bunter & CLSM Remix)

And it keeps getting better we have also received from the distributor Remix Reloaded 3 which is the track Geos - "Easy Inside (Sy & Unknown Remix)" - Do you need any more reasons not to order direct from the source! - you don't need to shop for your hardcore anywhere else in the world it's all here on one site!

Very Round!

   Competition: RatPack - The History
Who likes there oldskool hardcore? Ratpack have been dishing out the goods since it all started. Rumour Records are releasing on 31st of May 2004 a new double CD called RatPack - The History a new abum containing the best the Ratpack groups has to offer. and Rumour Records are giving the chance for 3 lucky people to get their hands on a copy for nothing! Hurry the competition closes 28th May 2004 so click the CD cover artwork below to enter. If you can't wait or want to guarantee a copy you can order a copy here.

Click to win Ratpack - The History

   Interview: DJ Weaver
In our latest round of interviews we put DJ Weaver from Raver Baby under the microscope and drill a few questions his way. Find out what Weaver Beaver Baskets & rugs are all about, the Australian hardcore scene, how Weaver enjoys a lemon ontop a beer and the art of DJing when your sitting down!

It's all QAed in DJ Weaver's interview.
   Hardcore's popular? Here's the proof! radio continues to make large strives forward in hardcore as we push the hardcore sound. In the last 12 months radio has grown quite heavily.... We did the numbers today and we had to re-do the numbers... but numbers don't lie.

This time last year we were clocking axp. 10,000 - 11,000 TLH (total listening hours in the last 30 days*) we ran the numbers today and are proud to say we are officially 22+ times larger than we were the same time last year, that's right... we have clocked over 220,000 TLH in the past 30 days and this number continues to rise daily! radio has also moved up to position 55 in the world in the streaming mp3 broadcast charts, now outranking every hard house station on the list

Many thanks to all the regular listeners on the station - we will continue to provide for you :)

UPDATE - 2004/5/18 - We moved up overnight to position 53 in the world in the streaming mp3 broadcast charts.

* TLH is the summary of total hours people listened to the radio for. e.g. If 200 people listened to the radio for 1 hour then that would be 200 hours of TLH)
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   A CLSM earshot
The CLSM team have sent news about their interview a few days ago on ITV (a UK music television program). The program / segment called 'Earshot' features interviews with various members of CLSM and gives a brief background to the group as well as interviews with Ned and Jimmygoat.

Video (MPEG - 13megs):
CLSM on 'Earshot' - 2004/5/13 ITV

or if your upto it Jimmygoat greets the Hardcore Heaven Queue.
   FBI raid 6 and 7 more
After a solid release from the hardcore FBI team with FBI004 + FBI005 the feds are back with two follow ups FBI006 + FBI007, totally fresh and as usual has audio for all to inspect. Both should be in store we are told June 2004.

Audio (Real Audio)
FBI 006
A: Impact Vs Scott Devotion & Mr Rush - Goodbye
AA: Impact Vs Scott Devotion & Mr Rush - Adrenalin

FBI 007
A: Impact Vs Furious - The Day Will Come
AA: Ultravibes - Dancin
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   Who thought BSE could sound so good
A new label out of the stables literally called Mad Cow it set to release their first breakbeaty hardcore release into the wild, has audio for all to listen.

Audio (Real Audio):
A: Top Cat - Walking On The Moon
B: Bit On The Side - My Immortal
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   Interview: Shadow K
Another week another interview, this week sits down with a new and upcoming producer from Osaka Japan, Shadow K. Find out why Shadow K is not part of a complete breakfast and what he gets upto in his spare time will certainly shock you.

It's all here in Shadow K's interview.
   Bouncin' Back 3 competition time!
Tom Wilson's passing away has been a great shock to the dance community and the worldwide family of friends and 'ravers' that have been touched by Tom's dedication and love for the scene, this new CD Bouncin' Back 3 with full family consent is a tribute to Tom and his love of music. The double CD is released from Rumour Records and is available now. Oldskool at it's finest - just check out the tracklist. and Rumour Records are giving the chance for 3 lucky people to get their hands on a copy for nothing! Hurry the competition closes 14th May 2004 so click the CD cover artwork below to enter. If you can't wait or want to guarantee a copy you can order a copy here.

Click to win Tom's tribute album

2004/05/10 in top 60 internet radio station! radio the longest running and most popular hardcore radio station in the world has broke more listener and ranking records! Radio and it's partner Digitally Imported Hardcore have entered the top 60 internet shoutcast / MP3 radio stations in the world at position 59! This figure should actually be much higher as we broadcast as well with Windows Media Servers which are not counted in this ranking. Another interesting point is we are now out ranking our sister channel the Digitally Imported HardHouse channel

Last week Friday the 7th of May 2004 also saw a new peak simultaneous listener record at 598 people all listening to the radio station at same time, this is bigger than most average hardcore events!

Are you a hardcore DJ with talent and want to be part of the hardcore future? - We are always accepting new DJ mixes - up and coming or established - if you're good drop us an email and we hook you up with a set on the radio.
   Pre-order sold out
Last week our Ravin Mad CD pre-order with special signature from Slipmatt sold out completely out! Congratulations to everyone that managed to order one before stocks were depleted, the CD's are in the post. Not to worry if you missed out, you can still directly order it for a low price of 4.99 pounds here.

Slipmatt is Ravin Mad

   Interview: DJ Storm
In our on going interviews with the who's who of hardcore, DJ Storm takes time out to give us his thoughts on life and vegetables, not to mention how not to enter America and a few exclusive release news information all revealed.

Find out all the dirty in DJ Storm's interview.
   You're Shining HTID remix vinyl in stock
Author: silver  
It seems every week we get an email or post asking where can you buy Breeze & Styles - You're Shining, the record first released on RaverBaby 11 has been a massive hit all over the world. New this week in is Raver Baby 24 for only 4.68 pounds which has the previously unreleased HTID remix on it as well as Future Shining!

This is your chance to own a copy of this tune without having to resort to Ebay and paying 30 pounds for it!

Audio (MP3) - ORDER NOW
A: Breeze & Styles - You're Shining (HTID REMIX)
AA: Breeze & Styles - Future Shining

You're Shining / Future Shining

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