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Showing news from 2004/10
   Nukleuz back with hardcore + return of Power Station Records!
Amazing news fresh from the wire tells us that Nukleuz are back releasing hardcore tunes and in a big way. Last year saw a few releases from the massive prominently hard house / trance label but this time around Nukleuz are to release a hardcore EP! Since hardcore distribution has cleared / cleaned up as of late it makes it much easier for labels such as Nukleuz that might not be so familiar with hardcore to release it.

The first release due out 29th of November 2004 will be on Nukleuz Records called Hardcore EP: 4 To The Core featuring the following tracks:

A1: Elemental - Reach Out (The Hixxy Mix)
A2: Visa - Don't Go Away
B1: Visa - All I Need
B2: Darren Styles & Mark Breeze Present Futureworld - Chemical Love (Hardcore Breakbeat Mix)

The second piece of news is a second release out 6th December 2004 on the new re-launched Power Station Recordings releasing the classic hardcore tune Fly Away by Visa! We have been in contact with Nukleuz and they have told us that it is the original track with some other trance remixes on the other side. Power Station is the label that launched Clock & Visa in the mid 90s. will feature both releases!

The Nukleuz hardcore EP!

   Where is Raver Baby?
Since AlphaMagic's removal hardcore releases have slowly started to come back. Raver Baby a very popular hardcore label is yet to release anything news since that time. Good news is that we have heard news from a source close to Raver Baby saying as many as 8 new raver baby vinyl's will be released in November 2004.
   Tracklist for Bewitching! Hard Break + Important Pre-order update
Note: Due to technical problems at PayPal (link) some pre-orders have not made it to us. If you have pre-ordered this CD please check your paypal account history page to make sure the money has transferred correctly. If you do not see the item in your history you will have to pre-order again. If you still have questions regarding pre-order payments for this CD please email us.

We finally received the pre-order copies that we will be shipping to people that have pre-ordered. Now we have the copies we can actually show you the tracklist. We ordered nearly 3 times more stock for this pre-order but still we have had over 50% of the CD's pre-ordered in only 2 days! If your still thinking about it make sure you don't miss out on this crazy Japanese hardcore release. Click the graphic below to order.

Sharpnel - Bewitching! Hard Break

   Proactive 3
After a very long period proactive are back into releases with Proactive 3. has the info and audio for everyone to checkout, the release will be in stores around 15th of November 2004.

A: Alex Parsons - Televised
B: Alex Parsons - Intruders
   John Peel RIP
Veteran BBC Radio UK radio disc jockey John Peel died yesterday while on holiday in Peru. He was 65 years old. He was in the ancient Inca city of Cuzco when he suffered a fatal heart attack. John Peel was a presenter that was not scared of playing what he liked. Many people said that John Peel was responsible helping a lot of underground bands breaking into the commercial scene by playing their demo tunes on the radio far before ever being released. John Peel also supported hardcore music and regularly played hardcore and gabber tunes on UK BBC Radio 1 (a UK national broadcast).

A few hardcore tracks and CDs have been released around the legend John Peel, probably the most noticeable is the hardcore track CLSM - John Peel (not enough) and the limited Bonkers John Peel Hixxy session CD. He will be sadly missed.

We have had tons of emails and forum posts about this sad news. Many thanks to all the alert users that quickly posted the news.

John Peel RIP

CLSM - John Peel

Bonkers - The John Peel Session

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   Evolution Records updates
Evolution Records have quitely sent out their latest release schedule from both Evolution Records and sister label Evolution Records plus. Should in in stores in 1-2 months.

Plus 17
A: Scott Brown - Push it (music please)
B: Scott Brown - Pro"To*Plasm

Plus 18
A: Plus System - Rock tha beat
B: Plus System - I'll be yours

Plus 19
A: Scott Brown & Hyperbass - We're droppin' this (Original)
B1: Scott Brown & Hyperbass - We're droppin' this (Plus System mix)
B2: Scott Brown & Hyperbass - We're droppin' this (Hyperbass mix)

EV 77
A: Plus System Rock that Body (Original)
B: Plus System Rock that Body (NuStyle mix)
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   Pre-order: DJ Sharpnel & V.A.- Bewitching! Hard Break have secured an exclusive pre-order for the new Japanese Sharpnel CD DJ Sharpnel & V.A. - Bewitching! Hard Break! We are offering everyone the chance to pickup some of the most insane Japanese hardcore that will never to be released outside of Japan and most likely never offered again for sale.

To due popular demand (and the stack of emails we get weekly) have also managed to squeeze a few more other hardcore CD titles out the Sharpnel man himself and have supplied with an extremely limited (no joking here) amount of re-stock of Sharpnel Sound Collection one and two never before released extreme gabber titles on the Sharpnel "SRPK" collection.

We are not fooling around here, last time we did a pre-order for the Sharpnel Sound Collection we pre-sold 50% of the stock in 4 hours. Please don't mess about pre-order closes November 8th 2004 or when stock runs out.

Payment is by credit card and paypal only. - Pre-order now!

Sharpnel's 16th release plus limited restock of Sharpnel Sound Collection 1

Never before seen outside of Japan Sharpnel audio!

   What's thin and crispy?
Nothing thin and crispy about hardcore label Thin & Crispy's seventh and eighth release, with audio for everyone to check out. Both releases due December 2004.

A; Stormtrooper - Universal Family
AA: Stormtrooper - Adrenalin Rush

A: Robbie Long / A.M.S - Kill Bill (vol. 2)
AA: Robbie Long / A.M.S - Ear Popper
   Monday night Raw!
The Raw elements crew ramp it up with their eleveth release. Will be hitting all hardcore stores November 1st 2004.

Dave Conway - Brazdissk (Cris.E.Manic 'Disco De Cobre Amarillo' remix)
Dave Conway - Brazdissk
   007 Max impact
Now armed with the correct information from the distributors we are posting the latest news from the Maximum Impact crew. Will be in all good stores and November 1st 2004.

Gammer - Back To Front
Gammer - Love You Tonight
   007 Remix Reloaded
The Remix Reloaded Records crew have released information on their latest creation. This massive release is due in store 1st of November 2004.

A: DJ Gammer & DJ Spencer - Land Of Living
B: David Pammies & Cesar Benito - Torn (Scott Brown's Karaoke mix)

Note: The distributor sent us the wrong information and this was posted as Maximum Impact 007 for about 4 hours. Sorry for the confusion everything is back to normal.
   Blatant beats 46 & 47
The wizards of all thing blatantly hardcore have released audio and information on the next two upcoming releases.

Audio (Real Audio):
Brisk & Ham - 2 The Floor
Brisk & Ham - Run For Cover

Frisky & Hujib - You Better Run (V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D Remix)
Frisky & Hujib - You Better Run (Original)
   This is noize II tracklist and cover artwork
Majestic Recordings have released information on the upcoming This is noize II album to be released in the US and mixed by hardcore producer and DJ talent DJ Sunrize. The complete tracklist can be found here. Cover artwork is below.

The little guy is back!

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   To the Maxxxxxxxxx!
Amato distribution have released information about DJ Seduction's label Maximum Impact next release. The details on the 6th release are as follows:

Audio (Real Audio):
A: DJ Stompy - Destroy The Melody
B: DJ Stompy - Tonight

Released to stores: 2004/10/18, should be in around the same time.
   Relentless get restless
Shaking things up in the hardcore world are Relentless Vinyl with their 9th release. This time around hardcore producer genius Gammer is at the wheel for a banging treat. Should be in store soon. Click for audio.

Audio (Real Audio):
A: Gammer - Can't Compete
AA: Gammer - Rippin' Up
   The one like Fracus
Hardcore producer Fracus has posted some bits of his upcoming material for various labels for everyone to checkout.

Audio (MP3):
Fracus - Elevation (Forthcoming DFM Records)
Gavin G & Fracus - Face Of Venus (Forthcoming DFM Records)
Fracus & Gavin G - Open Your Eyes To Love Feat. Lisa (Forthcoming Hecttech)
Fracus & Donna Grassie - Shades of grey (Forthcoming RFU)
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   Who's the heart in heartbeatz?
The singer of Heartbeatz has sent over some information about herself and a profile shot. Introducing Karen Danzig (pictured below) the singer behind Breeze & Styles - Heartbeatz. Karen is also working with Flip & Fill so I'm sure we should expect to see and hear more of Karen in the future. Karen as also said that she is an artist on the AATW release of HeartBeatz, this could either the release artists in the format of: Styles & Breeze feat. Karen Danzig, or Styles & Breeze & Karen Danzig or even Karen Danzig - (Styles & Breeze remix), maybe even Styles & Breeze presents Karen Danzig. Only time will tell here.

There was a semi mystery on the internet around the track HeartBeatz and who actually sang the track, we are glad we have the complete info now.

Karen Danzig - "Breeze & Styles - HeartBeatz" singer

   Get your G-core on!
The hardcore record label G-core have released information and audio on the upcoming Gcore 4 release. Click to listen.

Audio (MP3):
Billy 'Daniel' Bunter and CLSM - You know how to love me
Billy 'Daniel' Bunter and CLSM - Shake the cut
   Bonkers 13 tracklist and final artwork!
Touchdown! has the goods on Bonkers 13 including the complete tracklist!. Artwork featured below is 100% final, it seems red is the color for Bonkers 13 and not black. moderator Comet points out that red should make Bonkers 13 easier for autographs if your lucky enough :)

Very interesting release if we do say so, Hixxy's disc dubbed "Hixxy’s Old Skool Killa Kutz" contains so many classic Happy Hardcore tracks dating back 5-8 years in some cases. Something for everyone on Bonkers 13, Hixxy with classic Happy Hardcore, Sharkey with freeform, Scott Brown with Scott's own unique hardcore style and Dougal with a the newer trancer hardcore sound.

Bonkers 13 - Hardcore Horror Show will be released October 25th 2004 can be pre-ordered NOW!.

Bonkers 13 - Hardcore Horror Show final artwork- Click to pre-order

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   RuBoy Records newbies
Respected Makina (Spanish hardcore) label RuBoy Records have sent a preview and audio of their latest releases. Get a clicking.

Note: The audio samples are watermarked with "RuBoy Records" randomly chucked in the audio. This is not on pressed version of course.

Audio (MP3)
RuBoy vs Dani BPM - Take Control

RBY 012
RuBoy vs Kura - Trauma

RuBoy Records 11 / 12 artwork respectively

   Inner Vision, Lost Soul's, Invader's and something Dodgee
Inner vision have released new information and audio on their upcoming releases 4 + 5. No word on when they will be in stores but we can only imagine soonish.

A: Lost Soul - Lemme Hear Ya
AA: Lost Soul - Genocide

A: Invader & Dodgee - Nausea
AA: Invader & Dodgee - Nausea (AMS Remix)
   Remix reload their 7th
Remix reloaded headed up by DJ frantic have released information on their next release 007:

A: Gammer & G Spencer feat Lisa Abbott - Land of the Living
AA: David Pammies & Cesar Benito - Torn (Scott Browns Karaoke remix)
   MasterWax 9 & Infinity Recordings 25 + 26 land same day!
Author: silver  
MasterWax 9 (Gammer & Mickey Skeedale - Into Darkness / Hardcore Revolution) has landed! Hardcore mastermind Gammer and hardcore veteran Mickey Skeedale team up for some mind bending beats. Not to be missed. Don't forget MWX008 (Impact & Fade feat. Kelly - Guiding light) was also released last week so if you have not already picked that up now's the perfect time.

MWX009 - Click to order direct.
A: Gammer & Mickey Skeedale - Into Darkness
B: Gammer & Mickey Skeedale - Hardcore Revolution

Gammer & Mickey Skeedale - Into Darkness / Hardcore Revolution

The wait is over the classic hardcore label Infinity is back! The first two releases as reported last week at have finally gone on sale and are ready for a hardcore trashing! DeeJayBee & Compulsion hold nothing bad on Infinity 25 producing a banging original sounding hardcore tune like nothing else out there at the moment, currently being cained by Hixxy, Seduction, Brisk & Gammer just to name a few!

INFTY025 - Click to order direct.
A: DeeJayBee & Compulsion - The Outlaw
AA: DeeJayBee - Summer Aurora

DeeJayBee & Compulsion - The Outlaw / Summer Aurora - Click to order

Infinity not settling for one release fires out the second release back to back with the first, and what a release! Dual Love is out of this world, it sets new standards on vocal hardcore tunes. I need not write more, click and listen for yourself.

INFTY026 - Click to order direct.
A: Gavin G & Dan Rolla - Dual Love (DeeJayBee Remix)
AA: Gavin G & Dan Rolla - Dual Love (2004 Mix)

Gavin G & Dan Rolla - Dual Love - Click to order

   This is not an error
New hardcore label Trip2nite have pressed up their 3rd vinyl and released information and audio on it. Full release should be in store in a few weeks. Click to listen.

Audio (Windows Media player)
A: DJ Error - Wondering Why
B: DJ Error - Bass Overdose
   MWX008 on sale!
Author: silver  
The new MasterWax 8 release (Impact & Fade feat. Kelly - Guiding Light) has hit and should be in all other stores by the end of the week! Remember this is DJ Fade's last hardcore track to be released, own a piece of history today :) In other MWX news MWX009 (Gammer & Mickey Skeedale - Into Darkness / Hardcore Revolution) is also due to be onsale tomorrow in our store so look out for that one.

Click to order MasterWax 8 direct now.

A1: Impact & Fade feat. Kelly - Guiding Light (Deejaybee & Overflow Remix)
AA1: Impact & Fade feat. Kelly - Guiding Light (Weaver Remix)
AA2: Impact & Fade feat. Kelly - Guiding Light (Original mix)

Impact & Fade feat. Kelly - Guiding Light ON SALE

   Doug's Nightmare extreamly limited
Author: silver and its partners have scored an exclusive time limited release on Essential Platinum! We have in stock a very small amount of the new EPP024 with the flip side as Doug's Nightmare, the full release version in a few weeks will not have Doug's Nightmare on the flip. This will never be re-released and this is your only chance to buy this tune on vinyl. The amount of copies we have are extreamly limited and if you want this tune you have until the 5th of October 2004 to get your order in because after that date we will not have any left.

Click to order now!

Audio (MP3):
Dougal & Gammer - 3000 Cycles
Dougal & Gammer - Doug's Nightmare

You have 5 days to order this record or never again

   Some Industrial Movement
DJ Promo, Holland's number one Hardcore DJ / Producer & critically acclaimed record label owner of Third Movement records has joined forces with legendary USA DJ/Producer Lenny Dee, the founder of Industrial Strength Records.

Promo & Lenny Dee will enhance their vision of hard electronic music by creating the label - Industrial Movement.

This extreme combination will be launched in October 2004. Industrial Movement intends to raise the standard of musical excellence we are told.

The first two releases are from these artists:

IM001: Terrorfakt
IM002: D-Passion

Industrial Movement logo

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