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Showing news from 2002/10
   All the winners are out!
This month saw 3 competitions, we actually had to turn away a fourth... But the winners for the and Rumour Records CD competition (Master's of Hardcore) and the and React (Bonkers 9 prize pack) competitions are out. Congratulations to all the winners. Hardcore is certainly picking up as we received near three times the amount of entries we normally get on competitions! If you didn't win you can still buy a copy of Bonkers 9 or Master's of Hardcore online. Don't forget we still have the 3 pairs of tickets for Helter Skelter competition running until this Monday (4th Nov.) so get going if you haven't already entered and you can get to the event (UK).
Lastly, new poll for the month!
   H2BDVD has got wind of a new hardcore DVD due for release very soon created by MoonShine who are responsible for the highly popular Happy2BHardcore CD series. Essentially it is a multimedia computer generated visual DVD synced to Scott Brown tracks!
The DVD's release date originally schedule for the end of the year but has been pushed to after Happy2BHardcore 7 (tentative title) in January is released. The DVD will also include video footage taken at the Canadian parties WEMF and Hullabaloo Warp Factor.

The DVD can be pre-ordered here.

DVD Features:
Region 1 (NTSC - All Regions!)
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English Dolby Digital Stereo - English
1. Interstate - Lost Generation
2. Q-Tex - Take Me Up
3. Scott Brown - I Don't Need Nobody
4. Smith & Brown - Your Love
5. Scott Brown - Super Sharp Beats
6. Scott Brown - Johnny
7. Scott Brown - Now is the Time 2000
8. Scott Brown & Gillian Tennant - Every Time I Close My Eyes
9. Scott Brown - Elysium
10. Scott Brown & Gillian Tennant - I'm The Only One
11. Scott Brown - Turn Up The Music
12. Bass-X Vs. Scott Brown - Pilgrim 2000
13. Q-Tex - Power of Love 2001
14. Scott Brown - Blueroom
15. Q-Tex - Like An Angel

   Win a free pair of guest list passes to 'Helter Skelter - Human Traffic' and Helter Skelter are offering the chance for 3 lucky people to win a free pair (2) of guest list passes to 'Helter Skelter - Human Traffic' to be held on November 9th 2002 in the UK. Click the logo below to enter. Competition closes 4th November 2002. Please note the event is held in the UK so only enter if you have means of attending.

   Interview: justrich
A new wave of hardcore producers, DJ's and sounds is sweeping the world from Canada, at the forefront of the charge is justrich. As a regular DJ on streaming radio, justrich has also done remix's for monster anthems by Blaze! / Bang! (MasterWax 1 and 3) and co-produced tracks with the likes of Kevin Energy, phosphor, Sharkey and K-Complex. Justrich also features on the new Bonkers 9 CD! finds out the full story in justrich's interview.
2002/10/22 and Rumour Records gives you the chance to win! and Rumour Records are offering the chance for 5 lucky people to win a free copy of the new double CD "Masters of Hardcore". For your chance to win click the CD image below but hurry competition closes 28th October 2002.
If you want to make sure you get your hardcore hands on a copy you can Pre-Order here.

   Jo James (Blaze! / Bang!) sings for Flip & Fill
We normally don't post non-hardcore related news, but since every second post in the forums seems to be about flip & fill we just had to on this exclusive news. The new Flip & Fill single "I wanna dance with somebody" (a cover of the track by Whitney Huston) is sung none other than the talented Jo James from the hardcore groups Blaze!, Bang!, Stealth, Nimrod and Oblivion. Some of Jo's most notable work in HappyHardcore include Shooting Star on Next Generation Records and 'til the day on MasterWax. and MasterWax records wish Jo all the best luck in this new track.
Audio (Real Audio):
Flip & Fill - I wanna dance with somebody*

*warning - this is commerical pop
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   Radio update radio is now the largest streaming (happy) hardcore radio station on the planet, we also update the stream every 2 days. We have done a massive upgrade of radio, first and foremost we now simulcasting Radio over three different major streaming formats WinAmp (Shoutcast), Windows Media and Real Audio all at the same time! We are still testing the new streams so please let us know of any problems. In addition we have a excellent new weekly show Totally Sweet Radio with DJ Virus and MC Gobstoper and special guests from Canada.

Hardcore the future is bright!
   Another Generation
Next Generation Records have chucked a new tune up for all to hear
Real Audio:
Burnin' NRG (NGLPS)
   Bonkers 9 Competition + Raver Baby news
Not to be out done by the competition, has received direct word that "Hardcore Mutation - Bonkers 9" will feature a TV commercial upon release! The release date has been confirmed as November 4th 2002, also the track listing has been fully finalized (click to view track list) across the CD's. and React have are also giving away a Bonkers 9 CD prize pack, including a copy of "Hardcore Mutation - Bonkers 9", an autographed poster and a randomly selected Bonkers CD (1-8). Click the CD image below to enter and remember the competition closes October 31st 2002 so don't delay.
If you want to guarantee your copy of Hardcore Mutation - Bonkers 9 it can be pre-ordered here
Lastly RaverBaby, Hixxy himself has told that all new material will be out before Christmas, although the release list has changed somewhat (expect a new release list in the next coming days).

   Bonkers 9 complete track listing and Pre Order!
The full track listing for the new Bonkers 9 CD Hardcore Mutation has arrived, it's not clear at the moment how the tracks are divided between the CD's.
The CD can be pre-ordered here
1. Sonic - Styles & Breeze
2. Oxygen - Styles & Breeze
3. Connection - UFO & MC Marley
4. Breaker - DJ UFO
5. Here we go - Dowster & Uprise
6. Set you free (Hixxy remix) - N-Trance
7. Field of dreams (hardcore mix) - Flip & Fill
8. Heart of gold (hardcore mix) - Llorena, Kelly
9. Wonderful days (Hixxy remix) - Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo
10. Caught up - Insight & Sugar Holmes
11. If that's alright with you - Insight & Lynn Eden
12. Stay here forever - Brisk & Fade
13. Hit 'em - Tha Playah
14. Zombie - PCP (2)
15. Rock you softly - Brown, Scott
16. Like an angel - Q-Tex
17. Neck breaker - Plus System
18. Turn up the music (Brisk & Styles remix) - Brown, Scott
19. Chase - Brown, Scott & Brisk
20. Definition of a badboy - Brown, Scott
21. Ghosts - Brown, Scott
22. Twilight zone - Brown, Scott
23. Here comes the noise - Double Dutch
24. Mind punks - Brown, Scott & Brisk
25. You're shining - Styles & Breeze
26. Bring me round to love (VIP remix) - Sy & Unknown
27. Get hype - Dougal
28. Crazy styles (Vinal & Devotion remix) - Kevin Energy
29. 50000 watts of hardcore power - Long, Robbie & Devastate
30. Crescendos of ecstacy - Kevin Energy
31. Wanna be a DJ - Kevin Energy & Just Rich
32. Hardcore frequency (Ethos remix) - Simon Apex & Ion
33. Technorocker - Kaos & Ethos
34. Retro rush - Brisk & Fade
35. Party zone - Ethos & Dan Devotion
36. Unlock your brain - Ethos & Brisk
37. Visions of infinity (Sharkey & Kevin Energy remix) - Sharkey & Kevin Energy/K-Complex/Just Rich
38. Deviant - Smith, Marc
39. Delusion - Sharkey & K-Complex
40. Mind control - Sharkey & AMS
41. Beast of hardcore - Shanty Tazz & Concept
42. Terrorbeat - Devastate & MC Sharkey
2002/10/10 exclusive TV commercial preview has received an exclusive sneak preview of the TV commercial for the new double CD released by Ministry called Original Hardcore mixed by DJ's Sy and Unknown. That's right you saw it first here. This TV commercial is set to play on UK televisions shortly and should also as a guess most likely appear in the Ministry magazine.

Release date is October 18 2002, the double CD can be pre-ordered here.
Complete track listing here.
And if you thought we stopped there we also can show you a sneak preview of the Original Hardcore CD website.

Click the CD cover to view the sneak preview TV commercial (Windows Media - sorry bandwidth considerations)

2002/10/10 exclusive DFM Records Guest DJ set is now the most listened to streaming MP3 hardcore station in the world! We have also scored a re-broadcast deal with Impact FM 99.7 in London, with 2 x 2 hour shows broadcast weekly... As a present to all the listener's all over the world is pleased to give you a totally exclusive back to back DJ mix from Gavin G & Fracus from DFM Records who have recorded a 1 hour set with over 90% of the material unreleased this mix is not to miss as you will not hear this mix anywhere else! Tune into radio (WinAmp required) to catch the mix as well as mixes from Silver, Uraken, phosphor, justrich and more.
Track list for the exclusive DFM records mix:

A.M.S - Be quiet - Forthcoming Nu Energy
Adam Harris - The future - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus & Gavis G - Utopia - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus & Gavis G - Shine - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus - Buring like fire - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus & Gavis G - Optimize - Forthcoming DFM
Fracus & Gavis G - This is not over - Forthcoming Club Kinetic
Styles - Over & Over - Forthcoming Jellybaby
Storm & Blade - Darkzone (Remix) - Forthcoming Raindance
Fracus & Gavis G - Forever with me - DFM Records
   6 more Quosh
Quosh Records have updated their web site now offering direct sales of their records as well they have also kindly placed audio of some future release on net for your listening pleasure.

QSH042 (Release Date: November 2002)
Insight Featuring 'Sugar Holmz' - Caught Up
Insight Featuring 'Sugar Holmz' - Just Play It Loud

QSH043 (Release Date: November 2002)
The Mad Dogs - Let Me Hear You Make Some Noise
The Mad Dogs - Rox Like This

QSH044 (Release Date: December 2002)
Insight Featuring 'Lynn Eden' - I Can Feel It
Insight Featuring 'Lynn Eden' - If That's Alright With You
   Interview : Scott Brown
Not a single DJ, punter or promotor out there would mistake the talents of Scott Brown. goes one on one with the man in Scott Brown's interview.
   Masters of hardcore (Double CD pack)
The Hardcore scene is undergoing a massive resurgence which has seen the return of mass attendances at huge raves the world over with all the major promoters including Helter Skelter, Vibealite, Future Dance, Compulsion, United Dance, Devastation, PowerHouse Productions, Hullabaloo and Slammin' Vinyl organizing bigger and better events (some on a monthly basis) once again. Undoubtedly at the top of the league are the DJ and writing/production teams Sy & Unknown and Breeze & Styles who go head to head on "Masters of Hardcore" – a double mixed CD featuring 33 hardcore anthems several of which are new and exclusive to the album whilst others have already been massive on the scene. Release date is 28th October 2002.
UPDATE: Complete track list
Pre order your copy here

   Artwork for Bonkers 9
Artwork for Bonkers 9 has leaked on to the internet from unknown sources, with thanks to the USH crew has a copy of the artwork for your reviewing pleasure. The artwork is certainly moving away from the original bonkers artwork, change is always a good thing. Release date is set for November sometime.

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