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Showing news from 2002/8
   Next Generation label restarted with 4 new releases
Word from the front line that The Next Generation label has been restarted with full force. The first releases are set to be NG023 "Ham - There's A Heaven / Good In Da Neighbourhood" and NG024 "Brisk & Fade - Here Comes The Noise / Retro Rush". Also hot on the heels of the Next Gen releases will be two releases on Blatant Beats (Next Gen's sister label): BB032 "Kaos & Ethos - Lost / Technorocker" and BB033 "Double Dutch - Here Comes The Noise / Droptop". Look for all in October 2002!
   Interview: DJ Frisky (Canada) puts Canada's own DJ Frisky under the spotlight and finds out what makes him tick, read all in his interview.
   30% of the Record section launched
It's been a long time in planning, many many things have gotten in the way of progress on this section, record labels, competitions, remixes, DJ gigs just to name a few... but we at have decided to launch 30% of the record section. There is nothing like this record system on the internet and has got it FIRST and given it too all the hardcore supporters around the world for free... If you turn your head to the right of your screen you will see three new boxes, detailing latest additions (label, artist and release) into the database, you will then be able to create your own custom DJ own and want lists! A detailed description on what the changes are and how to use them can be found in this forum thread, in which also you can report any problems.
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   The winners are out
The winners have been announced for competition to win the double CD 'Hardcore - A New Beginning' mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte... Congratulations to all the winners and better luck next time for the people that didn't win, keep your eyes peeled on for further competitions shortly.
   Interview: DJ Uraken
Next in the series of interview's is DJ Uraken from Tokyo. Uraken with his latest remix of Konomama on MasterWax 2 is turning heads with his new fresh style and we at find out the inside story in his interview.
2002/08/20 soft record bags are back!
Author: silver  
The once limited edition soft record bags are back for sale in the gear section! These bags are just the same as the last batch we had made up but with three extra designs. The bags are simile yellow in color and have an adjustable shoulder strap with adjustable clasp closure, outside panel compartment with a zippered closure, black binding, the size is 11" x 13" x 14".
We also have for sale, Smilie Rave visors with 20 different designs black caps and different asorted bags for all your multiple styles and personalities.
   Misono - 'Konomama' (MWX002) & Blaze! - 'Crazy little fingers' (MWX003) on sale now!
Author: silver  
Two of the most anticipated happyhardcore tracks for 2002 are finally now on sale, MasterWax 2 - Konomama from Misono, one the first and greatest Japanese vocal anthems you will ever hear... and Crazy little fingers from Blaze! who have been toping the charts in various hardcore charts and DJ play lists worldwide storm back with another hardcore stomper... I have had shops, distributors, DJ's and ravers all over world begging me weekly for these tunes, trust me on this if want a copy buy it quickly... Both tunes are available from IMO Records and fine outlet shops near you. Resellers (shops) can order the entire MasterWax catalogue from either NuEnergy distribution or IMO distribution.

[A] - Konomama [Uraken remix!]
[AA] - Konomama [DJ Kaos remix]

Audio (Windows Media):
A - Crazy Little Fingers [DJ Luna-C Remix - (Courtesy of KFA)]
AA - Crazy Little Fingers [dj phosphor & dj justrich Ruffed Up Mix]

   Win the double CD 'Hardcore - A New Beginning' mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte!
Author: silver and Rumour Records are offering the chance for 10 lucky people to win a free copy of the double CD 'Hardcore - A New Beginning' mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte.
Click on one of the CD artwork image below to get all the rules and how to enter! But hurry the competition closes 23rd Aug 2002 - 00:00 (midnight) GMT!

   The Collection v1: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music
Brisk from Next Generation Records has sent the real track list "The Collection v1: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music." A double CD set of 38 of Next Generation's finest high-energy hardcore anthems, 23 of which are previously unreleased, mixed by Brisk and Ham.

1. Intro (Performed by MC MC)
2. Ham - Kinda Funky
3. Ham - Good In Da Neighbourhood
4. Robbie Long & Coyote - Ultimate Sounds
5. Ham - Don't U Know
6. Northern Lights - Love of my Life (Unreleased Brisk Remix)
7. Ham - Lose Control
8. Ham - And I'm Back
9. Bang! - Shooting Star (Brisk Remix)
10. Ham - Remembering The Time
11. Ham - There's A Heaven
12. Fade - Fly With You
13. Ham - Right Now
14. Force & Styles - Show Me The Sunshine (Fade Remix)
15. Double Dutch - Movin' On
16. Brisk & Ham - Serious Hardcore
17. Bang! - See Me Climb (DNA Remix)
18. Bang! - Break of Dawn (Scott Brown Remix)
19. Kaos & Ethos - Lost
20. Robbie Long & Devastate - Still Got Power

1. Intro
2. Project X - Start The Party
3. Double Dutch - Here Comes The Noise
4. Fade & Dair - Burnin' NRG
5. Brisk & Energy - Unlock Ya Brain
6. Brisk & Fade - Stay Here Forever
7. Brisk & Fade - Control Your Mind
8. Brisk & Fade - Retro Rush
9. Ham & DNA - About U
10. Brisk & Fade - Desire
11. Brisk & Fade - Want Your Love
12. Brisk & Fade - Radio Rockin'
13. Expression - Total Darkness
14. Double Dutch - Droptop
15. Pursuit - Amokoma
16. Supernova - Cheesy DJs
17. Kaos & Ethos - Technorocker
18. Brisk & Fade - Skillz & Stylez
19. Brisk Vs. Scott Brown - Mind Punks
20. Brisk & Trixxy - Eyeopener (Scott Brown's Earcloser Remix)

"The Collection v1: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music" can be pre-ordered for 13.45 pounds.

   The Evolution continues...
Evolution Records have released details on their latest tunage (below) and informed that e-plus (evolution records sister label) is pressed upto e-plus 6!
ev 60 - Scott Brown and Dj Brisk - Chase
ev 61 - Q-TEX - Like an Angel
ev 62 - Scott Brown - Twilight zone
   Interview: DJ Fenix
Author: silver  
DJ Fenix, over a decade of dedicated hardcore the man's seen it all, see what makes DJ Fenix tick in his interview.
   'til the day, "Guardcore" and Streaming tunes
Blaze! - 'til the day on MasterWax Records (MWX001) stays as the number 1 voted hardcore track for the month of August on the non affiliated Happy Hour Radio hardcore show. Blaze! and MasterWax Records are surly on fire with this track it has been in the top 2 chart positions for the last four months! Congrats to all involved. With Blaze! 's latest track Crazy Little Fingers on MasterWax (MWX003) just on sale it surely will not be a track to miss.

Second, Next Generation Records have placed more audio on the net of their upcoming releases for all our listening pleasure.
Audio (Real Audio Streaming):
Guardcore - Fade & Menis

Lastly, the "Streaming Tunes" radio is now updated weekly have a listen, once the mixing schedules have been finalized it will be posted.
   It's madness I tell you
One of the only US based hardcore label's "Madness and Mayhem" have released number 4 (MMR 004).
Audio (Real Audio Streaming):
A - Infected - Sunrize
AA - Mayhem - Sunrize
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   Ok... Next Generation track list close.
Insider news... the tracklisting for Next Generation is extreamly close, inaccurate by a few titles here and there, says sources close to the project.
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   Next Generation CD track list a fake!
Perhaps we jumped the gun on posting the track listing for the Next Generation album, we have received a 100% confirmation from Brisk himself that it is incorrect, but the pre-order CD is the actual thing so you don't have to worry there... Apologies for the mistake.
   Next Generation album track list!
Author: silver has received further information on the Next Generation album. The CD double pack is to be called "The Collection Vol.1: Hi-Octane Hardcore Music." seeing a release date of 16th September 2002. We are assuming each CD will be mixed individual Brisk or Ham. You read it here first!

UPDATE: New Next Generation CD can be pre-ordered for 11.99 pounds.

UPDATE 2002/08/08: Track list below is fake.
CD 1
1 Sailaway (Trixxy Remix) - Bang!
2 Shooting Star (Brisk Remix) - Bang!
3 And I'm Back - Ham.
4 Don't U Know - Ham.
5 Love Of My Life - Northern Lights.
6 Ultimate Sounds - Robbie Long & Coyote.
7 U R The One - Brisk & Ham.
8 Sunshine (Fade Remix) - Force & Styles.
9 Serious Hardcore - Brisk & Ham.
10 Movin' On - Double Dutch.
11 Fly With You - Fade.
12 Touch Me - Fade.
13 Inside Beat - Rapido.
14 Break Of Dawn - Bang!
15 See Me Climb - Bang!
16 Delerious - Double Dutch.
17 Burning Energy - Fade & Dair.
18 Start The Party - Fade.
19 About You - Ham & DNA.
20 Here Comes The Noise - Double Dutch.

CD 2
1 Chase - Brisk V Scott Brown.
2 Stay Here Forever - Brisk & Fade.
3 Fat Controller - Expression.
4 Lost - Kaos & Ethos.
5 Eyeopener - Brisk & Trixxy.
6 Do Not Attempt - Brisk V Scott Brown.
7 Mind Punks - Brisk V Scott Brown.
8 Skillz & Stylez - Brisk & Fade.
9 Amokoma - Pursuit.
10 Get Fresh - Brisk & Fade.
11 Technorocker - Kaos & Ethos.
12 Cheesy DJs - Supernova.
13 Still Got Power - Robbie Long & Devestate.
14 Lose Control - Ham.
15 Right Now - Ham.
16 Retro Rush - Brisk & Fade.
17 Desire - Brisk & Fade.
18 Good In Da Neighbourhood - Ham
19 Want Your Love - Brisk & Fade.
20 Unlock Your Brain - Brisk & Energy.
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   Interview: DJ UFO
Next in the series of interviews we have DJ UFO, most notably known these days for his excellent work on the Raver Baby label with releases like Deep inside, Castles, and It's alright he's a man rolling... goes deep inside with UFO's interview.
   MasterWax 3 ON SALE NOW!
Author: silver  
i-tunes have received stock of the follow up to the number 1 hardcore hit from Blaze, 'til the day with the new track from Blaze called Crazy little fingers. The A side contains remixes from the legondary hardcore master Luna-C (Knifeforce, Knitebreed, KFA to name a few) adding his special blend of eleven secret herbs and spices to give it that tasty breakbeat flavor. While on the flip your favourites dj phosphor and dj justrich lay down the hardcore with a banging mix.... Definatly not to be missed.
Audio (Windows Media):
A - Crazy Little Fingers [DJ Luna-C Remix - (Courtesy of KFA)]
AA - Crazy Little Fingers [dj phosphor & dj justrich Ruffed Up Mix]

   KFA Extends the family - KFA8 EP! has received exclusive word that KFA8 has been confirmed and is to be released September 2002 and what's more it's an EP! The name of the new masterpiece is KFA8 - Extended Family EP
Track listing:
Dj Evil - Sweet
Nevis T - Something Spoon Related
Unsubdued - Reachin' Out

DJ Deluxe from KFA says and I quote:
"This EP is the bollox. Seriously. Every tune is a winner."
   Totally Pitch'in
Pitched up Records have released their latest in the series, Pitched Up 3 (PUR003)
Audio (MP3):
A Memories - Sunrize
B. Xpress Urself - AC Slater & DOK feat. Bexxie
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   Interview: dj phosphor
Author: silver  
The first in a new series of interviews with the people involved in the industry of music we all love. First off the bat is dj phosphor, the best new hardcore talent to come out of Canada is all I can say, see what he has to say in his interview.
   New tunes, another poll and radio madness!
Next Generation records yet again have placed new material on the net for all of us to listen to, Next Gen are really cranking them out....
Audio (Real Audio Stream):
'Droptop' - Double Dutch - Next Generation Records

Second as some of you already know if you read the forums, has a major upgrade of the online Radio coming shortly, to give a hint of the scale of what we are doing we are installing a 100mbit fiber optic link to our streaming server! That's 100mbits of hardcore goodness slamming your way real fast! How fast is 100bmits? We could transfer an entire full CD in just 52 seconds!... Look out for that one shortly, in the mean time check out the Streaming tunes radio (need WinAmp Installed).

Lastly new poll for the month...
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